The Day We Became Owners of a Dollar Coffee Club (and an Instant Pot)

Today is a big day, my friends.

I finally broke down and bought an Instant Pot (this 8-quart one!) after so many of you told me how much time and effort it would save me in the kitchen. Nothing like being one of the last people on the planet to jump on a bandwagon, huh? So…Instant Pot for the win?! Well, I’ll keep you posted. :)

After this purchase, we did something even bigger than that.

After hearing about and trying out a variety of fabulously healthy coffees, teas, and other delicious drinks with huge health benefits and experiencing wonderful results, and then after asking dozens of questions and researching ingredients and asking a double dozen more questions…

Matt and I bought a coffee shop.

For real.

It’s actually all online, so we won’t be brewing java, pouring it into mugs, and topping drinks with whipped cream and syrup, then serving them in a traditional coffee shop way. But this way is many times better because…

a) These drinks all have big health benefits.
b) These drinks cost much less than a typical coffee shop $4+ per cup, and
c) These drinks are delivered to your very own porch.

(How exciting is this?!)


During the past 11 years of our family’s health-seeking journey, we’ve been approached about dozens of “be all and end all” products that promise to heal everything that ails you. I’ve given many of them a fair try, taken time to read their ingredient list, and heard of people’s results. Some have been good and I’m happy for all who have benefited from what they offer.

But I’ve never felt much like jumping on board or sharing them with others – often because I haven’t loved the ingredient lists I read in each product. And here’s one thing I’ve noticed that has raised a big red flag to me about many of these “cure all your ailments” products:

I’ve seen people go from eating fast food every day and drinking lots of soda and almost never eating a veggie…to trying these new products while at the same time switching over to eat a healthy diet and start exercising. Sure enough, they see results. They lose weight and they feel better! Well, of course they do. They are finally eating nourishing foods and exercising after so many years of neglecting these healthy habits. So was it the product that helped or was it the good food and exercise that helped? I think it’s hard to know.

Plus I don’t believe there’s a one-size-fits-all product that heals all ailments, but that’s a whole-nother conversation. ;)

Why we bought a coffee shop

Is it enough to say: YUM! Healthy coffee, tea, and tasty cold sweet drinks!?! 

Those are certainly a perk, but there’s quite a bit more to it that that. :)

I will not say, “We found amazing drinks that will cure all migraines, eczema, diabetes, energy levels, learning struggles, focus and memory issues, joint pain, allergies, and help you lose weight too!” Many people have been helped in all these areas and more because of these drinks, but I’m not going to brag on these as “be all and end all” products.

What I will say is this: Matt and I are significantly impressed with what we have found in this company called Javita. We had never heard of it until a trusted friend (who has had many years of training and study in natural supplements and herbs) told us,

I can’t believe how much I love this and how good I feel about drinking these and giving them to my family. You could grow and harvest all these herbs in your yard yourself, or you can just drink this coffee or tea that already includes them. I know you love coffee. You have to try this.

Trying it was as easy as sitting down with a friend and sipping a cup of coffee and tea together. First things first: both drinks taste delicious. I trust my friend Nikki because she knows more than I do about herbs, but still, I read the box. I read info on her website. I ordered a few boxes of a variety of the drinks they offer just to check it out for a while. After all, I had to know, “Is this really as good as it seems?”

Sure enough.

The Coffee and Tea that can actually improve your health

Allow me to introduce you to Javita.

Beyond healthy varieties of coffee and tea, Javita carries tasty drinks pouches that you can stir into water that boost the immune system, aid in digestion, offer benefits for athletes, help regulate blood sugar, and reduce joint pain (I have a whole story to tell you someday about Flex).

javita cold drinks2

I think one of the biggest brags I can make about these drinks is that we started feeling the benefits from them while making no other changes to our lifestyle. We started drinking these after many years of already eating nourishing foods, drinking plenty of water, and exercising regularly. I believe this offers a true test of the benefits of these drinks.

And I guess the fact that I’m writing about them for you today and that other tiny fact that Matt and I invested in our very own Javita coffee shop tells you how we really feel about the goodness of the coffee, tea, and other drinks.

If I’m going to drink coffee every day, shouldn’t I be drinking one that helps keep my body and mind balanced? I sure think so.

How many ingredients?

Ah, the ingredient lists. They are gloriously short. Hallelujah! I didn’t recognize every item on the lists at first, but that’s because I am not an herbalist and have not done the research (until now). Now my research tells me that the ingredients in each of these drinks are absolutely pure, good, and beneficial for many different health needs.

