Simple Mixes that Save the Day (Gorgeous New FREE Recipe eBook for Simple Meals Members!)

I’m ridiculously excited about the Simple Mixes book I get to share with you! It’s gorgeous and there are fudge brownies involved. So if you value beauty and chocolate, you will be just as excited as I. Oh, but there’s more!

If there’s anything at all that I can do to make my real food kitchen life simpler, you know I try to do it. That’s how Simple Meals was born – it was part of my effort to cut down on time spent in the kitchen while still putting great and healthy meals on the table.


Yes, I love to cook. But I love looking at my family’s faces more. I love being the loudest cheerleader at all their events. I love having meaningful conversations with my husband. I love spending time in the Word. I love writing and keeping in touch with all of you. I love keeping life simple so I can keep my priorities my priorities.

Every time I learn a new simple trick or figure out a new simple recipe, I share it with you so that you, too, can simplify your kitchen life. Every week we send out a detailed Simple Meals menu plan with a bonus grocery list, tips, additional recipes, and suggestions for keeping your week as simple as possible. We give you this for a mere $1.00 per week, because that makes us happy. :)

And sometimes, we come up with even more ways to simplify your life, so we put them into an eBook, and we give them to Simple Meals members for FREE! Now introducing…

The biggest reason this little eBook makes me excited is because following its recipes have filled my freezer and pantry with all sorts of goodie mixes that save me even more time! I’ve got beautiful containers filled now with lovely mixes, so if…

  • I want to make pancakes for my family? I simply get out the my homemade pancake and waffle mix.
  • I’m making cornbread? I get out the cornbread mix.
  • Extra teens are coming over? I get out my brownie mix!
  • I decide at the last minute to make a cake? Oh, there’s a mix for that.

Simple Mixes that Save the Day

Here’s just a tiny sample of what I have on hand now, thanks to this Simple Mixes book. Muffin Mix, Pancake/Waffle Mix, Brownie Mix, and Stir-and-Pour Bread Mix:

simple mixes

This little book packs a big punch, and it’s free this week for all Simple Meals subscribers!! Take a look at the inside page:

simple mixes intro page

Our Simple Meals plans are sent out to members every Thursday morning so you have plenty of time to prepare for the upcoming week. So current members! Watch for this fun new Simple Mixes eBook to hit your inbox next Thursday too!

Not a Simple Meals member? Please join us! The price is right, and the money and time you’ll save in the kitchen will be such a blessing to you! If you join Simple Meals before next Thursday, you’ll gain access to this brand new Simple Mixes book too!!

Real all about Simple Meals here.

Simple Meals
Your yearly subscription equips you with a 52 week's worth of meal plans, grocery guide, recipes, and bonus tips, plus you get over $60 worth of bonus eBooks! Your Simple Meals plan will arrive in your inbox each Thursday morning.
Price: $52.00

Next week I’ll share more about the fun I’ve been having with my Simple Mixes. Because where there are mixes, the mama will bake, and everyone at her house is happy.

Just want the Simple Mixes to Save the Day eBook? Get it here —>

Simple Mixes that Save the Day
Get our 7 amazing whole grain, low sugar mix recipe - from brownies to breads! Use them to make 22 varieties of delicious, simple baked goods for your family and guests!
Price: $7.95


  1. Birdie says

    Hi Laura. Could I purchase this, separate from your Simple Meals?


    Laura Reply:

    I may consider adding it to my shop eventually, but for now it’s just a freebie for Simple Meals members. :)


    Laura Reply:

    Ask and you shall receive! I’ve had enough requests for this book to be offered alone for purchase that I’ve added it to my shop! I edited the post above to include it as a purchase option. Hope you enjoy this great eBook!!! :)


    Birdie Reply:

    Thank you Laura, 8-) I enjoy everything that you share and do. Many times I forget to smile and you help me with your delightful posts.

  2. Jen F says

    I would be interested in purchasing the book also separate from the subscription. I have been waiting to find a good brownie mix recipe for a long time!


    Laura Reply:

    I’ve had a number of people make this request, and so I’ve decided to offer it in my shop as a separate purchase option!! :) I also added the post above to include the ability to purchase it directly here. Enjoy!! :)


  3. Stacey says

    I already subscribe to simple meals. How do I download simple mixes?


    Laura Reply:

    It will be sent to all Simple Meals subscribers this Thursday morning within the regular Menu Planning Packet email! :)


  4. Barbara says

    I’m really interested in your Simple Meals, but I eat keto. My husband and children are not keto, but gluten and carbs are very limited. Do you think I can make SM work for us???


    Laura Reply:

    You sound like my family! The menu plans do include grains and carbs, but not in excess. Many of the meals are completely grain free, all are high in good fat and protein. There’s a sample menu planning packet on this page you can download and look over to get an idea if you think it would work for your family:

    Let me know if you have more questions!


  5. Tracy Nicks says

    Hello, I am a simple meals subscriber. I’m not sure what happened, but all my emails from you for September are deleted from my computer. Can you please send me another link to download the Simple Mixes that Save the Day ebook? Thank you in advance for your time!


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