What Are The Gifts You Received Today?


I know we focus on being thankful each Gratituesday around here. But hey, we can focus again on it later in the week, right?!

I am currently reading through Ann Voskamp’s book, One Thousand Gifts. It’s an amazing (and challenging) read, and I highly encourage this book. I am realizing the need tonight to focus on the blessings and gifts of today. Will you join me? 

Some of my gifts today…

~ We got to eat lots of veggies!! Always wonderful after traveling. ;)

~ I was blessed to have a most encouraging telephone conversation with my Aunt Millie this morning. Oh how I love, need, and am inspired by that woman.   She is a beautiful woman of God. She begins chemo treatments tomorrow. And there she was encouraging me

~  Prayer. What would we do without it?

~  It’s the first day of spring! It is still cold here, but today, the sunshine busted through the windows, giving us just a hint of what is to come.

~  I got to be sharpened in Ladies Bible Class tonight.  I am surrounded there by godly women. 

~  We have enough food in our fridge for leftovers at lunchtime tomorrow. Hooray for the thirteen peas!

~  I got to squeeze in a work-out today. It was just what I needed after sitting in the van (and eating cheesecake) yesterday.

~  Since I was able to keep up with laundry at our lodge in Branson, by tonight, I only have one load left to do from our trip. 

~  There were casseroles in the freezer for us to warm up and eat today so that I didn’t have to stop working to cook. 

~  You. I am blessed by each of you who choose to read my thoughts and ideas here on this blog. I appreciate you.

~  Made-up songs. My boys come up with them daily. Today was no exception. Sometimes they even rhyme. And they are always ridiculously funny. 

~  Crashing in my own bed. That ranks right up there with eating veggies after returning home from vacation. :)

What about you? Share the gifts of today. What comes to mind? In what ways are you blessed?


  1. Missy says

    I am blessed with a Godly husband, who even though he is deployed over seas right now, still knows exactly what to say to me over the phone to encourage me and lift me up. Blessed with sweet friends at church who pray over me and ask if I need any help while my husband is away. Blessed with parents who visit and give me opportunities to go out by myself and have a beak from my 2 boys. Blessed with the 2 little lives that have me as Mom and Dad right now. Blessed that today was a much calmer day, with fewer meltdowns and more compliance than the day before. Blessed to be a daughter of the King, who forgives me of all my sins and loves me just the same.


  2. says

    Some friends of ours had a baby Tuesday, and they are allowing us to be blessed by keeping their daughter during the day today so she doesn’t have to be cooped up in a hospital room.


  3. says

    13 peas… ha! I am blessed beyond my imagination with the Lord’s grace. I have a loving husband and two beautiful children with one on the way. There are hundreds of every day amusing moments that happen that make up the fabric of my day. Like just now my daughter came in upset that my son was showing her the cottage cheese in his mouth. I love that my neighbors pop in all the time and feel like they don’t even need to knock on my door. I love that we have an open home full of laughter and fun and good food and most importantly the Lord.


  4. Tracie says

    9 years ago today, I became a Mom! Celebrating the birth of our oldest today is such a blessing for me. Our daughter is such a reflection of God’s grace and beauty! I am so thankful God has now blessed us with 3 beautiful children. They have taught me so much, and were a huge part of how God lead my husband and I to accept Christ into our hearts!


  5. says

    I too was very blessed by reading this book last year. It has been a heart-changing endeavor to record the good gifts God pours out so abundantly on me each day. I thank Him for His goodness, and I am grateful for the inspiration to seek to be truly thankful.

    Today, I am thankful for His gifts of:
    1. Celebrating our daughter’s fifth birthday
    2. A man-son who is stepping out into the world and standing fast for the gospel
    3. A home full of people to love and serve and enjoy God’s sweet gifts with as we walk this life
    4. Words from our 7-year old son uttered last night as we wrapped gifts for his little sister, “Sometimes something inside my heart just makes me want to say, ‘I love you.’ ”

    And those are just a few…


  6. Ashley says

    I’m just so blessed to be saved by Jesus!!! And have a saved husband too! I can only pray my daughter gets saved when she is older!!!


  7. says

    My car was broken into today. Window smashed, purse that was not so cleverly hidden gone. But all I could think was this. So glad i was inspired to fill up the gas tank before I got to the Y. I had no money, no nothing and we would have been stranded. So thankful my friend met me there to work out today so that she could take my little ones home with her while I talked with police and begged the bank to give me money without an ID. So thankful that not one of my credit cards had a charge on them. So thankful that the three checks I needed to deposit were not in my purse. So thankful for the faith and confidence I have in my loving Heavenly Father that I didnt panic, cry or throw a fit. Overall, it was a pretty great day! And my Driver’s lisence may be currently up for auction on the black market, but the joke is on them, because it wasn’t a very flattering picture, and I lied about my weight!


    Laura Reply:

    So sorry to hear that! So glad you are okay. :)


  8. April says

    The Lord took care of my husband today. A man tried to rob him at gunpoint, but God helped my husband talk the guy into walking away. Yes, my husband is still upset, but he is home alive and safe. It’s a true blessing.


    Laura Reply:

    WOW! I’m so thankful to hear that he was so well protected!


    April Reply:

    Thank you! We are incredibly thankful that the situation ended the way it did. It could have been much worse.


  9. says

    I just got this book last week from a sweet friend, and can’t wait to read it!! So…I’m thankful for the gift of sweet friends. :)


  10. kathy says

    Hi Laura, I met you at the kc meet & greet. I don’t normally post, but I wanted to tell you that I am also reading 1000 gifts & am feeling blessed & challenged by it. I am joining you in thankfulness today!


    Laura Reply:

    It was so great to meet you in KC!


  11. says

    I am grateful for a husband who willingly made lunch and dinner while I worked all day on blog stuff.

    I am also REALLY grateful that I remembered my sister and niece can not have pineapple before I made the pineapple ham I was planning on for tomorrow.

    I am grateful for my daughter sitting on my lap a lot today.


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