The Crazy Woman Who Cuts Her Own Hair

Hold on just a second!

Before you read this post…you must sign this waiver:

I, ______________ , understand that Laura will be showing us pictures of her very own hair cutting procedure, such as it is. Some should not try this at home…or in anyone else’s home…or in any other location that is not a home. I recognize that Laura is slightly crazy and that if I cut my own hair I will also be considered slightly crazy. I acknowledge that if I do cut my own hair after reading this post, and I am not happy with the results…Laura @ HeavenlyHomemakers is in no way responsible and should therefore not receive pitiful emails from me. Furthermore, the following post shall reveal several embarrassing pictures of Laura, and I hitherto promise to only laugh a little bit and shall refrain from rolling upon the floor and receiving a side ache with the hilarity of the pictures. 

___________________________ (Your signature here)

Okay, now that we’ve got that out of the way…we shall commence with the showing of the pictures and explanation of the hair cut.

I have no idea why I’m feeling brave enough to show you this. Oh, yes…I know why. Because last week I mentioned that I cut all of my boys hair and my husband’s hair and my own hair…and MANY of you wanted to know more about how I do my own….since it’s on my own head.

I thought about writing this explanation for how I cut my own hair: “Beats me.”  Because really…I don’t have a clue what I’m doing. But then I figured surely I could give a little bit of a better explanation than that.

I started doing this about seven years ago when my first two boys were little bitty and I was pregnant with our third.  Getting out of the house for a hair appointment was very hard…or maybe I was just too lazy to make it work. Either way…I just figured I could try doing it myself and that if I totally messed it up…then I could make it a priority to find someone to stay with the kids while I went in to have it fixed.

And so it’s been for seven years. Hey, where else can you have a hair cut at 10:00 at night in your pajamas? 

So, I’ve been needing to trim my hair for several weeks…and your response from last week’s post made me jump into gear and finally get it done.

Remember…I told you that really, I don’t know what I’m doing. I just play with it and have fun with it and see what I come up with. Obviously I don’t have too big of an obsession with having great hair, or this wouldn’t work for me. But, I figure as long as it is sorta decent and easy to fix…I’m okay.

But here’s the thing. In my excitement to cut my hair and show you pictures I got a bit carried away. Perhaps we could say that I gave myself a summer hair cut this time. Truly, I did have a lot of dead ends that needed to be taken off. But, um…I don’t think my hair has ever been this short. <ehem>  I don’t really like it this short…but hey, it’ll grow back, right?

Anyway…here are a few shots that I had Asa (bless his heart) take of me while I was cutting my hair a few days ago.


Here, I had brushed it all forward in preparation for the cut. Asa says to me, “Really Mom? You want me to take THIS picture for your blog? With you looking like that?”  I don’t know what his point was. I mean, I think it’s one of the best pictures I’ve ever seen of myself.


I usually start with the bottom layers and then move “up”. So, I use a big clip to hold up the top part of my hair. In order to cut the back of my hair, I just pull it forward at my neck. It mostly, sorta works so that I can see what I’m doing. Again, Asa says, “Okay, a picture with your hair all up in that clip like that, with that weird piece all fuzzy at the top?”  (And he shrugs and takes the picture…then takes another one closer up so that you can really see the piece of fuzzy at the top…see below.)


After you’ve admired the fuzzy piece a while, you might notice that it looks like I’m chopping off a huge chunk of hair right at the top. I wasn’t though. I was actually just barely clipping it to kind of get a tapered look around my face. If only I was ambidextrous, that part would be much easier.


I keep a trash can on top of the sink as I clip, in hopes of catching at least some of the hair in it while I cut. As you can see…I had a bit of cleaning up to do when I was finished. And I won’t even show you what the floor looked like.

Now, I will show you my finished hair cut. But seriously…I am NOT very photogenic and I was trying to take pictures of myself because no one else was available (except Malachi, and that wasn’t working either). So, I’m sorry if you take one look at this picture and gasp at my bug-eyedness and lack of make-up. And at how much hair I chopped off. Yikes!


Yeah, after about 56 shots, that’s the best one I could come up with. I TOLD you I wasn’t very photogenic. (Which means…if this is the one I posted…you should have seen the 55 that I DIDN’T post.)

