What? You’re Not Perfect Either?

What You're Not Perfect Either

When I wake up in the morning, I like walking into a clean living room.   I love to see a bathroom empty of dirty laundry. And I feel so peaceful cooking breakfast in a tidy kitchen.

When I wake up the boys, it feels great to see them sleeping in a room that is uncluttered. As I walk back downstairs, I love to see our school room organized, our stash of Legos all picked up, and a hallway that is clear of all toys, clothes, and balls.

Yes, this is what I strive for as a homemaker. It is when my house is cleaned and uncluttered that I feel peace.

So what happens when I wake up to a kitchen that looks like this?


And a hallway that looks like this?


And a Lego room that looks like this:


Should I then feel like I’ve failed? Should I sigh deeply, let my shoulders drop, frown, and wonder {again} why everyone else has it together better than I?

Sure I could, and I have many times through the years. After all, older women have encouraged me to never go to bed with a dirty kitchen. Books and blogs I’ve read have provided so many organizational tools and scheduling ideas that if I were to only implement them already, I could easily get done what I need to each day. There should be no reason that my clean laundry sits in the hallway for three days before we get around to folding it and putting it away –  after all, I am home all day and I have a lot of boys to help out. I have got to get better organized! I have got to figure out a better schedule! Somehow I must not be doing something right!

What is the matter with me? When am I ever going to get all of this figured out?



Nothing is the matter with me and I am never going to get all of this figured out. How about you? Now let’s all breathe a sigh of relief.

Let’s stop seeing our personal imperfections and feeling crushed by them. As huge as our laundry piles are, as long as our to-do lists become  – God is so much bigger, and so is his grace. While He does call us to take care of our homes, He doesn’t ask us to be enslaved by them or to make them an idol.

If we are so hung up on creating a perfect home that we lose sight of the heart of our home, ain’t no amount of dishwasher detergent gonna give us peace. Enough about me (or you) as a homemaker. Jesus is the One who makes a home.

Sometimes I wake up to this:


It’s great. I love it.  I strive to stay on top of the jobs that need to be done in my home. And I will continue to work hard because that is what I am called to do.

But never again will I feel like a failure when working hard for my family does not achieve perfection. Jesus is the heart of our home. The gunk on my floor doesn’t stand a chance.

What gets you down? What do you need to let go of so that you can accept the gift of God’s peace for your home?

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  1. says

    I just showed the picture of your lego room to my girls and literally their eyes got wide and their jaws dropped. After they stared a while they said “LUCKY!” You are blessed to have a room where all the lego pain inflicting bricks can be corralled lol! Thank you for sharing your real life!


  2. Nicla says

    It is SO nice to know I am not the only one!!! The lie of perfectionism has been one of the biggest hurdles in my life…between your blog and FLYlady (you should totally check out her website FLYlady.net; you will LOVE her!) I am re-learning that God’s grace IS in fact sufficient for me. And that I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. I am truly beginning to understand (after many years of mental self flagellation) that it is OK to not be perfect, and not to come down on myself when I am not…which is every single day of my life. One last thing: thank you so much for lovingly reminding us all that Jesus is the heart of my home, not me.


  3. Jenn says

    I SOOOOO needed this honesty today :)You made me feel a little more normal and much less like a floppy failure. Thanks for being so transparent. I passed this post along to my other mom friends and seems like I’m not the only one silently beating themselves up for not getting it ALL done!
    Thanks Lady. You’re a treasure :)


  4. Naomi says

    Thank you for being honest. It is such an encouragement to me. Thank you also for the reminder that Jesus is to be the heart of our home. I really needed this today.


  5. Crystal says

    It sure is good to know there are others who sometimes wake up to that in the morning! Thanks for the reminder that THIS IS OK. Your posts such as these seem to come at a great time to those of us who need them, Thank you! Your honesty of our innate human nature is refreshing :)


  6. says

    Thank you so much for sharing this!! So often I find myself failing to live up to the expectations of maintaining the tidy home that a stay-at-home-mom “should” be able to easily accomplish. Thank you for letting me (and others) see that we are not alone in our “lacks” and that God really is enough!! As I continue to strive to take care of my home and family as best as I can, I am able to remember that I am not alone in my humanness. THANK YOU!!


  7. says

    I used to have a house like this until I found and started using FLYLady. You truly can do anything in just 15 min!! check her out! its FREE! flylady.net !!! or just type in flylady in your search engine..


  8. Barbara says

    I used to have a perfectly clean home all the time, prior to becoming a Mom. It was BORING and way too quiet. Enjoy those children, they are only home for a season. Create a place where everyone can be comfortable and relax, including yourself.


  9. Brianna D. says

    THANK YOU! This is just the reminder I needed! I was having a stressful day – one of those days that I feel like I can’t accomplish anything! And my house looked messier than yours… I have a 3 yr. old, 2 yr. old, and a 5 month old. “All that they are doing is making messes faster than I can do anything! What’s my problem? Why am I so terribly disorganized?” Then your post reminded me that having a clean, tidy house is NOT the priority! I do want JESUS to be the heart of my home! I need to let go of my expectations of myself, and embrace His Grace!


  10. says

    Thanks for this! While I quest for organization and strive to have a clean home, it doesn’t always happen. I have realized that the dirty kitchen I sometimes wake up to just means that I was busy taking care of my family the day before. Those piles of laundry mean that there are lots of little people (and one big person) who I get to share my life with. :)


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