Simple Meals on a Simple Budget (Check out our plans for the New Year!)

We’ve been offering Simple Meals planning packets for over a year now. It’s been a blast helping so many families put delicious, nourishing meals on the table in such a simple way night after night! To kick off the new year, we’ve got some big plans. But in keeping with the theme, the big plans are still simple. :)

Pssst! If you aren’t a Simple Meals member, please join now! The price is unbeatable and you will love how Simple Meals helps you put great food on the table in a ridiculously short amount of time each day, with minimal effort. Simple Meals saves your family time!


All this month, we’ve got new Simple Recipes to share that are incredibly easy on the budget. We always try to keep costs down, but the next 10 recipes we share are going to be extra inexpensive!

So, prepare yourself. As if Simple Meals wasn’t already great, now more of the recipes will feature money-saving ideas that will allow you to serve your family food that costs a minimal amount while still being super tasty and of course, simple to prepare!

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Here’s a sneak peek at one of our favorite Simple Meals and on a
Simple Budget recipes I’m getting ready to share with you!

By the way, did you know I’ve shared 50+ Simple Recipes since we began offering Simple Meals subscriptions? These recipes have ruined me forever for any recipe that requires more than just a few steps or a few ingredients. I’ll consider a new recipe and see that it says “saute then slice then do other things and work very hard” and I cannot handle it. We’d like our food to be “put it in a pan, slide it in the oven, yum, and you’re welcome” and if it isn’t, we just move on.

It’s a good thing there are now so many Simple Recipes being offered here so we can stay on the easy train. And this month we can look forward to — more recipes! And every single one of them is super low in cost!!

Simple Recipes on a Simple Budget

So let’s review.

Simple Recipes on a Simple Budget During the Month of January

  1. Recipe is very simple to put together…check.
  2. Recipe is family friendly…check.
  3. Recipe will take hardly any time to make…check.
  4. Recipe uses only real food, nourishing ingredients…check.
  5. Recipe costs very little to make…check.

What else could we possibly want in a recipe? Oh!!  6. Recipe tastes delicious…check.

Well, I guess that really does cover everything!

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Watch for our upcoming Simple Recipes on a Simple Budget. Here’s the running list:


  1. Angela Wezowicz says

    I wonder if you will see this question/comment…

    It seems many of your meals include dairy…i know you are a butter user, and i can use that sometimes, and replace if need be…however, the cheese, sour cream, and possible other dairy, we really can’t use on a regular basis. We are also GF, and i know i can adapt your recipes according to our needs ( this is easy for me, and most times i just omit dairy) however, i am unsure of how several of your recipes will work w/o dairy? Also, does this subscription include breakfast and lunch menus, or are these 52 weeks worth of dinner?

    Thank you, always, for the time you take in answering my questions. I so appreciate it!!!


    Laura Reply:

    The Simple Meals plans all come with GF adaptations, so that part would be easy! Most of the recipes suggested in the plans can be adapted to DF, but you’re right that sometimes it just doesn’t work! (As an example, this week’s plan has 2 out of 6 meals that include dairy, but they are adaptable.)

    The subscription only includes dinner suggestions. However, each week includes some fun Breakfast recipe ideas as well as quite a bit of other fun info like time-saving tips, deals on groceries, etc. Hope that helps!


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