Whole Wheat Quick Mix Pancakes {Sneak peek into our new Oh, For Real! book}

Now that I always keep a large batch (often a double batch) of the Whole Wheat Quick Mix on hand, I have been so grateful for the time it saves me in meal preparation. And let’s be real (since, after all, the upcoming book this recipe is featured in is called Oh, For Real):  I really like that having this mix on hand saves my brain energy. Who really wants to think about the process of making pancakes when there are so many other things to think about?

These pancakes require three little ingredients. I can make these in my sleep…which, without a doubt, is something that I have done.

Whole Wheat Quick Mix PancakesYum

2 cups Whole Wheat Quick Mix
1 cup milk
2 eggs

Whisk ingredients together thoroughly. Cook them in a well greased skillet, turning after they are bubbly. Makes about 12 three inch pancakes.


Ever made pancakes in your sleep?  :)

P.S. These pancakes taste best when made on a cast iron griddle. I have this Lodge 20-Inch Cast Iron Griddle and love it so much! I can make pancakes three times as fast because it covers two burners. Check it out here (affiliate link).

cast iron griddle


  1. Kellyc says

    Yum. I’ll bet this would be yummy w/ buttermilk!


    pauline Reply:

    I agree about the buttermilk since I always have so much on hand from making butter—but, adda teaspoon of baking soda to this.


  2. Tracy says

    I made a crumble for the top of my oven french toast from my home made pancake mix. Just melted butter, succanat, some mix, and some spices. The family says it was delicious. I didn’t taste because . . . it’s complicated. But they liked it! It was easy. I have always used Betty Crocker Pancakes recipe to make my mix, substituting healthy ingredients as I go, and I often add nuts or oats and other grains–whatever I have on hand when am making it.


  3. Kristin says

    I’ve never made pancakes in my sleep, though my regular recipe is so easy (white whole wheat flour, baking powder, salt, milk, eggs and coconut oil), I probably could. I think I have made brownies in my sleep though. Our church has been having fish fries every Friday this lent and brownies are my go to dessert to bring. In fact, last Friday I made a second batch so my husband could bring some to poker.


  4. Leigh says

    i’m so excited about the book! I can hardly wait!
    Question: how do you “cut in” your palm shortening in such a big recipie? it took me so long last night!


    Laura Reply:

    I just use a pastry blender, but yes, it does take a long time! I’ve heard of using a potato masher in large quantities like this. I don’t have one, but I like the idea!


    Fletcher R. Reply:

    I throw it all in my Kitchen Aid stand mixer and turn it on. It cuts in beautifully and saves a TON of time!


    Leigh Reply:

    thank you both!


    Tabitha Reply:

    I did a couple batches at a time in the food processor and it worked well too.

  5. says

    I made your quick baking mix the other day and made this pancake recipe its awesome! I added a couple handfuls of spinach to the food processor when I was making the pancake batter and it was a great addition to a fabulous recipe! Thank you for this simple recipe Laura. It will be one that will always be living in the freezer. The baking mix recipe will be super helpful to have on hand when baby number 2 arrives in August! THANK YOU!


  6. Kim says

    I used this recipe to make waffles with my toddler and they turned out really well! We’ll be freezing the leftovers. Thanks for the awesome recipe, Laura!


  7. Deane says

    I finally was able to make half a batch- used the wisk attachment on my kithenaide, worked great. Now I’m anxious to try the mix. Do you take it out of the freezer and move it to the fridge over night? I’ve seen posts that it’s hard right out of the freezer?


    LindseyforLaura@HHM Reply:

    Yes, move it overnight. :)


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