Simple Crock Pot Chicken Soup with a Kick – 4 Ingredients!

It’s as if this soup knew we needed it in our lives. As if somehow, in the mysterious ways only known to soup, it recognized that many days of the week are busy, and our time in the kitchen is limited, but we still want a hearty meal as the sun goes down. Therefore, on the day we needed it most, this soup arrived, begging us to make it on a morning we are still half-asleep and thinking about the other items on our agenda for the day.crock-pot-chicken-soup-with-a-kickThis soup! I don’t think I’ve ever made one that takes less effort or energy. I didn’t even thaw the chicken ahead of time. I had all four ingredients already in my home because I almost always have:

  • boneless chicken
  • salsa
  • chicken broth
  • cheese

I didn’t have to chop, stir, measure, or think. I put the ingredients into my crock pot, plugged it in (always recommended), turned it on, and walked away. Six hours later we sat down and ate soup.

If all of life was as easy as this soup, we would all turn into lazy, squishy people. Seeing as most days we are going-going-going, I don’t think we need to fear the squish. But this soup? It’s got our back at the end of a busy day, because it recognizes all we do and it’s here to say, “Dinner? No problem. I’m here for you. Sit down with your family. Eat. Enjoy.”


Simple Crock Pot Chicken Soup with a KickYum

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Simple Crock Pot Chicken Soup with a Kick - 4 Ingredients!
  • 2 pounds boneless chicken thighs or breasts
  • 16-ounces salsa (more or less is fine)
  • 32 ounces (1 quart) chicken broth
  • 8 ounces cheese (cheddar, Colby jack, Monterrey, Pepper jack - whichever you prefer)
  1. Put all ingredients into a crock pot.
  2. Cook on hi for 3-4 hours or low for 6-8.
  3. Shred chicken and serve.

What to serve with this Chicken Soup with a Kick:

  • Tossed salad
  • Fresh fruit

Consider adding to your bowl of Chicken Soup with a Kick:

  • Crushed tortilla chips
  • Sour Cream
  • Sliced Olives
  • Black Beans
  • Corn

This soup will work wonderfully to serve to guests. It is seriously delicious and need I remind you? You don’t have to thaw the chicken ahead of time. I mean, you can if you want. But why plan ahead when this soup doesn’t require it?

This recipe, for sure, will be one of my go-to recipes this fall and winter.

Hopefully you also saw the Simple Baked Salmon and Asparagus recipe I posted earlier this week. If you’re wondering if there’s some kind of theme going on – perhaps a conspiracy to force us put healthy meals on the table with very little effort – you are right on track. Meals that take just a few minutes to prepare. Healthy food ideas and guides that prevent us from spending hours in the kitchen. Plans to save our family time. Oh yes. This is definitely in the works.

It’s here! Check out our amazing Simple Meals program!


Check it out! Cooking Guy (my friend’s son) is at it again. He’s four. He made this soup. See? I TOLD you it was simple!

If you’re going to buy Simple Meals (and you really, really should), you should click through the video to YouTube and buy it through Cooking Guys link. He deserves a little referral money, don’t you think?


  1. Linda says

    This looks so yummy! I guess it wouldn’t work without the cheese, though.


    Laura Reply:

    You can definitely leave out the cheese. I think it will be *almost* as good. :)


    Linda Reply:

    It wouldn’t be dry?


    Laura Reply:

    Not at all because of the broth. It’ll be delicious!

  2. Nicole says

    I need, need, need recipes like this! Five young kiddos and high standards in the kitchen can sometimes lead to mom-meltdowns…Really looking forward to your next project’s unveiling! :) God bless-


  3. Susan says

    I love soups like this! I make it all the time. I also like adding white beans or black beans – depending on my mood – and orzo. It’s my husband’s favorite.


  4. Jamie D says

    This soup deserves its new title in our house – Lifesaver Soup! With me and all four of my sous-chefs down with quick (but powerful) head colds, this soup saved us two days in a row! It’s hot, yummy, and so easy that we all did just a few quick things to get it into the crockpot – a team effort, and good for the team! Thanks, Laura!


    Laura Reply:

    This makes me so happy!! (Well, not the head colds part, so sorry you’re all sick!) I love that this soup served such a wonderful purpose at your house. That is just what I was aiming for. :)


  5. Suz says

    I had to come back here to tell you that I made this yesterday in a frenzy with no time and my family LOVED it. They looked at me a little funny at first, like “No you’re not hearing me I’m REALLY hungry and this is just soup” but this soup is so hearty it won them over. Love this series on wholesome but simple meals; thank you!!


  6. Carly says

    I have to admit I was skeptical that this would be good. I was in a pinch yesterday and needed to throw something in the crockpot. I’m so glad I picked a winner! This was good! I think because the amount of effort it took made it taste even better! Thank you for the easy recipe! I told my 10 year old son that he can make it next time!


  7. Jessica says

    Should the cheese be shredded first? This looks yummy!!


    Laura Reply:

    Shredded or chunks – however you want. I just cut chunks into it! :)


  8. Marie says

    I don’t have enough time to make it in my slow cooker. How would i make this in the instant pot? I have about 1.5 hours until dinner. Any thoughts?


    Laura Reply:

    I’d probably cook it at high pressure for 15 minutes, adding the cheese after this. I am new to my Instant Pot, but I’m anxious to try this recipe in it because it should be very quick!


    Marie Reply:

    Thanks! I’ll give it a try.


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