Sloppy Cornbread Muffins


I’ve decided that I love sloppy joes more than any 36 year old mama ought to love sloppy joes. (Sloppy joes aren’t just kid food, right?)  I’m a little crazy when it comes to my hamburger meat. I like it a lot. Bring on the beef.

As you may recall, this Sloppy Cornbread is a very fun way to eat Sloppy Joes without buns. Over the weekend I experimented making the Sloppy Cornbread into muffins….and YUM!

To make Sloppy Cornbread Muffins you will need:

1 recipe of Cornbread
1/4 recipe of Sloppy Joes (which is 1/2 pound of meat)

which will make 12 Sloppy Cornbread Muffins 

These freeze and reheat very well…which means you may want to use:

a double batch of Cornbread
1/2 recipe of Sloppy Joes (which is one pound of meat)

which will make 24 Sloppy Cornbread Muffins

Is this getting confusing? If you make up the full Sloppy Joe recipe, you could just make some of it into Sloppy Cornbread Muffins, then freeze the remaining Sloppy Joes mixure. Or, you could just bring it over to me and I’ll get a fork and eat it right out of the pan.


First fill your muffin cups half full (or half empty depending on the kind of day you’re having) with cornbread batter.

The muffins do tend to stick a little to paper muffin liners…so you may have better success just buttering each muffin cup very well.


 Spoon about a Tablespoon or two of Sloppy Joe meat into each muffin cup.

Bake in a 400° oven for 20 minutes.


So, what kind of day are you having? Would your muffin cups be half empty…or half full?


  1. Alisha says

    oh yum! Loved the sloppy cornbread and am so totally doing this next time!!…meaning this week!!


  2. says

    I do find it comforting that another grown woman loves sloppy joes like I do. If there are leftovers in the fridge, I think about them. If I am pregnant and you eat them without asking me first, really unhappy momma on your hands.

    The muffin idea looks interesting. Actually, I’ll have to check out your sloppy corn bread as well. I love sloppy joes and cornbread together, but if yours is a one dish type thing I will have to try that!


  3. Anna says

    I totally need to make something like this for us. We are in the middle of renovating and need something decent to eat in a rush. Tomorrows project!


  4. says

    My husband will love these! He would like to eat burritos filled with sloppy Joes (in Germany, this meal is call Chili con Carne) everyday, but I am not doing well in rolling burritos – I always end up with extremely messy, well, kind of burritos, which are almost impossible to eat without a table, a spoon and a large napkin (two large nakins would be even better).
    Those muffins are not exactly burritos, but they are pretty much better than NO burritos at all, right?

    Thank you very much for this recipe!
    Reini (homemaking in Germany)


  5. says

    I’m not a big sloppy joe fan but, as I was reading your post, taco meat came to mind. I love cornbread with Tex-Mex food, so I’m thinking taco meat may be really good in cornbread muffins! Thanks for the idea!!


  6. Konnie Davis says

    Question about the best way to freeze? Would you put on a cookie sheet, freeze then put in a ziplock/freezer bag? Then you could take however many you need? Thanks!!!


    Laura Reply:

    I just let them cool completely, then placed them carefully into a ziplog bag. The did just fine this way.


  7. says

    I LOVE this idea! I’m always glad for quick, filling lunch ideas that don’t cost a fortune. We’ll be making this a regular menu item! Thanks for the great recipe!


  8. Carrie Beth says

    These are in the oven right now!! I had just made your sloppy joes night before last and had a little bit leftover- this was perfect :). Thanks for your encouraging blog!


  9. Linda says

    Looks yummy and easy.I think I will try them this week-end.Thanks for sharing. I love your blog!


  10. Dr. Allison says

    These are so delicious! Thanks for sharing your recipe.

    As usual, I always tweak recipes, depending upon what produce,etc. that I have one hand.

    I used ground chicken sausage for the meat. I also added 2 yellow squash and 1 bell pepper (run through the food processor with the onion) to the meat mixture. I have a bounty of yellow squash that I am trying to use :)

    It was absolutley delicious. Even my fairly picky 4 and 5 year olds loved it!


  11. Jenna says

    Looks like a great way to use up leftover chili as well!


