Start the Day With a Healthy (Quick & Easy) Breakfast {31 Days of Real Food Reality ~ Day 13}

I’m almost as passionate about eating a healthy breakfast as I am about eating lots of butter. They’re both super important. Therefore…feel free to spread butter all over your breakfast. Oh yeah.


But wait. You don’t have time to cook a healthy breakfast every morning? Me neither.  I mean, if I felt like losing an hour of sleep, skipping my much needed Bible time, foregoing my morning work-out, or beginning my day by being glued to a griddle while flipping countless pancakes – I could make the time to cook a healthy, hearty breakfast every morning. But well…I don’t.


That’s what scares us away from making a healthy breakfast isn’t it? Time. Effort. School. Work. Schedules. I get it. I’m with ya. I have plenty of other things to do in the morning and I like sleeping. I don’t like the stress of trying to get everyone going in the morning while trying to keep breakfast from burning on the stove. So does that mean we take the easy way out and buy boxed, convenience foods for breakfast? Sure, if you want to feel like junk all day and start your kids’ school day off with a big, blurry bang that ends in a sugar crash by morning recess. But what if there is a way to have a nourishing breakfast without the morning stress?


Oh yes. There is definitely a way. I am loving this real food reality which includes a hearty, healthy, no brainer breakfast each morning.

I do everything possible to make healthy breakfast foods ahead of time so that all I have to do in the morning to get a nourishing breakfast on the table is open a container. Or boil water. Or maybe, just maybe, I’ll “go to the trouble” of scrambling or frying eggs, which takes about five minutes. (Or better yet, I assign that task to one of my boys. Hurray for kids who are old enough to use a stove!)

tourney food1

How do I put a healthy breakfast on the table without much effort each morning?

Seriously, making a healthy breakfast is not hard. We do not have to resort to boxed food. It’s just a matter of planning ahead and focusing on food that is real and nourishing. Real food – it is amazing.

Here are some of my favorite healthy, make-ahead breakfast ideas:

And always, always serve fruit with breakfast.  That’s the healthiest convenience food there is. :)

As soon as we start making some healthy foods ahead of time, and stop assuming that eating healthy food is difficult, we’ll be well on our way to saving money and keeping our lives so much simpler in the kitchen! Plus, when we begin our day with a nourishing breakfast, we get our body off to a great start – setting the pace for a great day ahead.

add fruits and veggiesAnd there’s more!

Need some easy, healthy breakfast inspiration? We have a freebie for you!

To help us all along in this effort, I created a downloadable chart with 31 Days of Real Food Breakfast Ideas.  It is internet linked, so all you have to do is click to find the recipe referred to on the chart.

31 Days of Real Food Breakfast Ideas

Download the FREE 31 Days of Real Food Breakfast Ideas

There you go – 31 healthy, make-ahead, family friendly, money-saving, real food breakfast ideas!

What are your favorite ways to get a healthy breakfast on the table quickly in the morning?

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  1. Lana says

    I don’t mind making the healthy breakfast; it is the cleaning up that keeps me from cooking most mornings. The quick way for us is homemade granola and toast on weekdays and an egg breakfast on Sat. followed by a ‘syrup’ breakfast on Sunday. We are in a rut but it is what works best and we like it. We are not fans of sweet things for breakfast so things like muffins are a no go here.


    Laura Reply:

    That’s a great idea to have a system like that. Then you don’t have to think hard in the mornings!


  2. says

    When it comes to some of the freezer options, such as biscuits and muffins, how long do you find they freeze well for? I have a baby due in 3 wks, and am working on getting things stocked up. I don’t want things to go to waste either though!


    Laura Reply:

    If I freeze biscuits and muffins unbaked, they last 2-3 months. I find that if I bake them, then freeze, they dry out in just a few weeks. :)


  3. Gina says

    My son and I definitely do the granola/oatmeal thing most weekday morning as well as reheated pancakes or waffles that my sweet husband makes usually on Sundays. Usually I make one special thing a week as well such as muffins,homemade poptart,quick bread,etc.My husband mostly eats eggs or oatmeal during the week. So mostly it goes well until the week has gotten crazy and I had no time to make my batch of granola and we are just about out of eggs,the frozen pancakes and waffles have run out and there is no mix-ins for the oatmeal-then I am srambling to come up with something and usually me looking for a recipe takes as long as it does to make it and suddenly we are way behind for the day. Hopefully a handy list like this might make it easier for me to find something quickly on those days :)


  4. Naomi Stouder says

    Breakfast is rather rushed at our house also. Plus, my husband leaves for work about 45 minutes before the kids get up. In order for everyone to eat real food for breakfast more often, one day a week as part of school (we homeschool) we bake something like muffins for breakfast for the whole week and some other things. At breakfast, we just pull out our baked goods, mixed nuts or peanut butter, and sometimes fruit. A “real food” breakfast ready in no time!


  5. Mrs K says

    We need a portable breakfast on weekdays, I eat breakfast at work and my daughter eats breakfast at daycare, she’s just not hungry before that. I make banana bread, sliced and individually wrapped, breakfast bars, waffles in big batches once in a while. I use different recipes all with real ingredients. Everything is individually wrapped and thrown in the freezer. I take one out for me and one out for Mini before leaving and they are ready to eat by the time we are humgry. We pair it with fruit and yogurt and it makes for a complete hearty healthy breakky. On weekends we have more time and are home so I’ll typically make pancakes or french toast. If we really indulge it’s toast, eggs, bacon and pan-fried potatoes. Breakfast is sooo important so I take extra steps to make sure we are set before the week starts. Thank you for this post!


  6. says

    What is the calorie count of these breakfasts? Within a healthy range of around 300?


    Laura Reply:

    I don’t count calories so I can’t say. When feeding my family, I simply go for real foods that will fill them, stick with them, and most importantly – nourish them. :)


    Dawn Reply:

    300 is a bit light for most (900 calories a day plus snacks?), breakfast should give you solid nourishment for the day, and the purpose of eating real food is to nourish your body. Be careful about calorie counting, it can be a real trap.


  7. Michelle says

    I go a step further with my smoothies by putting everything in the blender the night before. That way in the morning all I have to is grab it and put it on the base and blend! Saves me a few more minutes in the morning, and with 5 kids, I’ll take every minute I can!


  8. Michelle says

    I go a step further with my smoothies by putting everything in the blender the night before. I stick the blender pitcher in the fridge so that in the morning all I have to is grab it and put it on the base and blend! Saves me a few more minutes in the morning, and with 5 kids, I’ll take every minute I can!


  9. Pauline says

    I can’t get the links to work on the calendar. I click on it and has me download it. Once I have downloaded then the links dont work either


    Laura Reply:

    Once it’s downloaded, you should be able to click on each link on the calendar and it will take you to the individual recipes. I just checked and it is working for me. I can’t figure out why the links are messing up for you. Ugh!


    Pauline Reply:

    I downloaded it on my Phone..that might be the problem. I will try on my computer when I get a chance


  10. Carrie Laumann says

    Have you tried Baked Oatmeal? I think you would like it because it is made ahead of time and is hearty.


    Laura Reply:

    Yes, good stuff!


  11. Rebekah says

    When I click the link, it takes me to a page that says Your Freebie Awaits and has me enter my email. Then I get an email about downloading Health Challenge Worksheets. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks for this breakfast list. We’ve gotten away from real food breakfasts with a new baby and getting an early start to our homeschooling day!


    Laura Reply:

    I’m sorry about that!! I had the wrong links in there. I’ve fixed them now so you should be able to download the document easily!


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