Swagbucks…Oh How I Love Thee

If you haven’t yet signed up for Swagbucks…allow me to take just another moment to encourage you to!

I love Swagbucks.  Instead of doing a Google search…I do “Swagbuck Searches”. It works the same…EXCEPT that I earn MONEY for Swagbucking. (I like to say swagbucking.)  Everytime I earn 450 Swagbucks…I can turn those in for a $5 Amazon card. There are tons of other things I can turn my Swagbucks into (Target cards, Barnes and Noble cards, Starbucks cards…) I just really like my Amazon cards!

You can read more of what I wrote about Swagbucks here.

IF you sign up following this link you’ll get an automatic three Swagbucks. BUT, now until Tuesday, if you enter the Swag Code:  HEAVENLYHOMEMAKERS you’ll get an additional three Swagbucks for a total of SIX Swagbucks. That’s a pretty nice start toward an Amazon card!

If you have questions, let me know. It’s totally legit…otherwise I wouldn’t tell you about it.  :) 

Go start earning some Swagbucks!!!


  1. Katie says

    First, I love you blog. I always look forward to your updates, what you have to say and all the fun ideas and recipes!

    I joined swagbucks after your last post and now I am trying to enter the swag code and it is saying it is invalid. Is there something I am missing?



  2. says

    okay i signed up to because i enjoy reading your blog. but now can u explain how i earn points. is it like after you do so many searches you earn a point.


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