    I also use leftover sloppy joes and make freezer sloppy burritos. I just put some sloppy joe in a flour tortilla, wrap individually, and freeze. They are great for me to take to work for lunch. For some reason, the sloppy joe and the flour tortilla is a great combination!

    I love the freezer posts that you include on your blog. I need constant inspiration! Thanks again!


  12. says

    Just wondering kind of about many of the items you freeze this included when you go to use them how long do you heat them for and do you do it in the oven. I wonder about that always! Thanks love this recipe!


    Laura Reply:

    For these muffins, I just put them into the oven at 350 degrees and reheat for about 10 minutes.


  13. Mama D says

    Doing a freezer cooking day for the coming week, and these are on the menu! :-) I’m not sure if I’ll actually get any in the freezer, though, because my crew will come in about the time they’re done. Hmmm … how to hide them until they cool?!?!


  14. says

    How about with a sprinkling of cheddar on top? Mmmm. I make a recipe similar to this but I use biscuits instead of cornbread, then top with cheese. But I’m looking forward to trying it with cornbread. Thanks, Laura!


  15. Jazi says

    I am going to try this. My 15 month old does not like to eat…but she loves cornbread, so I am going to be creative in things to feed her.


  16. Wendy Smykalski says

    I knew you would have a recipe to help me with my crazy day of trying to feed the family in between work, school, volleyball and karate!! Thanks for being so clever!


  17. Michele says

    I am not fond of the texture of cornbread, have you tried any other type of batter that works well with this recipe. I love the idea, just need something less gritty.


    Laura Reply:

    I suppose you could try making this with biscuits instead?? :)


    D Reply:

    I just did chili (used slotted spoon to reduce liquid)and put in a
    1/2in. cube of cheese ( got to have cheese with chili ). I worked
    great! Next, I think I will try making regular rolls with say ham and
    cheese or chicken and cheese for those “we have to go NOW, but we
    haven’t eaten yet moments when you remember something that did not
    make the calender or a friend needs you to watch the kids quick, that
    sort of thing.


    D Reply:

    Sorry, ment it not I worked great. I mean I’s sure I did ok but
    wasn’t really trying to brag;)

  18. Katie P says

    I made these today and substituted rice flour for the wheat flour. The dough turned out a little thick, but it worked fine. Also, I used the gold Williams Sonoma muffin pans and didn’t even have to grease the pans. These muffins just slid right out!


  19. Hillary says

    I made the corndog muffins and they stuck to the papers! Trying without next time. Love your ideas.


  20. Angela says

    I made these tonight…they were super yummy and surprisingly filling! Just 2 of them and some grapes made for a nice, light dinner. Thanks for the recipe!


  21. talia bartoe says

    Having a rough day with the toddler. Was needing easy meal and we just happened to have leftover sloppy joes (she calls is sauce). In the oven now. Hoping they help me turn my muffin time half full!


  22. Heather says

    We had company on Friday night and made sloppy joes and had quite a bit of leftovers. Since there were no rolls left, I was thrilled to find this recipe as a great lunch for our family and friend today! :) Love that your recipes use good ingredients and are easy to make so that the family gets healthy food without me spending forever in the kitchen!


  23. Naomi says

    I just made these with Rachael Ray’s Sloppy Veg-head Joe, a meatless sloppy joe. The joe is delicious, but I decided to just butter my muffin tins and pour the batter directly into the pan. Was taking them to a potluck and didn’t want to deal with the papers. They just came out of the oven and are stuck hard to the pan. Tried to gently go around each one with a knife but they are falling apart. I’m pretty bummed. But boy are they delicious! I’m hoping that if I leave the rest of them in the pan until they cool off maybe they will come out more easily (not counting on it though, that is not usually the case).

    Okay, the update is – I was able to get most of them out without too much breakage. I think these will be a hit! I like the idea mentioned above about using biscuits too. In fact, I have some sloppy joe left (I’d call you to come over, but sorry, already have plans for it!) and am looking forward to trying with biscuits. Although the mechanics of it will be different since we’d be dealing with dough and not batter. Maybe a bottom layer topped with sj, then a top layer. Mmmm!


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