Anyway…I cut it shorter than I meant to, but it’ll grow back and be just about right in about a month and a half. 

And there you have it. A bit about how I cut my own hair. If you do decide to try this at home…remember that you signed the waiver. Don’t forget the waiver. I’m sure you’ll do great and I’m sure your “after picture” will be tons better than mine…but just in case you are not entirely pleased with your new “do”…I am not to be held responsible. (Although I would love to see your “after picture”.) 

Perhaps you’ll find some less crazy frugal ideas here?



  1. says

    lolololol You really crack me up the way you tell a story! You’re still cute with pj’s and no make up, and EXTREMELY brave! lol
    If you ever see a pic of me up without my face, I mean make-up, you’ll know somebody else posted it! I am not that brave—and I would scare you to death!

    My kids asked once, “Mom, why do you spend all that time putting on make-up?” I simply replied, “You’ve seen me without, right?” And they shut up! lol

    You’re pretty without it, and very young looking. Your skin is so pretty!


  2. says

    You are a riot! And also very brave! I tried giving myself a haircut once. The next time I needed a hair cut my hairdresser asked who had done such a horrible job! ALL the pics are good, nice haircut!


  3. says

    I love it! I have a very short haircut, but I am tempted to grow my hair out just so I can cut it myself (just like you). I don’t think I could dare try my own haricut with my short do!

    Keep on cutting…you look great!


  4. says

    I think it looks GREAT! VERY cute! You did a fabulous job!! I cut my own hair, but oh dear, I am SO not going to post pictures of the process. You at least looked like you know what you’re doing. I turn upside down, backwards and guess.. a lot. LOL! Good thing my hair is curly. Curly hair covers a multitude of sins! :-D


  5. says

    CUTE! I think you did a terrific job!

    *I* on the other hand got it into my head that because I can give myself a decent trim, I can also trim bangs. My own bangs. The ones on my forehead.

    I came out looking like a five year old.

    But, that was months ago and they (finally) look (mostly) better now. It does grow back! But I’ll also be seeing a stylist in a few weeks for what I’ll call a “touch up”…


  6. Michelle W. says

    Wonderful tutorial! You have inspired me to do my own cut next time. I have pretty much let it all grow out one length so it (hopefully) shouldn’t be too bad. :) Don’t worry, I signed the waiver. ;)

    Would you consider doing a tutorial of your boy’s haircuts? I pay $17 a pop here in Southern California and it hurts every time. My little boy has haircuts similar to your boys, so I would be very interested in seeing if it is doable for me. Thanks for considering!

    Have a wonderful Friday & weekend.

    Michelle W.


  7. says

    That’s so great! You are BRAVE!!

    I always cut my husband’s hair, but I usually just DON’T get my hair trimmed even if it needs it, because I don’t want to spend the money and I’m too scared of messing it up to doing it myself.

    I remember one time when I was pretty young, my mom had cut my hair and I didn’t like it so I went into the bathroom and “fixed” it myself. Well, let me tell you…it was butchered! We were just about to leave the house on a family outing, and I remember my parents made me go out that way…I was so embarrassed!


  8. says

    I wouldn’t say at all that you’re not photogenic. When I got to the photo at the bottom, my only thought was, “wow, she’s really pretty”. So seriously, don’t worry. We don’t have to cake on make up to be beautiful, no matter what the media tells us. =)

    And I’m not courageous enough to try cutting my own hair. Theres… a lot of it. It may eat me if I try.


  9. Joelle says

    Wow, you’re brave… I don’t think I could do that. My hair is curly and I trust barely anyone with it. Once when I was in high school I let my best friend cut my hair and she did a HORRIBLE job. She attempted to layer it. It was terrible. So I got it fixed by my mom’s hair dresser… and then a few months later I let my friend cut it again! (Teenagers don’t learn the first time, do they!) It almost turned out worse the second time. (No layers the second time, and it was very short. Short, curly hair with no layers – not pretty.)
    Anyways – after that experience I learned to be very (too?!) careful with my hair. I only let my hair dresser cut it. And it costs a lot at the salon I go to, so I only go twice a year now and keep my hair long. LOL, guess that’s my way of saving money on hair.


