Today I Give a FREE New Simple Meals Plan to Everyone!

This week is going to be a fun one, and here’s why:

I’m giving everyone this week’s Simple Meals plan for FREE!

(Also, I’m going to blog this week about how I’m using the plan. Stay tuned!)

Why am I giving this week’s plan to you? Simple. I want you to see how great it is.

My biggest goal with Simple Meals is to help you save money, time, and energy so you can enjoy spending more time with your family. Did you catch that? It’s not just about spending more time with your family. It’s to help you ENJOY spending that time with your family.

Sometimes we get to the end of the day and we’re so exhausted that even if there is time to spend, we’re too tired to enjoy it. Been there, done that? Me too.

Each week Simple Meals┬áplans show up in your inbox as if to say, “Here you go. Your thinking, planning, and list making have been done. Also, here are some bonus recipes and time-saving tips. You will love this week’s recipes. Now go enjoy your family.”

I'm giving everyone this week's Simple Meals plan for FREE!

I’m giving you all this week’s Simple Meals Planning Packet because want everyone to see why being a part of Simple Meals is worth it! Also, I love you and it’s fun to give you free stuff. :)

So here you go.

Download this week’s Simple Meals Planning Packet.

I’ve been cooking with this particular plan and taking pictures to show you during the next few days to detail how this plan works for our family. I don’t know what I would do without it, seeing as in the past eight nights in a row, we have been on the run – from meetings to Bible studies to basketball games to church activities. Plus, we spent a day helping our disabled friend move across town, I had appointments out of town one day, and our church hosted 150 kids for a youth rally all weekend, 13 of which stayed in our home for two nights.

This mama needs Simple Meals. (and a nap.)

The days with our children at home are long, but the years are short. I’m staring that reality straight in the face as my kids so suddenly have been turning into men, one right after the other. I want to enjoy putting food on the table for them, but more than that, I want to enjoy laughing at their jokes and listening/watching/cheering/praying for their work and activities and life journeys.

No matter your season in life, whether you have little bitties who require a lot of attention and care, or you have big kids you’re trying to keep up with, or you work full time, or you homeschool, or you are involved with ministries, or all of the above and more than the above – let’s do what we can to enjoy what God has given us. I believe much of this begins with keep our real food meals as simple as possible.

And that, my friends, is why I created Simple Meals.

Try it for free this week! Utilize it for YOUR specific family’s needs. That’s one of the best features of Simple Meals. The planning is done, but you can quickly organize it to suit your family’s needs for each week.

Download this week’s Simple Meals Planning Packet.

Today I’m also giving away a One Year Simple Meals Subscription!

Sign up to win in the Rafflecopter below. I’ll draw a random winner on Wednesday, February 8. Watch for an email sharing who the winner is!

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  1. Brandette W. says

    Wow, thank you so much! Yes, life does get busy and overwhelming some days with little ones running afoot. But, when I have a month’s meal plan setup and working for me, it makes dinnertime much more enjoyable!


  2. Jessica says

    Thanks for the chance to win!! I would love to get your simple meals plan, but can’t justify spending any extra money right now :) Thank you so much for all you do and for sharing your simple meals, they have been a fantastic addition to my meal planning!


  3. Carly says

    Thank you so much! I love these simple new meals! We have 4 kids 10 and under and a baby due is Sept. I need simple. I also have loved your honesty lately with your budget posts! Thank you!


  4. Shiree says

    I have been using a lot of your recipes lately. For my family, you strike the right balance between whole foods and frugality that can often be hard to find. Oh yeah, and simplicity!


  5. Rachel Clapp says

    Thank you Laura! We have 5 kids. Your recipes & the encouragement from your blog have been a blessing! I am interested in your Simple Meals Plan but am unable to purchase it right now. Thank you for sharing a week’s plan with us for free! May God bless you & your family!


  6. Faith Dossett says

    Laura, thank you for offering the opportunity to win Simple Meals!! After printing off this week’s free meal plan, I would love to have a year’s worth, all planned out and just waiting for me. I love your blog and visit daily, and I also have the book that you wrote several years ago. Thank you for all the homemaking advice and recipes that your blog provides, as well as a chance to “visit” with you.


  7. Teresa Youngblood says

    I love a meal plan. I use a meal plan. I just put way too much time into making the meal plan and the shopping list to go with it. This would be a big help.


  8. Kalli says

    Can’t wait to try this week’s meal plan. My brain juices are too dried up to think of new meals. Thanks for the help and your generosity


  9. Lori says

    It would be good for me to have someone tell me *what* to make ~ I don’t mind cooking, but it’s the deciding what to have that I seem to spend the most time on. Thank you!


  10. says

    I would love to win, because I appreciate it very much when someone else tells me what to make for my family (in other words, planning meals is such a drag…).


  11. Rhonda says

    These are a wonderful resource Laura! We try and keep meals simple and planning ahead is one of the most challenging parts.


  12. ML says

    I would love to win a free year of pre-planned meals! I can use all the help I can get. We’ve been eating way too many take out meals lately. No ideas what to cook for picky eaters – me included.


  13. Heidi Mitchell says

    This would be such a great help. With a six month old and a 12 year old,our days (and nights!) are certainly busy!


  14. Mandi Brink says

    Thanks for the chance to win!! This would be a wonderful for anyone to get. Take a little stress out of an already stressful day!!


  15. sarah says

    Thank you so much!!! I have loved all of your posts so far for your Simple Meals. We have tried several of them and plan to try many more.


  16. Christina says

    Man, I could really use this! My weeks are getting crazier all the time. I don’t mind the cooking, but hate to “waste” time planning!


  17. Ann says

    I have wanted to try this but am nervous because I have one really picky eater. I love the free trial and hope to win the free year. Thank you for the offer!


  18. Sue D says

    My life just got more complicated with a son moving back home while attending school so I am in need of quick meals.


  19. Lisa J. says

    I need this because of the simplicity. In this season, I’m very busy and I’m not good with meal planning. This would be a life saver


  20. Joanna says

    This is fantastic! We are expecting our very first little one some time in the next few weeks, and a subscription to your Simple Meals plan would simplify our lives!


  21. Kim Lofquist says

    Thanks Laura for putting this together, and for giving us all a chance to try it out! Love your blog and your servants heart. It keeps this Mama of 6 coming back. I am always telling people about some new recipe “my friend Laura ” came up with.


  22. Laura says

    I’m excited to give this a try! I’m a mom to three littles and we’re in our first year of homeschooling. Eating real food takes so much time in the kitchen! Time that I don’t always (ever?) have. I’ve really enjoyed your simple recipes but having to not decide what we’ll eat everyday would help that much more. :-) thanks!


  23. Sanica Stubbs says

    Hello! I’d love to win the subscription because I am a mom of 5 little ones and it would be super helpful to have meal planning help! Thank you for this awesome opportunity! God bless :)


  24. Katie says

    Afternoons have gotten crazy! There is never enough time to make the things I used to make. The shift has been difficult.


  25. Jennifer Knox says

    Loving this Simple Meals plan because it is real food. Not a complicated and overly long list of things to go get at the store. Basic tasty things that my people will eat and won’t break the bank. We have yet to try a recipe here that we don’t like.


  26. beetree says

    I would love to try this! For some strange reason I have a great fear of committing to a meal plan :/ hoping this will help!


  27. Andrea says

    This is great timing! I just started working full time after being at home for 10+ years. I have been trying to come up with a simple menu plan to get a healthy meal on the table quickly after a long day. My plan is not working for me yet. Thank you, Laura!!


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