What Health Food Co-op is Near You?

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I’m always talking about Azure Standard, my favorite health food co-op. I love what it provides for my family! 

Many of you have been able to join an Azure Standard group near you…hooray! But what if Azure Standard doesn’t deliver where you live? Great as it is, it does have it’s limits. In the past, I’ve discussed health food purchasing options beyond Azure Standard that I recommend, and many of you left a comment on that post, sharing your sources for healthy foods. 

But, because of the number of questions I get regarding this topic, I was hoping you’d all help me out by sharing on this post the great real food sources you have where you live, specifically any health food co-ops that deliver to your area. Having a big list compiled here in the comments section would be a wonderful resource for many.

So I’ll start:

I’m Laura. I live in Nebraska. I use Azure Standard. They deliver once a month and carry wonderful produce, bulk grocery items and frozen foods.

(Did you guys know that already?)

Okay, your turn…

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  1. Jacqueline says

    Hi, my name is Jacqueline and I live in Huntington, West Virginia. It is illegal to sell raw milk here. I am going to do a google search tonight to try and see if there are any co-ops around my area. I am about 2.5 hours from Columbus, Ohio. And 30 min from Ashland, KY. Hope to see some other people from my area here.


    Aimee Reply:

    As of right now, Lexington KY is the furthest east Azure goes (in KY).
    In Ohio, there are drops in Cincinnati, Lebanon, Franklin/Middletown,
    Dayton, and Brookville. Hope that helps!


  2. says

    Hi :) I’m Kelley and I live in Northeast Georgia. I have no idea if there are any co-ops near me. Would love to know :) Azure cannot deliver to me here :(


  3. jenn says

    Can anyone tell me where the butter that stringtown sells comes from? Is it local pastured? The big blocks they have in the cooler…thx!


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