Sourdough Starter: Day 2

In case you missed it…here is Sourdough Starter:  Day 1.

Here’s what my sourdough starter looked like after 24 hours. (It actually started separating and looking like this after only a few hours.)


I poured off the dark liquid that had risen to the top. Then I poured my starter in to a fresh, clean jar.


Once you have your starter in a clean jar or bowl, add 1 cup of whole wheat flour and almost 1 cup of cold water. Stir the flour in very well so that it is all moistened.


Replace your cheese cloth and rubber band…then put it back in your warm spot for 24 more hours. (Is this easy or what?!)


We’ll be repeating these same steps over the next several days. You have probably not noticed anything exciting happening to your sourdough starter yet. Still looks and smells like flour and water. Oh, but just wait!  

For tomorrow you’ll need a clean jar or glass bowl, 1 cup whole wheat or rye flour and about a cup of cold water.

Here are a couple of FAQ I’ve been hearing from you about sourdough making…

  • Sourdough bread is best baked in either glass or stone bread pans.   Thought I should tell you that today so that if possible you can round up glass or stone pans for baking your sourdough bread.
  • Some of you have expressed concern over having large enough jars for this process. If you can’t find half gallon jars (Try Ace Hardware if you have one close by. I ordered mine from Azure Standard.)…just use large glass bowls. That will work fine for this seven day process. Then…after you make your first batch of sourdough bread, the rest of your starter will fit just fine in a quart sized jar.

Thanks for joining me making sourdough!!


  1. says

    I am SO excited! I tried three times in the last couple of months to make sourdough starter with water and whole wheat flour without success. I didn’t know you were supposed to pour the dark liquid off, put it in a clean jar and add more flour and water. Thank you so much!!! I just started a new batch and will be using your instructions.

    Andrea Elliott :-)


  2. Lenetta says

    I just double checked – our Wal-Mart carries packages of six yards of cheesecloth for three something in the fabric department. It was on the bottom shelf, underneath the pins and sewing boxes and stuff.


  3. TammyK says

    I’m so excited to try this! Thank you so much for teaching me– this is exactly how I need to learn, with step-by-step instructions. :)


  4. jayme says

    Wow…my goo actually looked like that!!!!!!!! Cool!!! Ummm…what IS that brown goo???

    And could you use plastic bowls??? I’m using glass…but just curious.


  5. Bethany says

    I just started making this starter and I found 1/2 gallon Ball jars at Michael’s Craft Store for $2.99. You can use your 40% off coupon and get a great deal! Thanks for the tutorial!


  6. Hope Coulter says

    So, if I use rye for my starter, does that limit me to only making rye sourdough loafs? Or could I use the rye to start and whole wheat to bake? THanks!


    Laura Reply:

    No, you can mix and match grains and it will be just fine!


  7. Kathy L says

    Hi there, I am trying out making my very first sourdough starter using your instructions. So excited! I do have one question, though: the liquid that rose to the top in my jar the first day wasn’t as dark, and when I tried to pour out the liquid, it immediately became incorporated back into the flour mixture, and I was unable to pour it out without pouring out the flour. Will it be a problem if it doesnt get poured out? How important is that step and should I start over and possibly spoon out the dark liquid next time? Thanks for your help! –Kathy


    Laura Reply:

    Nope…no problem. Just stir it into your mixture…it’s no problem. If the liquid gets dark, it is usually pretty well separated from the starter and will pour off easily. Otherwise, stirring it in is fine!


  8. Emily Woodall says

    I found a case of 1/2 gallon mason jars at ACE hardware for $10.99…just FYI. :) The only 1/2 gallon sized one I did have was an antique from my great grandmother’s home…it is a thing of beauty, blueish colored glass with a real zinc top. I have it displayed on a shelf in my kitchen…I couldn’t bring myself to use it, so I bought me a case of them, instead!


  9. Lena says

    I started my sourdough starter today and it does not look like yours. It is thick and not bubbling. Is it just flour and water? No yeast or anything?


    Laura Reply:

    It takes a few days for bubbles to appear. Yes, just flour and water (and bacteria from the air!). No yeast needed. How’s it looking by now?


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