Pasta Alfredo ~ Real Food Dollar Menu

One of my family’s favorite meals is Pasta Alfredo. It is easy to make, and tastes even better than when you order alfredo at a restaurant! And of course, when you’re making this at home, you can use real food ingredients, making this dish super healthy. :)

Isn’t it nice to know that while you’ll pay around $8.00 per plate for a nice meal of Pasta Alfredo at a restaurant – when you make it homemade, it will cost you (drum roll please)…

…$0.99 per plate. Seriously. And that’s including whole wheat pasta and steamed veggies. Yes indeed!

(My calculations* told me that our steamed veggies cost us $1.65 and the pasta with alfredo sauce broke down to about $5.30. This meal fed seven people.)

pasta alfredo

You’ll find my Pasta Alfredo recipe here. Feel free to add leftover cooked chicken to this if you have some!

*I calculated my cost based on the food sources and prices I have available to me. Most of the ingredients I use are organic. Your cost may be slightly more or less depending on where you find your ingredients.

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How much do you love Alfredo Sauce?  My boys, who have birthdays “coming up”, are already telling me that they will be requesting this for their birthday dinner. (It’s never too early to plan for your birthday which is three months away, you know…)


  1. gina says

    I love your Alfredo Sauce. I have been making it for over a year. About 4 months ago, I went to Olive Garden and order their Fet. Alfredo and it didn’t even taste that great. I also use this sauce to make Chicken Alfredo Pizza with red onions, mushrooms and tomatoes as toppings. YUMMY.


  2. Jen says

    I too love Alfredo sauce. I recently made your recipe to use in our favorite spinach artichoke dip recipe. YUM! It made about a cup or so more than I needed, so I added it to my grandmother’s cheesy potato recipe a few days later. YUM!


  3. Andrea says

    Yummy. I just wanted to let you know that the Enjoy Life chocolate chips at Vitacost are 28% off and on the buy one get one half off deal right now, which brings the second bag to. . . really cheap. You might be stocked up, but I wanted you to know. :)


    Laura Reply:

    Oh wow, thank you so much for the heads up!


  4. Lana says

    Fettuccine Alfredo is more like 12 dollars a plate in my area. We have a family owned Greek restaurant that we love and his alfredo is delicious but I have trouble paying the price for it when I know how inexpensive it is to make at home.


  5. Mary says

    I wish I could find some organic parmesan cheese that was reasonably priced. I really miss it but I won’t touch anything made with hormone laced chemical milk. Has anyone ever tried making their own pre-soaked noodles?


    Jen Reply:

    Mary, if you have a Trader Joe’s nearby, you should check for parmesan there. I get a nice one there. I don’t believe it’s organic, but it is a raw milk cheese that is rBGH free. No hormones, and I guess I like to think that anyone making a raw milk cheese, hopefully has the cows on pasture. At any rate, it is higher quality than regular parmesan. I’ve also seen some decent ones in regular grocery stores, in the deli area before. You just have to read the labels carefully.


  6. says

    How do restaurants make it unhealthy? Other than the white pasta of course. Wouldn’t they use butter and cream as well?


    Laura Reply:

    You know, you make a good point! I guess at restaurants I’m never sure if they are using real butter instead of margarine – which would be my biggest hang-up with this. Otherwise, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. ;)


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