Warm Up With Snowflakes

I think this idea is too much fun not to share!! My kids LOVE getting in on cooking lunch when we make these Melting Snowflakes! And of course…no two look exactly alike!


It’s the first time eating a snowflake has ever warmed me up!  Here’s how to make ’em:

Start by folding a tortilla into fourths.

Use kitchen shears to cut notches out around the tortilla.

Open up the tortilla that has now become a snowflake.

Place a whole tortilla into a skillet…sprinkle with cheese.

Top with the snowflake shaped tortilla. Cook over low heat until cheese is melted. (You may need to put a lid on the skillet to keep the heat in and melt the cheese.)

(p.s. I usually use my homemade whole wheat tortillas and white cheddar cheese to make these…but I already had these pictures taken so decided to use them.)  :)

Isn’t that such a fun, yummy way to eat lunch?! 

Oh, and bake the “cut out” scraps from the tortillas for a few minutes at 350 degrees for chips to dip in salsa. 

I also think it would be fun to fold a tortilla in half and cut it into a heart for Valentine’s Day…don’t you think so!?

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  1. Jen says

    Could you post your recipe for whole wheat tortillas? The recipe I have is not nearly soft and flexible enough to fold and cut (which, IMO, probably means your recipe is much more tasty too).

    Jen F. jfosnaugh@gmail.com


  2. says

    JEN- She sells a Ebook in her store all about making totillas and the recipe!
    Laura- thankgoodness you said you didn’t use your homemade tortillas this time… I was just about to ask you how you get them looking sooo darn perfect! LOL, because mine do not look like that! LOL! I mean they look nice, but not store perfect! Great idea though! We will have to try it!


  3. Emily Kay says

    I made your homemade tortillas for the first time this week. They were so good! Although, I agree with Denai-mine were not all that pretty! I made a double batch and we had chicken quesadillas for supper Monday night, and tonight we are having chicken tortilla soup. My husband was very impressed that I made them myself-and I loved the fact that I really knew what was in them. So many “whole wheat” tortillas you buy in the store are not 100% whole wheat and they have hydrogenated oils and high fructose corn syrup and all sorts of icky “stuff” in them! Thanks for your inspiration, Laura! Your site really has made our home more heavenly;)


  4. says

    Cute idea! My little guy won’t eat them yet, but I’ll have to keep this idea in mind to try! He might try something new if it’s fun.


  5. says

    Wow Laura! This is a wonderful idea! I’ll have to look up your recipe for homemade tortillas too ~ the ones at the store just aren’t very healthy.

    Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  6. says

    How cute and your photos are great. I made a dish and took photos thinking I might blog about it and in the middle of dinner I thought Oh no I forgot to take a photo of the finished product. The ins and outs of bloggy world take time to learn. The snowflakes look like so much fun.
    Roberta Anne


  7. says

    You ever try cutting the tortillas or using the scraps from these…and dropping them in hot lard or beef tallow, then when lightly brown take them out and drain for a second on paper towels then shake them in a bag with cinnamon and sugar?!?!?!?

    Sorta like the old kind that Taco Bell used to have.

    If those are your homemade tortillas..wow…very pretty! Hope you’ll do a video on those sometime…we wanna watch you roll those babies out!


  8. Kari says

    Brilliant indeed! Saw your idea on ParentHacks.com and thought, “Hmm, I think I saw that idea somewhere recently.” Of course, it was here!


  9. Lois Breneman says

    Dear Laura,

    Love your blog! May I please have your permission to include your blog site and refer my readers to your snowflake quesadilla recipe? What a great idea!

    I send a newsletter called Heart to Heart to over 1,500 women in 61 countires for encouragement and blessing. It’s a Christian homemaking newsletter from an older woman. Heart to Heart will celebrate its tenth anniversary in February. You are welcome to receive it if you’d like. Just e-mail me and ask.

    Lois Breneman


  10. Marianne says

    I HAVE to make these!! I have been making homemade tortillas and my kids love them, I just ordered a tortilla press and when it arrives this will be the first recipe we make!

    I KNOW my kids with just LOVE this recipe :-)


  11. Susan F says

    What an adorable idea. Adults will love this too. I already make tortillas with ham and cheese inside. This will winterize it. :)


  12. Alice says

    I made these for my kids last night. I cut the snowflakes (and one face, for fun) and then sat them in the frying pan with a bit of butter until they were slightly browned. On the uncut tortilla I spread a thin layer of refried beans and then sprinkled on shredded cheese.

    Served up with sour cream and salsa these were a HUGE hit. Even with my picky-eatin’ husband


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