“You’re the Bomb” Valentines – a Great Valentine Project for Boys

Pink hearts and sparkly flowers don’t quite cut it at our house when it comes to making Valentines to take to our Home school Valentine Party. I’d be making them all by myself and my boys would not be impressed.

But, tell the boys they get to make little bombs for their Valentines this year? I had all kinds of help!

I originally saw this idea at Skip to my Lou…my go to site for all things crafty. That gal is FULL of great ideas! She had actually made these bombs into “bath bombs”…but in the interest of keeping things a little more simple…we used suckers. (I just didn’t read the label on the suckers. I didn’t want to know.)

To make “You’re the Bomb” Valentines, you need:

Round suckers, like tootsie roll pops
Black tissue paper cut into 5″x5″ squares (you’ll need two pieces for each bomb)
Glittery pipe cleaners
“You’re the Bomb” gift tags (we just printed them on our computer)

Begin by placing the sucker in the middle of a TWO pieces of black tissue paper. One piece is too thin and the sucker will show through.

Wrap the tissue paper around the round sucker.

Fasten the black tissue paper by beginning to wrap a glittery pipe cleaner around the paper at the base of the sucker.

Continue to wrap the pipe cleaner all the way to the bottom of the sucker stick.

Gently bend the sucker stick so that it looks more like a “fuse”.

Print or create “You’re the Bomb” tags for your Valentines. I forgot this step until the end, but just simply pulled up the top part of the pipe cleaner and put it through the hole in the tag, then refastened the pipe cleaner.

And now we have a basket full of bombs to deliver to our friends at our home school party. I’m not sure the girls will be very impressed.

Admittedly, the “bombs” over at Skip to my Lou are more nicely done than these. But, our boys had a blast (pun intended) and I was thrilled that these were so simple to make!!

Are you making homemade Valentines this year?


  1. says

    Bummer! I wish I’d have seen these a few days ago! I bought the Fun Dips for my boys for school. They would have LOVED these! My 8 year old (2nd grade) is in an all-boys gender specific class — it’s hard to find something for an all boys class!


  2. sarahmom says

    Thanks for the great idea! As a mom of 3 boys I feel like Valentines is a little pink and sparkly for my crew :)
    I will have to remember this idea next year for our homeschool group.


  3. Amber says

    This is so great! My girls were content to make red/pink glittery heart Valentines this year, but I know that won’t fly when my son is in school. I’ll definitely keep this in mind. (By the way, I like your idea better than the bath bombs. Those would be expensive to make, and would only be worth it if you were making 5 or less. Not for a total of 42 that we made for my 2 girls’ classmates, teachers, and busdrivers.)


    Danielle B Reply:

    I like the tootsie pops better too! Not because of the expense, but due to the EASE of making them. I would only have to buy the tootsie pops. The bath bombs I would be running all over for, and they seem more time consuming. lol


    Amanda Y. Reply:

    Word of caution to Amber, I would be wary of sending these to public school with the rules on weapons. I find it ridiculous too, but I work at the school and just don’t want to see anyone on the news over these cute things.


    Amber Reply:

    Hmm… Hadn’t considered that, Amanda. I would have to check with my school/teacher first, I guess. I would like to think that our rural town would be above such ridiculous stuff, but you never can tell!


  4. Amanda Y. says

    I think those are adorable and a cute way to get the boys involved and interested! However, I would say maybe you want to caution public school parents that this would not be acceptable at most schools anymore sadly. (I just would hate to hear of some child being suspended over this like over a butter knife in the lunchbox, etc.)


    Danielle B Reply:

    Same goes for private school. My kids go to a private school and they wouldn’t be able to do this either, no biggie!


  5. Jessica says

    We made homemade valentines this year too. We did homemade playdoh. Ours was pink, but that’s certainly easy to change! My girls had fun helping make it and package it up.


  6. Kristin says

    Yeah – to echo a few others, I would be careful taking these to school. The school my husband works at has a no tolerance policy for weapons – nothing that looks like, sounds like, resembles, symbolizes, could be mistaken for … (you get my drift).. a weapon is allowed in school.

    But, all that aside – what a CUTE idea! I’ve also thought of making cars out of fun size candy bars by gluing car cutouts of foam or paper and wheels to the sides of them.


  7. StephDMonsi says

    ADORABLE!! Wish I’d known about these or the other website a few days earlier!! We ran out of time and signed the kids names to fun dip packages. Not very unique!!


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