The Month of the Funky Fresh Kitchen! Join Us!

Our Funky Fresh Kitchen series last fall was so enjoyable, we’ve decided to do it again. Only this time, we have so much planned that we’re going to “party together” the entire month of September!! (And by “party”, I sort of mean work hard…so get out your rubber gloves and a mixing bowl — not to be used at the same time, of course.)

First, what is the Month of the Funky Fresh Kitchen? As summer fades and our fall routines begin, our goal is to inspire you to have a wonderful, fresh start! We want to encourage you to create a kitchen that is healthy and funky (aka functional). It’s time to clean out, clean up, be encouraged, and learn to (or be reminded that you) love your job as a heavenly homemaker!

All throughout the month of September, you can expect to see:

  • Fresh, New Recipes (All are easy, all are healthy, and many utilize a crock pot.)
  • Funky Fresh Freebies! (Including some eBooks from my shop! Some will come and go quickly – so be on your toes!) (Sit back down – that was a figurative statement.)
  • Funky Fresh Challenges (We’re all in this together. Be ready to get your game on. If you have a blog, be ready to link up.)
  • Encouragement and Inspiration (Unless I’ve already overwhelmed you with the obvious “loud excitement” of this post. Really, please do come back…)  ;)
  • because there are GIVEAWAYS!!!

Seriously – the giveaways!! Sprinkled all throughout the many fun (and hopefully helpful) posts this month will be some downright incredible giveaways. Want a sneak peek?

You may remember seeing some of those great giveaways last year at this time, and I am so grateful that so many were willing to work with us again this year as we inspire you toward a Funky Fresh Kitchen!

(It’s possible that I’m using too many exclamation marks in this post, but in all my excitement, I’m not sure I’m capable of editing them out.)  !!!!!!!  (sheesh)

Well now, are you feeling the excitement? Do you feel the love? Do you wish you could give me a chill pill? 

I’m warning you now, there will be a lot of posts this month. Freebies, giveaways, recipes, challenges – they will all be posted at random times, sometimes up to three or four posts each day. Don’t worry – I will keep each post short and sweet. After all, how are you supposed to create a funky fresh kitchen if you’re spending all day reading about it?

If you haven’t already, you may want to Subsribe to Heavenly Homemakers, and/or Like Heavenly Homemakers on Facebook so you won’t miss any posts. Of course, scrolling down through the posts on my blog works too. ;)

Take note:  All throughout September, each time you leave a comment on a post which displays our Funky Fresh Kitchen button (as shown at the top of this post), you will be entered in a drawing for three gift certificates to our Heavenly Homemakers Shop, good for any downloadable items. We’ve got two $25 certificates and one $50 certificate to give away!

Shall we start practicing now? Leave a comment on this post for a chance to win. AND, if you share about this post about the month of the Funky Fresh Kitchen on Facebook, leave another comment on this post for a second entry!

Let the Month of the Funky Fresh Kitchen begin!


  1. Deborah says

    I have not participated before but I am in. Sounds like alot of fun. I really enjoy your site and have tried several of your recipes and love them all. I love anything quick and easy. Especially crock pot dishes. Thanks for all you do. You even got me to make my own vanilla!


  2. Janel says

    This is great! I tell EVERYONE about your site! I just love it and with all the encouragement and information you share, my home is off to a great and healthy start! Thanks for sharing so much!


  3. Rhonda M says

    I cannot wait! Love your site, and I have learned so much and trying to make the change for me and my family to healthier eating…


  4. Amber S says

    Sounds like a fun month! I could a few reminders and inspirations after a busy summer! Although fall isn’t showing signs of slowing down!


  5. Deja says

    Just what I need to get back in gear. I think I’m still somewhere in May, having lost June and July completely and somehow August happened…I was there, I just don’t know how I made it ;-) And now, you tell me it’s September?! Oh boy, do I need help!


  6. says

    This funk fresh month is coming just in time! I’ve been trying to get more organized in the kitchen, so this should be very helpful for me, can’t wait!


  7. Carrie says

    I have been following your site for a few months and love it!! I’m looking forward to the Funky Fresh Kitchen series.


  8. breck says

    YAHOO!! Just put up my Fall Tree…complete with pinecone ornaments, glittery leaf ornaments, and fall colored balls, AND pulled out a batch of your fantastic hamburger buns. I also turned a batch of that dough into pull-apart biscuits for your monkey bread recipe:) This is my FAVORITE time of the year!! Thank you Laura!!


