Stop Complaining

Monday, I was talking on the phone with a friend while simultaneously trying to fit my week’s supply of milk into a very full refrigerator. With one hand holding the phone and the other hand working to rearrange the leftovers and eggs and dressings so that all of the milk jars would fit, I let out an exasperated, “Ugh! Why is my fridge always so FULL!?”  My friend, in her loving and wise way said, “Well, when you consider the alternative…”

Huh. No kidding. Was I really just whining about having a refrigerator full of food? Shame on me. 

Why is it so much easier to complain than to have a grateful heart? Why do we tend to complain and whine about things which are actually blessings? 

We complain when the weather is so hot that we feel like we’ll melt and all we can do is long for cooler days – but come winter we’ll be complaining of the cold. If it’s raining, we’ll really want it to stop, but if it’s not raining, we’ll complain that everything is too dry. When the wind blows too hard, we complain that our hair is going to be messed up, but if there’s no breeze at all, we’ll complain about how still it is.

When we stand at our closet, trying to decide what to put on, we complain that we have nothing to wear – then later we’ll stand beside our piles of laundry thinking “woe is me” thoughts about all the clothes that need to be washed.

We complain about all the stuff all over our house that is causing clutter and making a mess – then we complain that we don’t have enough money to buy more stuff.

We complain when the roads are bumpy or full of pot holes, when the snow hasn’t been cleared well and when the streets need to be repaved – but talk to us about the taxes we need to pay in order for this to happen or the detours we’ll have to take so that the work can be done – and we’ll complain again even louder.

We complain that we never have time to ourselves and wish we could just get a moment’s peace without somebody asking us to do something or calling us on the phone – but when the phone is silent and we’re home alone, we wonder why we feel lonely.

We complain about all kinds of things we have no control over and seem to think that maybe complaining might help us feel better, but instead, it just makes us grumpy. We complain about all kinds of things we DO have control over, but really just wish we didn’t have to put forth the effort to make the changes happen.

I’m glad Jesus wasn’t a complainer – can you imagine? “I wish all these needy people would just leave me alone for a change and stop asking for miracles – they’re wearing me out. And this fish – can’t we find something to eat besides fish for a change? And for goodness sake, could someone please get me something other than a rock for a pillow?”

Complaining is an easy habit to get into and a hard one to break. Ha! Something else to complain about. ;)

Or, how about we all work together on being grateful and make a conscious effort to stop complaining?

Think of the peace we could all have if we just decide to stop complaining.

We are blessed! Be grateful!

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  1. Kelly says

    …and when Jesus had an opportunity to complain… beaten and crucified… He didn’t. I have to remind myself of that often.



  2. Melissa says

    Amen! to that post, a thousand times amen. Just so you don’t feel alone I’ve done it standing at my freezer and then I say to myself “are you really complaining about having too much food?” That will snap me out of it.


  3. Linda says

    I had a neighbor who didn’t have much at all including food. She was at my house one day when I was fixing dinner. I opened my fridge to get something out and she said “Wow! I wish my fridge was that full.” That comes to my mind every once in a while. Made me more grateful that I can afford to feed my family the way I do.



  4. says

    My mom’s cousin has had many health problems over the years. When someone asks him how he is feelng, he does not complain. Instead, he says, “Any day above the ground is a good one!”


  5. Brenda says

    thanks for this! I shared with my facebook friends, they may need it too!

    By the way… I was buying some half gallon jars yesterday and thought to myself “I wonder if I have as many jars as Laura?” I picked ups some plastic caps too!!


  6. Joanna says

    Oh wow did *I* need to hear this today. Thank you for being so willing to listen to the soft whisper of God when you do your posts!!!!


  7. says

    Just today, after riding in the car for several hours, I caught myself complaining about the long ride. Thankfully, I immediately caught myself and said a quick prayer, “Thank you Father for a car with air conditioning and soft seats.” I often tell my children that we can ALWAYS find something to complain about…it’s being thankful that is the challenge!!


  8. Melissa says

    It is easy to get into the rut of complaining and whining (I might know this from experience), but I feel that, overall, it is so much easier to choose to be happy. And, for me, it is easier to find the good in things when I remember that I am not in control of everything that happens, but I am in control of how I choose to respond. Thanks for this post, Laura!


  9. Jeri says

    In PNG I’m often embarrassed to open my fridge when New Guineans are in my home. I can’t imagine what they must be thinking, especially considering most of them live day to day. The prayer, “Give us this day our daily bread” means something entirely different to many people around the world. Thanks for your great post.


  10. salena says

    Be grateful. We never know what is going to happen tomorrow. what we say and do can effect us. what if we wake up and someone dies that we just complained about, or we never really spent the time that we needed with someone and they die, like a child. God blesses us for reasons. We just watched the movie Courageous. That movie shows why to be thankful.


  11. Paula L. says

    Your frig looks so organized. Could you please tell me where you get you jars and lids? Thanks! I certainly needed to read this this morning…


    Laura Reply:

    I get the jars from Azure Standard and the lids usually at Walmart or Amazon.


  12. says

    This message is REALLY hitting home with me recently…thanks for writing it…very good to hear and take to heart! :D

    ps…i was on the phone with my mom today (we live far apart in miles) and we were sort of catching up. She said, “this life is harsh and bloody, and maybe Christ on the cross is the best example of that”…it was such a weird thing for her to say, but it really gave me food for thought. He didn’t complain…nor should I.


  13. Therese' Pureveen says

    Whenever my stepmother opened my fridge, she used to say, Oh, Thankyou Jesus! becuase my fridge was always full, and that is something I will never forget. That was more than 25 years ago. It has made me think too about maoaning!
    Now everytime I open my fridge, I also say thankyou for my car and my home etc. Good lesson!


  14. Stephanie says

    Every once in awhile I will come back to this page just to be reminded about how much I complain! Thank you for being here (in cyberville) to help out!

    Last week while walking with my husband & dog around a local lake while our son was attending a youth event there, I dropped my car key. Someone picked it up, went to the parking lot and “beeped” around until they found our car and stole my purse. It had waayy too much stuff in it for someone else to have. I have in this last week struggled with fear at times of that person, now having my driver’s license, social security cards for me & all kids, Credit cards, cash, all keys to our home, church, both vehicles and husband’s office, will come to our home. Although the week has been so full of “brain mush” from everything that must be done, and still not finished, I AM SOOO THANKFUL TO GOD, AND GOD ALONE! It could have been worse….For some unknown reason, they didn’t take the car, they haven’t used the credit cards, they haven’t tried to use our bank account, they haven’t tried to get credit using our name yet, and they haven’t come to our home. If they do come for more, go for it, all I want is my family safe. If they do steal any of our identities, it’s only the ones on earth…Noone can snatch us out of God’s hand!
    There is still much to do and I could give you all pretty simple steps to protect yourself, some you know already, but a few the police, Federal Trade Commission and Social Security Office told me that I couldn’t find online, but the main thing is to know where your true identity lies. If you don’t know, start by asking God to open your eyes to see, ears to listen and hearts to understand & begin reading any gospel in the Bible-Matthew, Mark, Luke or John… or Romans. Keep reading until God touches your heart.


  15. Jocy says

    Great post! Thanks for the reminders, i do laugh at myself when i complain about weather, it’s just silly ????


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