What to Do With the Vanilla in Your Kitchen

What to Do With the Vanilla in Your Kitchen – here it is! With all my talk around here about making homemade extract, you knew I’d have to have a vanilla ebook, right?

What To Do With Vanilla Coversm

This eBook fits right in with all of our other “In the Kitchen” eBooksDo the Funky Kitchen plus What to do with the Cow in Your KitchenChicken in Your Kitchen…Kids in Your Kitchen and…Cocoa in the Kitchen. Now, you’ll also know What to Do with the Vanilla in Your Kitchen!

Making Homemade Vanilla Extract is a great way to save money, while creating the highest quality vanilla extract around! I have found that making homemade vanilla cuts my cost in half, plus there are no additives in this vanilla. It’s completely pure, made from only vodka and beans. (Read more about this process here.)

If you’ve been making Homemade Vanilla Extract (or even if you haven’t!) you’ll love having this handy little resource on hand complete with all the details of making Homemade Vanilla, learn what to do with used Vanilla Beans, see How to Bottle Your Homemade Vanilla and read all kinds of other useful information. Plus, and most importantly, there are 15 yummy recipes, all which use vanilla extract. Mmmm…vanilla. I love the awesome flavor!

Be sure to read at the bottom of this poat about how you can win a free half pound of high quality vanilla beans from OliveNation!!! 

Here’s what you’ll find inside What to Do With the Vanilla in Your Kitchen eBook:

What To Do With Vanilla Coversm
What to Do With the Vanilla in Your Kitchen eBook

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This book offers you great recipes for cakes, snacks, pies, dips, and more – all made all the more delicious because of your homemade extract.

Questions? Let me know!

And GREAT NEWS!!!  Olive Nation still offers a 10% Heavenly Homemaker discount on all vanilla bean purchases!! Just enter the code home when purchasing.

If you haven’t already, I highly encourage you to make your own Vanilla Extract! It’s super easy and so delicious you’ll never go back! Enjoy these recipes to go along with it!


  1. says

    This is great! I was actually just talking with my husband last night how I want to make my own vanilla and give it away as gifts this Christmas. Perfect timing!! :)

    He thought I was crazy for trying to do this, but now I share this with him. He thinks it will be funny watching me buy vodka since he knows how conscious I will be! I might have to send HIM to the store for me. ;)


  2. Amy says

    Thanks Laura- I am super excited about the ebook. I will be making the extract for sure. You inspire me to cook more for my 3 boys.


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