Snowflake Food Fun

Depending on where you live, some of you have too much snow. Some of you don’t have enough snow. Some of you want snow. Some of you don’t want snow.  Some of you have never seen snow (wow). 

While this winter I’m in the “have too much snow” category…I still think snow is beautiful. It truly is lovely and fun and wintery and happy. On one of our snowy days last week, the sun was shining, making the snow look like glitter falling from the sky. It was SO cool!!

Whether you’re in a place that has no snow and you’d like to pretend to have snow…or whether you’re in a place like I am and need to just embrace the snow and celebrate God’s (freezing cold) beauty…here are some fun (and very inexpensive) snowflake creations. All of them involve food…because I can’t help it. It’s what I do.

Melting Snowflakes

meltingsnowflakes6smThese Melting Snowflakes are my favorite way to celebrate snow!! So cute! Find easy directions here. (Those of you in the southern hemisphere…work with me here. I realize it’s 100° where you are. Feel free to cut your tortillas into little sunshines.)

Breakfast Snowcakes

snowflakepancake3smJust add a couple of extra tablespoons of milk to this pancake recipe, then use a spoon or a squeeze bottle (like an old ketchup bottle) to drizzle the batter into “snowcakes”. Great fun snack for kids to make!

Funnel Flakes

funnelcake1smDuring the summer, they’re just regular ol’ Funnel Cakes…but in the winter they become Funnel Flakes.  It’s all about the imagination.  Use this easy and healthy funnel cake recipe!

The Real Deal

snowicecream7smIf you have real snow and feel like bundling up for a treat, make snow ice cream! This recipe is so simple, so yummy, and pretty good for you too!

Follow it all up with Homemade Hot Cocoa or Warm Vanilla Soother


Kinda makes all this winter weather seem like fun, huh?  There’s snow end to the fun you can have with snowflakes if you really put your mind to it! (Feel free to roll your eyes at that one.)

Have any more snowflake creation ideas to share?

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  1. says

    What’s that? You want me to go make hot chocolate? Well, if you insist!

    OK, actually, everything in my whole house is packed. But maybe a second cup of coffee.

    Also, I really need to try that vanilla soother soon! It sounds so wonderful!


  2. says

    Having been born in Iowa and raised in northern Missouri, I was delighted with such a treat as snow ice cream every winter while growing up. Not only is it fun for kids, but it’s really delicious.


  3. says

    Very cute! :D

    Here in Seattle, we’ve not had snow yet this Winter, and I don’t mind a bit! ;) Maybe in a few more years I’ll miss the Midwest’s winters a little more. ;)

    Would you mind adding a link back to KTT?? Thanks! :)


  4. Lisa says

    It all sounds yummy, but unfortunately, even though we have snow here, we would never dream of eating it. We live to close to chemical valley in Sarnia (across the border from Port Huron, Michigan) and our snow is way too poluted. If you melt it, you see all sort of stuff swimming in the water and I don’t think it would be good for us. If we’re ever somewhere where I thought we would actually be eating smog free snow, maybe!


  5. says

    I made the snow ice cream today with the boys I nanny (ages 9 and 12). They really loved to make it and also eating it! And I liked eating it too!:-) Thanks for the idea!


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