What If I Can’t Buy Raw Milk?


“Laura, what would you do if you couldn’t get raw milk for your family?”

It’s a question I receive often – from those who either don’t have a good source for raw milk in their area or because the cost involved would cause them to take out a second mortgage. 

Well, as of just a few weeks ago, our family is without our fresh, raw milk. So now I get to answer this question from first hand experience!

Why are we no longer getting grass fed, farm fresh, raw milk? (Oh, just typing all of that deliciousness makes me miss it!)  Thankfully, this is just a temporary change for us, as our milk supplier has dried up her cow for a few months. Come August, we’ll be getting the best of the best again. For just $5 a gallon. We are so spoiled!

In the meantime, I could call on other sources around here for raw milk. I decided not to do that for two reasons:  1) I felt it was rude of me to say, “Hi. I need some of your milk for three months, but then I’ll no longer need you again so really, it’s like I’m just using you right now.” and 2) I didn’t want to go to the trouble of figuring out all the details. 

Lazy? Sort of. Mostly I just needed one less thing to do. Or I didn’t need one more thing to do. Or something like that.

So what are we doing about milk during these three months?

We have chosen to buy whole, organic milk from the store. It is likely from cows which were not entirely grass fed. It is very pastuerized and homogenized. But at least it doesn’t have growth hormones or antibiotics. It’s not the best, but it is a better choice, so I’m okay with it. 

We’ve also chosen not to guzzle down three gallons of milk each week like we used to. We’ve used our one weekly gallon mainly for cooking.

I’ve taken a little break too from making yogurt, kefir, and buttermilk. I miss it! In the meantime, I’m getting organic whole milk yogurt from Azure Standard or Trader Joes when I have access. 

I also stocked up on organic coconut milk when it was on sale at Vitacost a few weeks ago. That is great for a healthy variety, plus it’s perfect for making smoothies!

Come August, we’ll be having a raw milk party at our house. I can’t wait! In the meantime, I feel at peace with our choice to buy organic milk from the store. 

What kind of milk works for your family? Raw milk, organic milk, regular milk, no milk, coconut milk, goat milk?  (Wow, look at all the choices!)

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  1. Karen says

    We have been drinking raw ever since we realized that our youngest son was sensitive to processed milk and it was causing him to have constant ear problems. He can tolerate the raw just fine and hasn’t had an ear problem since. We got raw milk in WI, MI and now CA, but at $18 a gallon in CA I almost fell over the first time I went to buy it in the store! Get it from a farmer now to save our budget! Love homemade buttermilk and ice cream…so yummy!


    Nia Hanna Reply:

    Hello, I’m curious what farmer that would be. I’d love to look up a farmer in southern CA to purchase my raw milk from. Like Laura we drink about 3 gallons per week, plus use another gallon or so for cooking and yogurt and kefir. I’d love not to have to spend $60 + on milk alone. That $18 per gallon is definitely a steep price.


    Amanda B Reply:

    You can find raw milk retailers and farmers anywhere in the US here: http://www.realmilk.com/real-milk-finder/


  2. Lena says

    We have been drinking raw milk for a few years now. Reciently the farm I buy my milk from had a fire and is not milking at the moment. But there is another farm close to me that sales it at $5.00 a gallon so I have started buying from them. Didn’t see it much of a problem since they are the once housing the other farms cows for the time being. I love raw milk!!


  3. Christina says

    Goat milk–at our house we have our own milker goat. She milks about a gallon a day. What we do when she dries off in October and we have baby kids to feed in March is we basically don’t drink milk at all. It’s not that hard. However I am hoping to get another doe so she can freshen in the fall so we have a steady milk supply.


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