The Simple Meal I’m Almost Embarrassed to Tell You About

It happened the day we were putting up the Christmas tree. I was also trying to help guide Justus, our 16-year old, as he was finishing a big research paper for his college class. Decorations had exploded all over the living room, and I’d just discovered that not one, but two of our strings of lights for the tree weren’t working.

Such is life. Tis the season. No big deal. But it was almost lunch time and not only was food not prepared, I hadn’t even found a moment to figure out what lunch was yet. “Help me with a quick idea for lunch, Malachi, then we’ll run to the store and get more lights for the tree.”

Malachi’s solution to every lunch would be hot dogs if I would allow it. So it was no surprise when that was his suggestion this day too.

Aha! That gave me an idea. I said, “Malachi, go grab a package of hotdogs from the freezer and get two cans of baked beans. We’ll make Beanie Weanies when we get home.” And there was much rejoicing by all.

This is where I pause to tell you how silly I feel right now. I’m actually writing a post to tell you this:

When you’re in a hurry and you don’t have anything planned for your meal, make Beanie Weanies.

I know this isn’t a typical recipe idea you’re used to hearing about from me. But there really is something about a pot of bubbly baked beans with bites of hotdogs that is comforting, am I right? Plus, this meal doesn’t have to be unhealthy if you use the right ingredients. Even the most health conscious among us need a fall back meal sometimes. Beanie Weanies it is. Rock on.


Best tip of the day: Keep a supply of canned of baked beans in your pantry. Keep a supply of better-than hot dogs in your freezer. When you’re in a hurry and need a fast meal, mix them together and lunch is served.

You’re welcome, I guess.


Not only did we manage to finish Justus’ big research paper that morning and put (working) lights on our Christmas tree, we had a fantastically satisfying meal that only took about ten minutes to make.

Am I weird? Is my whole family weird? What can we say? We all really love this meal. The Beanie Weanies tasted great along with a mixed green salad, clementines, sweet peppers, and slice pears. The sides took hardly any effort to prepare so I’m not kidding when I say that this meal really only takes about ten minutes to make.


Other Simple Recipes that are a little more “normal”

‘Fess up! Who’s a Beanie Weanie fan? 

Let Simple Meals save you money, time, and energy so you can enjoy your family! (Remember, the plans will be extra simple this holiday season. Sweet!)



  1. says

    No need for embarrassment about that one around me! We love beanie weinies in our house and it always goes down quickly. Of all the junk food I could feed my kids – this is not one I’m going to worry about. Good for you for making it work! :)


  2. Susan says

    Thank you for this reminder Laura. A simple meal will save the family from spending $25 at the drive-thru. It’s all about: ‘Getting them fed’.


  3. Patricia R. says

    We love beanie weenies. You’re right about needing a fall back meal. There are times you need something fast and easy so that you aren’t running out to McDonalds. Although, I have been known to go there on rare occasions.


  4. Melissa says

    Thank you! Now that I started doing a “proper” meal plan, I often forget there are really easy and kid-friendly ways to feed the family! This one will be a new go-to, especially in busy December.


  5. says

    I love it! I appreciate your honesty. And truth be told, we “fall back” on hot-dog meals once in awhile, too. (Was it you who suggested serving them rolled with cheese into a tortilla and baked in the oven? Yum!)

    I try to get the “better” hot-dogs when I can, but if all we’ve got is the “regular” kind, I just do as you do and serve it with a nice, big salad or other veggies to bring up the health meter. And don’t tell me others have given up roasting wieners over an open fire! Sometimes you just have to “live” (and then go back to eating healthy 80+ % of the time).

    Enjoy your hot-dogs!


  6. Erin says

    We got home from our out of town Thanksgiving celebration late Saturday afternoon and my kids were ready to decorate the tree. After being gone for several days and eating out unexpectedly for lunch, I knew I needed to have a quick dinner ready to go in between decorating our entry before it was dark and then decorating our tree. So I threw together your lentil chili recipe and all was well. Thanks for another great recipe!


  7. Lindsay says

    And THIS is why everyone loves your blog! You are right down here on planet earth with the rest of us! Thanks, Laura.


  8. Laura S says

    My kids could live off baked beans if they had to and I’m pretty sure my husband’s version of heaven includes hot dogs every day. I appreciate your honesty! And your great menu ideas. And your real-life menus. Merry Christmas!


  9. Linda MacLean says

    I like to add dry Mustard , WHOLESOME Blackstrap molasses and sautéed onion to mine. For a special treat I add cooked Bacon. I call them Faked Beans!


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