Using Swagbucks and Amazon Cards for Organic Groceries

I have to share with you again what a wonderful blessing Swagbucks has been to our family. 

Besides helping us buy about 50% of our school books and about 95% of our Christmas gifts in 2009…over the past few months I’ve been able to order all kinds of organic groceries. All with FREE Amazon gift cards from Swagbucks!  This has been SUCH a HUGE blessing. I’ve been able to completely stock up on many basic, healthy foods we eat…plus our grocery budget hasn’t felt the pinch as we’ve fed all kinds of company. We are so thankful!

Here’s a list of the different organic and natural groceries I’ve bought with my Swagbuck earned Amazon gift cards:

These aren’t food, but sort of along the lines of ordering groceries…I’ve also ordered these fabulous products that I love oh so much for…you know…punctuation.

I have a couple of reasons for telling you this:

First, if you aren’t already using Swagbucks, you really should be!!!   While it sounds too good to be true, there truly is NO catch. I promise. Once you sign up, upload the Swagbucks tool bar. Then, anytime you need to do an online search, use your Swagbucks toolbar. You’ll be earning Swagbucks before you know it! Then, you get to redeem your Swagbucks for Amazon gift cards and all kinds of other great gifts.  I’ve explained a little more about how Swagbucks works here.

The key to making more swagbucks is to tell as many people about them as you can. When your friends earn Swagbucks, so do you. It’s VERY nice.

Second, I wanted to let you know what a great source Amazon is for organic groceries. I’ve been amazed at the great quality foods I’ve been able to find and order from Amazon. If you don’t feel like you have any good sources around you for organic groceries…check out Amazon! I’m careful to only buy them if I can get Free Super Saver Shipping, which makes the price even better! 

If you have any questions about using Swagbucks or shopping at Amazon, let me know. I’m happy to explain more in detail to you! Swagbucks, Amazon and me? We’ve become very good friends. :)

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  1. Carmen says

    I learned about Swagbucks from you a few months ago. I’m so glad you wrote about it! I love getting things from Amazon for free.


  2. Andrea says

    Yes, thank you. Swagbucks have been a blessing! I hope my SBs bless you back!

    And we need to get a petition going around so that we can get Amazon to let us order organic food to Alaska! :( Oh well. Azure does ship here and so does Tropical Traditions (even on Free Shipping days!). I am counting my blessings.


  3. says

    I guess if you bought all that organic ketchup, does that mean the homemade didn’t work out. My girls were upset when they read teh ingredients of our ketchup yesterday (they are 8 and 5). They insisted on us making some. I told them I was waiting on your tutorial. Of course then I had to explain what a tutorial was. The questions are never ending…


    Laura Reply:

    I actually ordered that ketchup a few months ago and it’s gone. :) I’ve been working and working on a ketchup recipe that we like. It’s more challenging than I thought! As SOON as I make one that actually tastes like ketchup, I’ll be posting the tutorial!!


  4. Holly says

    I want to address three topics brought up in your post.
    One- thanks for the tip about swagbucks. Two- use mama cloth! You will never, ever go back! It’s wonderful! There is nothing nicer than some cozy flannel on your lady bits. Making your own is very easy and there are lots of pictures and even patterns online. I made my own with some old terry cloth from worn out towels and flannel from the scrap bag, flannel sheets and baby receiving blankets. They are easy to make and so cozy! Three- my DH says the ketchup taste is like the Matrix, just a technological illusion! :)


  5. says

    HELP!!! I signed up for swagbucks 4 days ago, and haven’t gotten a single thing after the first three. What am I doing wrong?? I type everything I do into that box. Every website I go to, everything. HELP!!


    Laura Reply:

    That is weird that you haven’t gotten any more for four days. BUT, don’t worry…you will. You’ll be given swagbucks sort of randomly throughout the day as you do searches. I’d say just sit ther efor a while typing in searches and see if you can’t get one. Sometimes if I haven’t gotten one for a couple of days, I do a few random searches and boom…after a few tries I get one!

    Let me know though if you have any other troubles.


  6. jen says

    im a little confused about the swagbucks. i signed up for it and got 3. then found a code (dont even ask me how because i dont know) and got another one. other than that, how do you earn more? can you just use it as a search engine and earn lots? or do you have to specifically buy from amazon a lot to earn? thanks


    Laura@HeavenlyHomemakers Reply:

    The main way to earn swagbucks is to use the Swagbucks toolbar to do online searches. You will randomly earn swagbucks that way. It is, at most, about three each day. You may do 25 searches before you get one…or you might do two searches and get one. It all depends. If you’ve JUST received one in the morning, you probably won’t get another one until later that afternoon. I’ve neve had them show up very close together.

    Another main way to earn them is to have others sign up under you. Every time they earn one, you earn one. It’s great!

    The Amazon thing is just what I use to SPEND my swagbucks. I redeem my swagbucks for Amazon gift cards.

    Please let me know if you need more explanation. Now that I’m used to it, it’s all pretty eaasy to me, but I was confused at first too!


  7. says

    Hi, Do you know if I will earn swagbucks with purchases at amazon fresh? That would be really awesome.


    Laura Reply:

    That would be awesome! I’m not sure, but that’s a great idea to try. :)


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