Whole Wheat Pie Crust

Making pie crusts has never come easy to me.  In fact, if you recall…I put out an all call many months ago and used YOUR recipes to put together the free ebook, For the Love of Pie!

Since that time, I have discovered a delicious and healthy way to make whole wheat pie crust!  I am SO excited!

The secret ingredient is Tropical Traditions Palm Shortening.  We all know to stay away from regular shortening (like crisco) right?  I’ve tried making pie crusts with butter, and that works too (especially in these Mini Apple Pies).  But, since I tried using Palm Shortening from Tropical Traditions, I feel like my days of frustration with pie crust may be over.  When I tried making a whole wheat crust with Palm Shortening, it formed perfectly.  It rolled out like a dream.  I could be heard shouting out Whooops and Woohoos from my kitchen for miles around.  I’m telling you, this from the lady who never could make a pie crust.

Here’s how you make the crust…

Whole Wheat Pie Crust

1 1/4 cup whole wheat flour
1/4 teaspoon sea salt
1/3 cup Palm Shortening (or butter)
4-5 Tablespoons cold water

I found this recipe to work best in my food processor.  If you don’t have a food processor, you can cut the shortening into the flour with a pastry blender.

Place flour, salt and shortening in food processor.  Blend until shortening is cut throughout the flour and the mixture resembles crumbs.


Admire the crumbs…


Begin adding water and processing (or stirring).  If your dough looks like this, it doesn’t have enough water in it yet…


Add little bits of water until your dough will form a nice round ball.


Roll out your dough  on a well floured surface.   Fold it in half.


Then fold it in half again.


Place your dough in your pie dish with the folded corner in the center.


Unfold the dough, shape it into the dish and make the edges pretty.

Whole Wheat Pie Crust

Here’s a little video tutorial I made that will maybe (hopefully) give you an idea about how I shape my pie crust.  There are all kinds of different ways to make it pretty…this is just the way my grandma taught me.

Poke your dough a few times with a fork to keep it from poofing up in the oven.

Bake at 450° for 10-12 minutes or until the crust is golden brown.

Mmmm…pretty dutch apple pie!  (I just used this Mini Apple Pie filling and crumb topping recipe with the crust for this pie…in case you feel like you must try it right NOW!)  I must say, a glass of milk helps this pie go down real nice.



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  1. says

    Do you use this same recipe for pumpkin pie as well?


    Amy S. Reply:

    I just used this recipe for pumpkin pie a week ago and it worked great! I did not precook it.


    LindseyforLaura@HHM Reply:

    Yes! Same recipe.


  2. Laura says

    I’m not a fan of pie crust making but need one before I can get to the store, so I’m going to try your tried and true recipe. With your chocolate peanut butter filling, if my crust doesn’t turn out great, I don’t think anyone will notice anyway!


  3. Kari C says

    I did it! Last time I made pie crust, I used my grandma’s “no fail” recipe, and I failed. This time, it was touch and go but in the end, it worked out great. I added 6 tbsp of water because 5 didn’t seem enough, but it was too much so I added a bit of flour and then consistency seemed fine.

    In case anyone else wonders and looks at comments, this made enough for a top and bottom crust.

    Thanks Laura for your help with dinner tonight!


  4. Carol says

    I just purchased some palmfruit shortening, made pie crust. The crust turned out almost as tough as shoe leather. Any ideas what I might have done wrong?
    Used 1 1/3 cup flour, 1/2 tsp. salt, 1/2 cup palmfruit and cold water. Rolled it out, put it in pie dish, pricked and baked at 375 for about 20 minutes.


    Laura Reply:

    My guess is that it needs more water?


  5. Amanda says

    Can you use coconut oil instead of palm shortening??


    LindseyforLaura@HHM Reply:

    You could, but it won’t work nearly as well. :)


  6. stephen says

    Can you make these in advance and freeze them? If so, would you pre-cook them and freeze them whole or fold them up like you do and thaw out when you need one?

    Thank you for your blog and all the great recipes.


    Laura Reply:

    I have frozen these before, but I leave them in a pie pan to do so. I’ve frozen them both baked and unbaked this way.


  7. Ashley says

    For your pumpkin pie, did you feel any need to use arrowroot powder to make it thicker? Im worried my homemade pumpkin puree might be too thin compared to the canned


    Kristin Reply:

    I’ve never had a problem with homemade pumpkin causing the pie not to thicken. Though I only use pie pumpkins and I have
    that they are less watery then the jack-o-lantern variety. I will say that I usually end up with more filling then will fit in a 9 inch pie crust, so I frequently make a 10 inch pie or just roll out the leftover pie dough and place into a few mini tart pans and fill them with the leftover filling. Additionally, you can usually drain off some of the extra liquid, if you let your pumpkin sit in the fridge for a few days before using it.


    LindseyforLaura@HHM Reply:

    Laura doesn’t need any. Here is her pie recipe you can try if you would like. :) http://heavenlyhomemakers.com/pumpkin-pie


  8. Cindy says

    regarding cinnamon twists with extra dough – I am recipe challenged – do you have a recipe for that? I can’t easily just make them up…


    LindseyforLaura@HHM Reply:

    I would mix about 1 tablespoon of sugar with a half tablespoon of cinnamon. Roll the dough into little “snake” shapes and twist them together then roll those into the cinnamon sugar mix. Bake at 350….maybe about 8-10 minutes. I would keep an eye on them so they don’t burn. That is what I would do! :)


  9. Wendy says

    I hate to say it but I have tried this recipe two times without success. I used tropical traditions palm shortening and home ground hard white wheat flour. I don’t remember exactly but both times it seemed to either be too sticky or not hold together well. I wonder if maybe your palm shortening was much colder than mine?


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