  9. Sarah says

    I need a challeng like this to keep me going. I’ve started to get my apartment in order and need to keep going! Your blog has been a source of inspriration for me. Thank you!


  10. Lyndsay says

    Excited for this again this year…new kitchen to make funky and fresh! Plus it will mean everything is in order before boy #5 joins our family at the beginning of October :) Seems like a great way to channel these nesting instincts!


  11. Valerie says

    You have been such a great resource for me during my transition to real food only. And I actually read the whole posts unlike other blogs where I just skip to the recipe. Thanks for being so cool!


  12. Pam S. says

    Just found this website about a month ago….I LOVE IT!!! I have been cooking a ton of recipes and boy, they do not disappoint!


  13. Erin says

    Great! I was just thinking I need my kitchen better organized for all the fall activities/school starting up. Thanks.


  14. Mary says

    This sight is great! You have given many wonderful ideas, recipes and tips to make living a healthy lifestyle much easier. Thanks!!


  15. Melissa M. says

    I recently bought your “What to do with the Chicken in your kitchen” ebook and look forward to downloading others!


  16. Hayley says

    I”m looking forward to the crock pot recipes! I only have a few that I use and with school and work I want to use my crock more!


  17. Jenn S. says

    Can’t wait to see all the new recipes and posts! I have followed your site for a little over a year now and want to thank you for all that you do! I started homeschooling my children, started a garden and canning, and have changed to a much healthier way of making food for my family, all thanks to this site. I can not thank you enough! :)


  18. Candice Merkle says

    I have never posted before, but have been using your website for several months now after a friend recommended it to me. I was planning on asking for a grain mill for Christmas and saw the list of sneak peek giveaways. That made me SOOOOOO excited!!!!! So, here is my first post….yeah for Funky Fresh Kitchen!!!!!


  19. Mrs. Z says

    I’m SO excited!! September is my favorite month and fall my favorite season, so I am THRILLED to see all this going on in September!!! YAY!


  20. says

    How exciting! I was telling my husband last week that I want to get your gluten free package this month. We will have to see if I win it instead. :-) Looking forward to a funky fresh kitchen! :-)


  21. DeniseC says

    Hooray I’m ready for a new month and new changes as that cooler air comes in and kids make changes to new ideas and teachers. So let’s do something New.


  22. laura says

    I always do my “spring cleaning” in the fall as I get set up for the school year, finish bringing in the harvest, scrub the kitchen after “bringing in the harvest”, etc. Sounds fun to do it “together.”


  23. Tammy W says

    I recently found your blog, so I wasn’t around last time. My kitchen is in need of some funkification, so I’m looking forward to it!!!


  24. Cindra says

    AND just shared about this post about the month of the Funky Fresh Kitchen on Facebook!!! You should be getting some new viewers & participants :)


  25. Ann Marie says

    Oops, originally left my comment on the 2011 post – got it figured out now!

    So exciting!! I too look forward to the cooler days of Autumn to kick my cooking and baking into high gear! So glad I happened upon your blog through Pinterest last month. I’ve been working to get away from overly processed food for my family of 6 and I am learning so much from you. Thanks!


  26. Hallie says

    I am beyond delinquent in commenting to let you know what a blessing you and your site have been to me. Thank you for the wonderful recipes and encouragement.


  27. Angie says

    Fall is my FAVORITE time of year. I also feel like this is the time to get a fresh start on things and get some freezer meals made for those winter months. Thanks!


  28. Jenifer Parker says

    Wow, this is really a great place to come to learn and maybe win something to make life better for our families. Thanks for all your hard work.


  29. Katrina Page says

    oooh! I’ve been following your blog for less than a year, so this is new for me! And exciting! I’m trying to get my life more organized and I haven’t even begun thinking about the kitchen so this is awesome for me!


  30. barb powers says

    I have enjoyed many post by heavenly homemakers blog and I look forward to this crazy month of ideas to help me get back in order thank you


  31. Becky says

    Great timing ~ almost all our canning / freezing are done and we’re ready to get into a new Fall schedule and really buckle down into a great homeschool year!

    You’re website has been such a blessing ~ I’ve been so thankful for the encouragement and recipes and how-to’s as I work to clean up our family’s diet :)


  32. HollymMead says

    I could use a little “rah rah” in my kitchen right now. We start back to school Tuesday (I never start before Labor Day) and I keep wondering, “How can I do school AND keep up with all my usual doin’s in the kitchen?” The words, “crock pot recpies” are resonating with me right this moment. . .