  10. says

    Wow! I’m impressed! Good job!
    I husband and I cut our own hair too. Well, he actually just shaves his head. :) It is something I never thought I would do… but it is fun!
    I have had my hair super short (like an Halle Berry pixie cut) before so I always just say if I mess it up I can just chop it off again!
    Maybe I can post pictures sometime, too. I think it is great that you did – that is what inspires people! Thanks for letting me know there are other crazy self-hair cutters out there, too! :)


  11. says

    Wow- you are amazing. You gave yourself a great haircut! I am truly impressed! I don’t think I would ever attempt to cut my own hair. Don’t worry about your self portrait. Does anyone really look their best in those types of pictures?


  12. says

    You did a fantastic job! I have been cutting my hair myself for years. I just can’t stand to spend the money to have it done somewhere. I had a really great tool that I used to use…a three way folding mirror (medicine cabinet). I could fold the mirrors to see how the back looked and be able to see where to cut. Now I just have my dh hold a mirror up behind me. It’s not as great, but it works.


  13. says

    I think it looks really cute!
    I have cut my own hair a couple times; but even crazier, I’ve let my husband cut it once or twice! :)
    When we were dating in college, he taught me to cut his hair, now with 3 little ones, he usually has to do it himself. He or I cut the kiddo’s hair, too. It’s kind of a fun challenge. :)


  14. Kari says

    Some places will give you a free hair cut if you are donating at least 10 inches to Locks of Love. (

    I cut someone’s hair once. She wouldn’t talk to me for a while. I couldn’t stand it if I cut my hair and then didn’t talk to myself. I think I’ll just stick with using a coupon when I go to SuperCuts. Or maybe I’ll have you cut my hair when we’re together for Christmas. You did a good job years ago though I wasn’t sure my husband was going to talk to you for a while!

    All that being said, Laura, I applaud you and your super cute hair!!!!!


  15. says

    Oh wow, what a great series of pictures! You definitely got it short, didn’t you? I like it! I’m sure enjoying my SHORT hair especially for the summer – it’s really the perfect time to “oops” on the length. :-)


  16. says

    Looks like you have pretty thick hair, and that (like curls) can cover a multitude of sins. My hair, however, is baby fine and old person thin. One strand a little too short, and the whole thing looks crooked. Add in the two cowlicks and the baby tendrils in the back, and you get hair an expert doesn’t want to touch. I have thought seriously about going to SnipIts (Children’s Salon) for myself, since they know how to work on baby fine hair.

    I usually just trim the bangs, and let someone else do the back about once every three years or so. My MIL does a really good job of straightening my mess-ups, but she refuses to try layering of any kind.

    I don’t have to sign the waiver. When I was in college, I cut hair for almost all my guy friends. One of them went back to his stylist at home, and she said, “WHO cut your hair?!? She needs to go to Beauty School again!” (NOT a compliment) When he said I had only used scissors, and it had been over a month before, she said, “Wow! SHE NEEDS to go to Beauty School!” (Totally a compliment!)


  17. says

    Wow you are one brave girl! I’m the girl with hair issues and I barely trust a professional to cut my hair let alone myself.

    Way to go, I’m impressed!


  18. jayme says

    I totally missed the fact that you cut your OWN hair.

    OH MY GOSH. I can’t believe you can DO that!!!!!!!!!!!

    And you so just wanted to join in the fun of short hair. :)


  19. Mary in Ohio says

    I too am one of those crazy people who cuts (and colors) their own hair. Usually it turns out fine but it is only hair and it will grow out eventually! I also cut dd’s, ds’ and dh’s hair and oh yeah the dog’s too!
    They all think I do a good job so I guess I will keep it up!


  20. Frederika Park says

    Wow you did a fantastic job, and you made it look really easy. I think it would be rather fatal if I tried! And hey, don’t be too self conscious you look nice in all the pics!


  21. Jen says

    I see this is not a newer post, I just did mine yesterday! I have done it since my second child when it started to get hard to do things and pay for it. I get lots of compliments too! So about 9 years. Rarely do I go to a shop.


  22. Kelly says

    I’ve cut my own for YEARS now. It’s long and straight and thin. I just cannot pay for someone to go ‘hold still…. chop chop chop’ straight across the back.


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