Why Exercise Gives You More Energy

Last week, I had a chance to visit with my friend Nicole about exercise. She’s been reading about my new fitness goals and workouts, and was encouraging me to keep it up. Who is this “friend Nicole” that I speak of? Oh, just my friend who just trained for and ran a half marathon a few weeks ago – something that completely and totally impresses my socks off. I’ll take her encouragement any time!

One of the things Nicole and I talked about was our increased energy. Both of us (are pushing 40 and) sat there pretty much gushing over the fact that the more we exercise, the more energy we have. Amazing, isn’t it? You have to use energy to work out, but the energy you gain in return is amazing!! Our conversation quickly turned toward the idea of, “oh how we wish more women understood this and would join us in getting fit!”

And now, since I have your ear, here I am writing this post to try and help more women understand this!! I wish I would have understood it earlier. Seriously, I have so much energy now, I am amazed! I keep telling people that I am feeling better than I ever have before, and that is the truth. I’m not sure I can ever run an actual half marathon like Nicole, but sometimes I feel like I’ve run one around my house, knocking out all kinds of tasks that need to be done. It is invigorating! It feels so good to feel this good!

I asked Jen, of Getting Fit With Jen, why this is true? Why does using energy to exercise give us more energy? Here’s what she told me:

When we exercise, we increase blood flow. This helps deliver more oxygen throughout our bodies. We need that oxygen to create energy. As more oxygen is being delivered throughout our bodies, more energy is created.  Therefore, after a workout, you are likely to find that you feel much more energetic.

Also, exercise releases endorphins in our bodies. You don’t want me to go into the chemistry mumbo-jumbo to explain that, so I’ll just say that endorphins released in our bodies will give us a “feel good” sensation. In addition, working out gets us in better shape which in the long run means that we don’t get as tired as quickly, which is much like having extra energy.

Ah, I love how Jen always helps me understand the “whys” behind what I’m experiencing when I workout. (Oh, and she’s always really nice about not frequently mentioning the fact that I’m pushing 40. Love that girl.)  ;)

Have you experienced the “feel good” sensation of exercising giving you more energy?


  1. Kristi W. says

    Yes! I definitely know what you mean. I notice that if I don’t get to exercise for a few days, I start to feel really sluggish and stiff. Exercise limbers me up and yes, gives me more energy! Glad you’re enjoying the new you!


  2. Lisa says

    This is so true. I have recently started doing Jillian Michael’s 30-Day Shred and am on day 7. I no longer have that mid-afternoon slump where I feel like I need a nap and have been tackling some bigger projects around the house because I have more energy. It’s great! You don’t even have to work out for a long period of time to experience the benefit of increased energy either so that’s nice!


  3. Kelli says

    I am 35 and, like you, started working out in January. You are right! It feels amazing and I have more energy than I EVER have before! I rotate between yoga, running and short, but intense, body weight exercises and am loving every minute of it! Thanks for your ever-present encouragement!


  4. says

    It is amazing how much energy exercise gives! When I exercise regularly I don’t “need” an afternoon cup of coffee and I still have plenty of energy at 8pm!


  5. Charlotte Moore says

    I have never liked to exercise. At my age I figure it is a little late to do much. HAHA!!! I sure have been sluggish lately. When I have exercised I was always so tired I could hardly do anything afterwards. I guess it takes time, huh???


  6. says

    I *might* have had that sensation years ago (I think my adrenals have been burnt out for almost two decades, boo), but you pretty much don’t feel awesome after years of babies and sleep deprivation (hey, I got 4 hours of uninterrupted sleep this morning! that’s more than usual!). It can take time to work up to your exercise level, or maybe that’s just me. Although… if you want to come over and nanny for me for a few months I bet I’d be able to get some exercise… ;)


  7. says

    So that’s why it doesn’t work to settle my boys down by sending them outside to use up some of their energy! I won’t stop doing it, though. I need to get out and exercise more, but with seven children, homeschooling the five oldest of them, and one being only two months old,I have a hard time getting outside. It would probably help to spend less time online:)


  8. says

    I needed this…I need to get my butt out and exercise. I recently quit smoking about a year ago and now I’m on this health kick. I’m pushing 40 also and feel the ache’s and pains. When I drink lots of water during the day, I feel much better also. Thanks for all the wonderful posts. Love it :)


  9. Nicole says

    Oh how I’d love to meet this “Nicole” friend of yours…she sounds AMAZING! ;) Keep up the good work my friend!


    Laura Reply:

    Ha!!!! Oh trust me, she is amazing! :) So grateful for your friendship and encouragement.


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