  33. Rae Cicelske says

    couldn’t have come at a better time. I had most of my foot amputated in December and just this week started to walk again..God is so good..and boy does my kitchen need to be defunktified


  34. Wendi says

    This is just what I need to get back in gear after moving to a whole new part of the country and letting myself get out of some of my routines. Thanks for all your wonderful information and encouragement.


  35. Tanya S says

    I am so excited about this! Fall is my favorite season and this makes me even more excited about it! Love this site!


  36. Rebecca Haughn says

    Hi there, I shared it and will pin it too. I enjoy reading your posts and even if I don’t win anything, it is a great thing to read your shares. You are super and I appreciate you.


  37. Karen Dee says

    Keep these coming. You make me happy!
    Just LOOK at those giveaways! Just awesome. I am going to share this too! :)


  38. Marilyn says

    How can we not catch the excitement? Even if I am overwhelmed — a funky kitchen will help calm me and get me pumped up for a wonderful holiday season. And the things I will learn from you will last me (and my children) a lifetime! Onward Christian Soldier!


  39. Judy Martinez says

    Sounds good ~ I am ready for Fall and Fall recipes – soups and crock pot recipes and apple and cinnamon spells comfort food.


  40. Jessica says

    Sounds awesome! How did I miss it last year? Or maybe I just can’t remember that far back…yay, I am excited, thanks! May I request that there be opportunities to participate just on the blog, for those of us who don’t do facebook?! Sounds like there will be, just wanted to make sure! Thanks again, I love all your recipes and tips!


  41. Lauren says

    I’ve been a “browser” of your site for about a month…ever since Google stumbled me upon your liquid hand soap recipe! I check in every day now! :)


  42. Michelle says

    How exciting! Last month this was a very helpful activity. I am looking forward to your posts. And the giveaways.


  43. Sheri Schmidt says

    I just discovered your blog this summer and I love all that you have to offer. I am very excited for an entire month of Funky Fresh Kitchen.


  44. Sarah Barnes says

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! I have been following your blog for several months now, and I have been inspired and entertained. I currently have some vanilla curing, and I can’t wait until it’s ready! I am looking forward to seeing all of the FUN that this Funky Fresh Kitchen Challenge brings. Thank you so much for what you do!


  45. Sarah Barnes says

    I just shared your link via Facebook, too. :) I have shared your blog with several friends over the months, and I hope that at least one or two have found your blog as appealing as I do. Maybe more will find September as the month for them to make changes for their families, too.


  46. Myra says

    Hi Laura! Maybe I’ll win something this time! Looking forward to getting down with my own funky fresh kitchen this fall! Thanks for the inspiration! And pick me! :)


  47. Amy says

    Ah! I could use some major inspiration about now! We rent, so though I have a nice pantry, the shelves are beginning to groan under the weight of all my glass jars and we’re not in a position to redo it all! Started moving some items to other rooms, but got stopped from continuing the rearranging by my 2 busy kiddos (19 mo & 3.5 yrs). Looking forward to it!


  48. Naomi says

    I am looking forward to the croc-pot recipes. This week several things start back up: weekly piano lessons, midweek kids’ program at church, and soccer! Thank you for all the ideas and help! !!!!


  49. Rebecca Caldwell says

    What a great way to kick off the fall season! This may just be a great incentive to rearrange my pantry.


  50. Carli says

    I can’t wait to start! Very excited about the giveaways. Also, thank you Laura for making this transition fun and way easier.


  51. Tracy says

    I am new to Funky Fresh Kitchen but have been using some of your recipes for months and love them. I have shared this on Facebook and Pinterest. You have been a inspiration.


  52. Rhoda says

    Bring it on Laura! Looking forward to whatever you send our way! And I love to use exclamation marks too, so keep them coming!!!!!!!!


  53. Carolyn says

    As temps cool down, I feel ready for more cooking and am eager to get my kitchen and pantry more in order to make it easier.

    Thanks, Laura!


  54. Gayle says

    Can’t believe it is already September again :) Here’s to a great school year and new posts to keep us inspired :)


  55. Sarah says

    As my husband starts a new job and my baby is able to play by himself more, I am looking forward to spending more time cooking and baking, but first my kitchen needs a good cleaning from everything its had to deal with since the baby was born and I needed to use major shortcuts! So this series is perfect timing!


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