My favorite Strawberry Lemonade FLEX drink supplement facts look like this:

javita flex

My favorite Burn + Control gourmet coffee blend ingredient list looks like this:

javita ingredients2

The coffee actually brags of being “weight loss coffee.” I found that interesting and am very happy to share that fact with people. But I don’t drink the coffee to lose weight and I’m not sure you should either, even though that might be an added perk for some. I’m drinking the coffee, tea, and other drinks because they are pulling toxins from around my organs, cleansing my insides, giving me pure energy, helping me to think more clearly, and helping me to feel more emotionally balanced.

I can’t wait to share what the Flex Drink has done for me, but I feel like that should be another post for another time. (Just know that Flex is my second favorite behind the coffee drinks, because of how it takes away pain in a way that has made me ask more than once, “Is this too good to be true?”)

I will not bombard you but I want you to know that Javita products are absolutely worth trying. Matt and I are sold on them for so many reasons that I’ll continue to share as we embark on this Javita journey, and we’re so glad to add them to our daily diet. Our boys are still at church camp right now but you can bet that when they get home we’ll be giving them  Rush (before their sports work-outs), Defend (for immune system health), and Flex (any time they are in pain in any way).

I guess I should also mention that we love the taste of every single drink we’ve tried. Truly, these are fun and tasty and I’d feel naughty like I was drinking kool-aid and strawberry lemonade but I’m drinking herbs and coffee and becoming healthier so hoo-rah!

How much do the drinks cost?

They are $1.00 each when you join our Dollar Coffee Club. This is huge savings if you’re used to buying coffee shop drinks. But it can seem high if you’re used to brewing coffee and tea or making sweet drinks at home.

I’m a home-coffee brewer, and here’s why I still feel that $1/drink is a wonderful price: They are taking the place of many of our other supplements (and the coffee I was regularly buying) and they are keeping us from having to go to our natural doctor as often. This offers significant savings for us. And it’s a great perk that our new supplements come in the form of fun drinks! This is so much more enjoyable compared to chugging down vitamins and swallowing pills.

javita coffee club

Let me break down my highest recommendation for you if you’d like to try these drinks.

There are other ways of going about trying these and enjoying the perks of all Javita offers, but this is what we did at first and what I recommend so you can enjoy these and see what you think. Simply become a part of our Dollar Coffee Club:

  1. Click here to check out our pretty new Coffee Club Shop.
  2. Click on “Learn More” or watch the video if you like.
  3. When you’re ready, click the “Order Now” button.
  4. Select your country.
  5. Click “Build Your Own.” (You can select a “Popular Pack” if you like, but I found it best to build my order specific to our family’s needs.)
  6. Select 2-5 boxes that you feel will benefit you and your family most. (I started with both varieties of coffee – the Burn + Control and the Mind + Energy – plus the Flex, the Defend, and the Fiber drinks.)
  7. As long as you select 2-5 boxes of coffee, shipping is free!
  8. In a few days your first shipment of drinks will arrive and you can have as much fun as we are having!
  9. After that, you’ll receive monthly auto shipments of drinks, but you can change your drink selections, add or subtract boxes, or cancel at any time.

There is no risk to trying these as they offer a 30-day guarantee. You can change your Auto-Delivery at any time, switch out products, or skip a month. Truly Javita makes it easy for you to enjoy their products without giving your life away. Starting out in the Dollar Coffee Club is what made us fall in love with the products – then we signed on as members so we could share it with you. That can come later if you like, and you can email me to get more info if that’s something you’d like to do as you share this with your friends. (Our Member Number is: 433280. If you decide to sign on as a member, which is super fun, you’ll need that number to get you started!)

Have questions?

Let me know. I’m new at this too, but I’ve tried enough products to love them and to have learned some specific recommendations depending on your family’s needs. My email address is:

I can’t wait for you to try these great drinks and I really can’t wait to hear more about how you like them!

Check out our Dollar Coffee Club here.


  1. Debbie Carol says

    My husband and I have been drinking the coffee, tea, and waters for three months now! I am amazed by the results personally and by seeing my family and friends see benefits. I have lost 7 inches in my waist, my husband 7 pounds in three weeks, and our energy level has drastically changed. We take walks together now, feel better, and enjoy adding herbs to our day. My husband has seen improvement in his pre-diabetic condition which has given him so much encouragement! We will keep drinking to our health!


    Laura Reply:

    So glad you shared!!! What a blessing it is to know about these drinks!


  2. Leah says

    Hi Laura, is there a way to buy sample packs to try out the different flavors before we buy a full box?


    Laura Reply:

    No, but if you email me we can work out a way to get you some, no problem! (


  3. Nikki Cooper says

    We love Javita! They have given my husband and I way more energy! The loss of 8 pounds in a month has just been a bonus to feeling healthier!
    My kids are excited about being able to have fancy drinks that just happen to have amazing things in them that are feeding their bodies! ?????????


