Snow Ice Cream!

I can’t decide what exactly to feel about all of you who live in warm climates. On one had…I’m CRAVING a bit of your warm weather and sunshine. On the other hand…bless your heart you can’t make Snow Ice Cream like we can. Everyone should be able to experience the joy of making snow ice cream!

Here’s what you need to make Snow Ice Cream:

A big bowl of snow (um, no substitutions)
Real maple syrup (you can use sugar if you want…but it’s a much healthier dessert if you use real maple syrup)
Vanilla extract
Heavy Cream (you can use milk too…but OH you really should use cream!)


Go out and gather a big bowl of snow. Clean snow is preferred, unless you enjoy gritty ice cream….

Fill cereal sized bowls with snow.

Drop 1/4 t. of vanilla extract into each bowl.

Drizzle 1-3 Tablespoons of real maple syrup in each bowl, depending on how sweet you want your ice cream to be. I really didn’t mean to drizzle this maple syrup into a heart shape, but the effect is sure lovely, isn’t it?

Pour 4-6 Tablespoons of cream over the top of everything in your bowl.

Stir all the ingredients together until…what do you know…there’s Ice Cream in your bowl! Eat it right away before it melts!

Warning:  Contents in bowl will be extremely cold.


My kids had SO much fun making this…and I didn’t feel one bit bad about feeding it to them (twice in one day). 

Bring on the snow!! (Okay, but yeah…I’m still ready for some warm days and sunshine!)

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  1. says

    Sounds like fun. In Alaska, this would be much safer to try earlier in the season. I don’t know if I trust any February snow, no matter how white it is on top! I will have to try it someday.

    Yesterday, it was -7 where we live and sunny. When we stopped by Fred Meyers and stood briefly in the warm, sun baked entry way, James turned to me and said, “Look the other way you can pretend it’s summer outside.” :) I think we’re really missing the warm weather here too.


  2. alyssa says

    That looks so yummy! Maybe one day I’ll live where it snows- sigh. Or maybe just visit somewhere where it’s snowing?! I suppose I should be thankful for the warm Texas weather and sunshine! (It’s actually a bit cooler today-only 60! lol!)


  3. says

    Oh yes! with 36 in. of snow at Christmas we were eating plenty of snow ice cream!
    Funny story, I did this for our young ladies class at church. My aid was from CA. She didn’t hear when I said take the fresh snow off the top or you’ll get grit. The next day she took her 4 kiddos outside and they just ‘dug’ in, made their ice cream and ended up with lots of ‘crunchies! I laughed so hard. Talk about cookies and cream!


  4. says

    Oh, my mom made this for us when we were little and it snowed enough here in Dallas. I do wish we could make it, but I definitely don’t want that cold weather!


  5. says

    That looks yummy!! We have lots of snow here but I will have to wait for some fresh clean snow before I attempt this.

    Thanks for the recipe!


  6. Emily Kay says

    oh, I used to eat snow cream when I was growing up. We would make it when we visited my Grandma:) I am a FL girl, so it was such a special treat! Now, we use a shaved ice machine to try to recreate it for my 3 kids. It’s not quite the same, but it is good.


  7. Kathy says

    We used to do this when I was little! Well, I should say we did it a few times but my older siblings remembered it much more frequently. They had lived in Oregon with plenty of snow, and they’d moved to CA by the time I came along. NOW I live in a snow area, so I’m looking forward to making some for my husband. He has never had snow ice cream!


  8. Jill says

    Note to self…yellow snow is NOT naturally flavored lemon ice cream. Just kidding! I love snow cream! Thanks Laura!


  9. says

    My dad use to make this for my sisters and me when we were younger, and I loved it. We were stationed in Germany, (my dad was in the military), and he would make a big bowl of this for us. You have brought back many good memories. Thank you so much.


  10. Mrs. S says

    Now I am really jealous of your snow! Sounds so yummy!! I just wish it would be colder and rain, so it would seem less like spring and more like winter! The blossoms/bees are out!! Ridiculous! Life in CA.


  11. says

    We have plenty of snow… but here is an idea for those that don’t… If you have a snowcone machine… (I got one for my birthday years ago.. I know, odd gift! But the kids have enjoyed it!!!!) Either way, make some SNOW with that and then make the icecream! I may try that since there is no fresh snow in the near future!


  12. says

    This sounds so yummy! I remember my dad making this a few times, but his was a little different. I can’t remember how he made it exactly though, because I think the last time he made it was in the big winter storm of 1996—our last big snow!


  13. Karen says

    I made this for my kids today and it was a hit! It helped take away a bit of the sting of Awanas being cancelled due to the storm. Thanks for a fun recipe!


  14. says

    Snow Cream sounds wonderful, I’d love taste it, but alas, I can’t make it here in southern California. It’s against the law! Unfortunately, our weather in January was in the 80’s, but in February it plunged to the 60’s. And it’s RAINING!!!. What a DISASTER! Anyway, we can still make “stone soup”. That should warm our freezing bodies.


  15. Julia says

    We finally got some snow here in NC. Can’t wait to try this. Growing up, we used sweetened condensed milk (not the healthiest thing, I’m sure) so I’m exicited to share this with my 3 boys.


  16. Hannah says

    Thank you again for this recipe….we finally got around to trying it and WOW was it ever good. Brilliant! My family thanks you!


  17. Renee says

    This is on today’s snowed-in list of things to do. I suggested it (with a link, of course) to all my facebook friends, too. When life hands you snow, make snow ice cream!


  18. Laura A says

    Mmm, good. If you add a tablespoon of leftover coffee from the morning pot it’s coffee-flavored ice cream, or if you add more milk, it becomes like a frozen coffee drink you get at those fancy coffee shops!


  19. Lyndsay says

    We make this at least once a winter. My dad used to make it for us when we were little, too. The huge snow storm that came through Christmas of 2009 stranded us at my parent’s house with 8 little boys (between me and my sister!) for three days. Between sledding, playing with new toys, and generally making a ruckus, we ate this several times a day! After Grandpa showed the kids the first day how to do it, they begged for it! And Grandpa is not known for telling his boys no!


  20. Andrea says

    Finally trying this today with my 3 year old! It dumped a foot last night. Still, gonna get snow from the front yard where the dog is not allowed. ;)


  21. maxine says

    Hello Snow Ice Cream Enthusiasts,

    I reside in Southern California in the Desert so on rare occasions we receive snow. We actually had a snow fall on: February 19th, 2013 so my children and I scraped snow off the top and made snow ice cream. My youngest child loved it as she grinned from ear to ear with a resounding “mmmm”. Since the snow does not come often, I use shaved ice. Of course, snow is ideal and much better, but I would say depending on how you make it, the shaved ice is a close second. Everyone continue to enjoy this wonderful desert with the ingredient provided by God.


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