Peppermint Cream Cocoa {or Coffee}

It was a fun experiment – creating a whipped cream topping for yummy hot drinks. But I had to wonder, would simply adding a little sweetener and peppermint extract to whipped cream really make cocoa or coffee that much more special?

Ohhhhhhh yes, yes, yes, and yes again. I quickly put this together one afternoon, plopped a generous serving onto a cup of freshly brewed coffee, and immediately decided that I needed to sit down, close my eyes, and relish the moment. It was hot beverage deliciousness in a mug. The rest of the family enjoyed this special whipped cream on their hot cocoa, and we all declared it to be ah-mazing.

Peppermint Cream Cocoa

Matt was finishing some work at the computer at the time, and therefore hadn’t joined us at the table yet to enjoy this treat. I took him a mug and declared with excitement, “Seriously, who needs Starbucks??”  As he was a bit distracted with the work he was doing, he looked up, confused as he saw that I was cheerfully sipping coffee and that I had a dob of whipped cream on my upper lip. “What? You need Starbucks? Why?”

No, no. I really, really don’t. I had everything I could want in a special hot drink, all without the high fructose corn syrup or big price tag. And now, I am sharing this recipe idea with you. Enjoy, savor, stay healthy, and save yourself some cash.

Peppermint Cream Cocoa (or Coffee)Yum

1 cup heavy whipping cream
3-4 drops liquid stevia (or another sweetener of your choice like maple syrup)
1 teaspoon peppermint extract

Whip cream for several minutes to form stiff peaks. Drizzle in stevia and peppermint extract. Whip quickly to mix into the cream. Serve on hot cocoa or coffee.

Here is my easy and delicious Hot Cocoa Recipe. Or even easier – here is my Hot Chocolate Mix recipe. Obviously, I don’t have a recipe for coffee, but here’s a way to get a 12 ounce bag of my favorite organic coffee for free!

Which do you like better – coffee or hot cocoa?


  1. Tara H says

    I definitely like coffee better! This looks like something I need on my coffee! :) I guess the boys can have some on their hot chocolate too. ;)


  2. Amber Dawn says

    Coffee! I can’t believe I’m actually saying this, but hot cocoa is almost too sweet for me anymore. What’s wrong with me, lol?! This peppermint cream sounds so good, will be trying it soon!


  3. Mama654 says

    I have given up coffee but I love hot chocolate. I have been using sweetened vanilla almond milk- it’s so creamy and delicious. Can’t wait until breakfast now!


  4. MarieR says

    I never used to go to Starbucks until recently, and I have fallen for their peppermint mocha. I know that thanks to your recipe I can make it on my own, but how would I blissfully ignore all the deliciousness (and sweet) that is in my coffee?…


  5. Donna says

    We enjoy our coffee over here and 5out of 6 of us like chocolate in our coffee. This topping sounds wonderful. It will be a great Christmas morning surprise…..thank you!


  6. Heather says

    Hot chocolate for sure! Although your soothers have become popular as well :) And I used to work at Starbucks, which makes it even funnier that I’m not a huge coffee person. I am glad they don’t use HFCS in their stuff though as we consumed way more than our share of it in the 3+ years I worked there!


  7. Kristen M says

    This looks so good! I love both coffee and cocoa, but I probably drink coffee more. I’ll have to try this in both.


  8. Donna B says

    I’ve tried my best to like coffee over the years, but no matter how I doctor it up, it still tastes like….coffee. LOL So I definitely prefer hot cocoa!


  9. Birdie says

    Oh to answer!! That’s torture!! Could I say, coffee/afternoon favorite, hot chocolate/afternoon cold weather favorite???


  10. Micah says

    Oh, YUM!! I like to drink coffee with my husband & make cocoa for our littles. They actually prefer coffee milk, makes them feel grown up! Sometimes we enjoy putting hot cocoa in our coffee to make mochas. I need to stay away from dairy for my nursing baby but peppermint whipped cream will definitely make the rest of my family happy! During the summer we can make a meal of popcorn & smoothie. When it’s cold, though, we prefer popcorn & soothers and we’ve been know to pour the last bit of coffee from the pot into our soothers…


  11. Virginia says

    No coffee for me, so I’d definitely go for the cocoa. Too warm here right now for either though…50s today and tomorrow with rain then back to reality on Mon with a low of 7!!


    Micah Reply:

    We were in the upper 70’s yesterday so tomorrow, when it finally cools down into the mid 50’s, we’ll jump at the chance to make cocoa! Life in south Louisiana ????


  12. Hannah says

    Well, I like the smell of coffee, but cannot stand the taste of it. I’d much prefer either hot chocolate or hot tea…well, really, a Mt. Dew will work too! :) I hope your family has a very Merry Christmas!


  13. says

    Hmmm… you might need a book or a magazine for the wait while the debate rages.

    I made this whipped cream today! Quite yummy. I served it on cocoa for the kids, who were freezing and soaked from enjoying our first snow in TWO YEARS!

    My prep steps are a bit different, though:

    1. Put all ingredients into isi whip cream dispenser.
    2. Shake well.
    3. Charge with n2o charger.
    4. Dispense, just like they do at Starbucks! (That’s where I got the idea in the first place…)



  14. says

    I have been receiving your e- mail news letters from you for about two weeks and have thoroughly enjoyed them until today! I was extremely disappointed when I went to your web site to find a link to a game entitled “League of Angels.” I fund the graphics for this link to be pornographic, very offensive and totally in appropriate for a site that promotes healthy families and better marriages.


    Laura Reply:

    Oh no! Thank you so much for letting me know. Occasionally the ad network I use allows something like that to sneak through. I don’t always see it on my end so I appreciate it with people let me know so that I can contact my ad company and ask them to remove it.


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