  4. Nikki Cooper says

    We love Javita! They have given my husband and I way more energy! The loss of 8 pounds in a month has just been a bonus to feeling healthier!
    My kids are excited about being able to have fancy drinks that just happen to have amazing things in them that are feeding their bodies! ?????????


  5. Angel says

    Hi Laura,
    I am interested in the business part of it. I would like some more information. The site said I needed to be referred by you. Can you help me out please!

    Thank you!


    Laura Reply:

    Absolutely! The business side of this is really fun since the products are so fun, delicious, and beneficial! The easiest way to sign up is through this link:, then click the “Join Now” button. That will walk you through the part of signing up for a business, (you’ll need to use my member code: 433280). You can do whichever you choose, but I signed on at the Star Gold Pack $499 level as that is what most people seem to recommend as best so you have plenty of products to share with people who get excited and want to try the coffee and such.

    Please let me know if you have questions! My email is:


    Laura Reply:

    EEEk! Member number 433280! I’m going to edit the comment above to give it correctly. Oops!


  6. Lynda says

    I too am interested in the business side. The site needs a referral number.


    Laura Reply:

    Yes! I am loving the business side and feel like it would be awesome if people jumped on this and promoted in their area!

    The easiest way to sign up is through this link:, then click the “Join Now” button. That will walk you through the part of signing up for a business, (you’ll need to use my member code: 433280). You can do whichever you choose, but I signed on at the Star Gold Pack $499 level as that is what most people seem to recommend as best so you have plenty of products to share with people who get excited and want to try the coffee and such.

    Please let me know if you have questions! My email is:


  7. Amber says

    I have never heard about this product before, and have never tried it. I looked a little bit online to find opinions and reviews on it. The reviews are mixed. I am posting this review because I think it is a good balance of the pros and cons. This review points out medicines it may not interact well with. Also, if you are not already a coffee drinker the caffeine could make you feel jittery if you are not used to it.


    Laura Reply:

    Thank you for sharing the link!


  8. Laura says

    I wonder if these would be safe to take during pregnancy? I have gestational diabetes, a drink that lowers your blood sugars and has fiber, sounds like a dream come true! :)


    Laura Reply:

    YES! The only one not recommended for pregnancy is Rush, which is more of a pre-workout drink. All the others are doable – so I’d go with Control, Fiber, and any other that sounds good to you!! (The green tea maybe?)


    Laura Reply:

    I just thought – if you have aches and pains and stiffness from pregnancy, the Flex is a lifesaver!


    Laura Reply:

    Woohoo! May have to give this a try!

    Laura Reply:

    I just wanted to post something I learned TODAY regarding these drinks and pregnancy. If you are nursing, you can drink any and all! But during pregnancy it’s best to freely drink Flex (great for pain and flexibility) and Defend (great for immune system) but go easy on the others. I’m so sorry I didn’t know this before! These drinks truly are fine for pregnancy, but the herbs are wonderful and potent and are best used in moderation during pregnancy. :)


  9. Keri says

    Hi Laura. You mentioned that you feel it has replaced some of the supplements you were taking. Do you mind sharing what you feel could be replaced by some of these drinks? I love my inexpensive home coffee, but the higher price would seem worth it if I was able to save on supplements.


    Laura Reply:

    Sure! The Fiber drink has definitely replaced a digestive enzyme I was taking every day – it’s amazing!!! (Not sure how much info you realllllly want about this, but the Fiber “works it’s magic” for me every single day! Before that, I could never, ever go without taking one-two digestive enzymes every day.) The Defend has replaced all of our vitamins and immune system boosts and supplements. Flex is amazing for inflammation and pain, so that hasn’t replaced anything, but has given us a wonderful, natural option of something to take when we have any sort of ache or pain. Right now, my husband is drinking a Flex every day to see if that helps with shoulder pain he’s been having for the past year. That will save a ton on chiropractor visits!

    I’m not sure that the coffee itself has replaced any supplements – it’s just replaced my regular coffee and I love that this one alkalizes instead of putting all that acid in my body! And I love that the coffee is full of herbs that are cleansing my system naturally and gently. (I can tell a wonderful difference in my gut area as I feel less heavy and stronger overall.)

    The combination of the coffee and other drinks has made me feel so balanced and energetic that I would say not only am I *not* taking the supplements I had been taking, I also feel like I’ll avoid having the pay the frequent chunks of money I’d been paying to go see my natural doctor. I will definitely still see her and take my family to her as needed when we get sick, but for now we are loving the strength and health we feel because of these drinks, so we’ll save quite a bit on doc visits.

    Hope that helps! Let me know if you have more questions!


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