Spinach? I Don’t See Any Spinach…

Whatever you do…don’t look through the ingredients in this slushy and get all freaked out because there’s spinach in it. Don’t do it. Just relax.

There’s nothing to freak out about. I promise you can’t taste the spinach….and this slushy is so refreshing and delicious you won’t even know what hit you.

The first time I made these, I was just messing around trying to come up with a yummy way to get more raw greens into our diet. I figured they’d turn out some ugly brown color, since I was mixing red, yellow and green together. I just hoped I’d be able to make my family look past it and enjoy the fruity taste.

But instead, they turned out to be a beautiful deep red color…and tasted like fruity heaven. So even though you KNOW there’s spinach in them because you made them and put it there yourself, you will forget all about it while you sit down with a spoon and eat this slushy that tastes better than anything I’ve eaten this entire summer.

Try these!!!

Strawberry Peach Slushies

2 cups frozen strawberries
1 cup frozen peaches
1 cup raw mixed greens or spinach
5-8 drops stevia (more if you like)
1 cup water

Put all ingredients into blender. Process until everything is mixed and becomes slushy.


And see what my blender did? It made that pretty swirl thingy. My boys beg for me now to show them the pretty swirl thingy everytime I make these.

Strawberry Peach Slushy

These have become one of our favorite side dishes….or sometimes they are our breakfast. WE LOVE THESE SLUSHIES!

Please, oh please, try them.   :)

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  1. Crystal says

    I did almost this the other day! :O) I had a package of frozen peaches and some fresh strawberries and a half-pint of cream… YUMMY! After I made it and was drinking this heavenliness, I was wishing that I would have had some spinach on hand to have thrown in!!! How funny that our “recipes” were almost identical. I *would have* put the spinach in had I had it. The only real difference was that I used cream in place of water. I don’t know if your Stevia is plain or not, but I used a berry flavored one in mine.

    Try this recipe with cream (or I suppose you could use milk, but, oh, cream – YUM! ;) and I’m certain you will love it even more than you already do!!!


  2. Olivia Bogardus says

    Just found your website! I am soooo excited. Made the slushie for my kiddos and THEY love it!!! They are raving about it as we speak:)
    Thank you!


  3. Stephany says

    Can you use any frozen fruit? I have tons of frozen strawberries, bananas, blueberries and raspberries but no peaches :( Also, I don’t have any Stevia drops yet. Could I use some Truvia packets? If so, how many? Just to taste?


    Laura Reply:

    Sure – any fruit will work! I don’t know much about Truvia, so I’m not sure how to advise.


  4. nickie doyal says

    I just tried your recipe using fresh bananas and strawberries along with a cup of fresh spincach. I also used 1/2 tsp. of premium raw Demerara cane sugar. Along with a cup of water and a few ice cubes. Yummy!! I will definitely be using this when the grandkids come to visit (10 grandkids). Great way to get fresh fruits and fresh veggies in their growing bodies.


  5. Karen Dee says

    Oh! That sounds SO good. I am going to make strawberry something sluches. I am dripping with sweat already. So HOT out.
    I like frozen banana blended with any fruit or cocoa powder to flavor. No sweetener needed. I put a dollop of Plain Greek yogurt on top and sprinkle walnuts on. Yumm!


  6. Boo says

    Thought I would let you all know and especially LAURA
    Thank you for recipes. Have been on my daily
    routine of smoothies. Having a difficult time however with getting protein. Started using a protein powder, this helps somewhat. But it does affect my hormones levels without the milk product for protein. My naturopath gave me some over the counter stuff will see if this helps. Anyway this is the way to go as far as my diet is concerned. Have had three strokes and doing great on these veggie drinks. Thanks again for the recipes. I wish I could give you some of mine. But I just throw what I can get up here in Northern AZ. We don’t get to much good fresh fruit and veggies unless it’s frozen or we grow our own, not a gardener. That’s the way of it in rural areas.
    Enjoy reading the smoothie or green slusy recipes.


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