Teriyaki Chicken and Veggies

 I think I’d make this dish every other day if my family would let me get away with it. It is the perfect combination of flavors and I LOVE IT. It’s great because you can use leftover chicken if you have it, any veggies you have on hand…and if you have fresh pineapple? Well, be still my heart.

I don’t have an exact recipe for this dish. It’s more of a “throw food together” kind of dish, depending on what you have on hand. Then, make some brown rice and whip up some Teriyaki Sauce to pour on and you’ve got a great meal! So, forgive me for not putting exact measurements on this “recipe”. Just make enough for your family!

Here’s what you need:

Here’s what to do:

Get your brown rice cooking. (I have easy directions for cooking brown rice here.)  Mix up Teriyaki Sauce and have it ready to go when chicken and veggies are done.

Chop up your veggies and stir them around in a skillet over medium heat with olive oil until they are tender. If your chicken needs to be cooked, throw that in too. (See what a fancy cook I am?)  :)  If you want, you can season your veggies and chicken with garlic.

Toss pineapple into the veggies to cook for just a few minutes.

Serve rice, veggies, pineapple and chicken with Teriyaki Sauce poured over the top!

Teriyaki Chicken and Vegetables

What veggies would you throw in to create this meal?  I know my menu plan said something different, but I think I’m making this tonight anyway. :)

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  1. Jennifer says

    This actually looks like a version that my children would like and they have been really picky recently!


  2. Aya says

    Yum! I love teriyaki. I wouldn’t have thought to use some of those veggies. I’ll have to start being more adventurous.


  3. Ali Joy says

    Do you usually stir-fry in olive oil? I used to, but recently read an article that said it is less heat stable than coconut oil(perhaps b/c it is polyunsatured?) and that it shouldn’t be used for stir-frying. Have you heard this? It’s kind of been my go to cooking oil since quiting canola, but I might need to get in the habit of using coconut oil.


    Laura Reply:

    Yes, you’re right. Olive oil is less stable so shouldn’t be used at high temps. I guess I’ve still been using it for stir-frying because I don’t really let it get super hot. I usually just stir around my veggies in the oil, turn down the heat and let them kind of “steam” in the oil, if that makes sense. It probably would be better to do this with coconut oil, but I haven’t worried too much about it since I’m not really “frying” them in the oil.


  4. AllieZirkle says

    I look forward to testing out the teriykai sauce! My hubby always adds sesame seeds to ours while the flavors meld in the fridge. YUM


  5. Courtney Wagner says

    This sounds SO good! I am going to try it for dinner tonight I think. We made the Larabars yesterday – the kids loved them! Thanks for the inspiration :)



  6. Linda Drake says

    I would love to win a $10 gift certificate…count me in. I have a different teriyaki recipe but will have to check out some soy free tamari sauce…for my gluten free friends.


  7. Crystal says

    I would add some fresh chopped tomatoes (in season) and a bit of lettuce and cheese – all added cold and at the table. It may sound weird, but the cold fresh taste of in-season garden tomatoes pair very nicely with the sweetness the pineapple adds. Some people like the crunchy chow mein noodles too (I don’t like them, so I’m not sure weather or not they would be considered healthy because I don’t buy them to look at the label. I would guess they wouldn’t be GF though.) We call this dish Hawaiian Haystacks and we really enjoy it! Especially with tomatoes! ;O)


  8. Jennifer says

    Looks yummy! We made “Japanese” alot at our house. You know the habatchi style you get at the steakhouses. Only the shrimp sauce (the pink stuff) I’ve tried to make homemade and I just cant seem to get it right. The storebought kind is loaded with junk. Please! Please! can you come up with a good recipe for this?


  9. Sarah DJ says

    Funny how the “throw-together” rice dishes end up being some of the best! Looks delish as usual :-)


  10. Suzan says

    teriyaki mmm mmm so good anyway you make it… love it love it love it. thanks for all your great recipes and ideas.. you rock!!


  11. says

    Thank you for the recipe! I’ve been craving teriyaki lately and never had a good recipe before this. I made the teriyaki sauce for my family last night. It was super easy and delicious!!! We had it with coconut chicken strips and quinoa. The chicken is like your chicken nuggets but dipped in egg and then dredged in a mixture of coconut flour and unsweetened shredded coconut for crunch and a bit of salt. THen baked in coconut or palm shortening coated pan. It was on a link on the FaithfulProvisions.com website yesterday as there was a coconut flour giveaway from TT advertised yesterday. My whole family loved the chicken nuggets and 5 of 7 loved the teriyaki sauce. Pretty good for our clan. I appreciate your recipes. I check them everyday!


  12. Laura Lamb says

    Looks super yummy!!! I love meals that can be thrown together from leftovers. We are just now going gluten free so this will be great!


  13. Andrea says

    We love love love this recipe. I make it at least 2-3 times a month now, sometimes more. I have made it for a few families from church who had a new baby at home and they raved how great this meal tasted. thanks for an awesome addition to my recipe book.


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