Our Light and Momentary Troubles

Rarely do our trials feel light or momentary. We know in our hearts that God is in control, but living peacefully in that truth is hard when we are focused on what is seen on this earth. After all, much of what we experience on this earth is challenging.

While praying for some friends of ours, God led me to this passage in 2 Corinthians this week. I was so encouraged by these words from Paul. Truth:  We are being renewed daily. We fix our eyes on Jesus, knowing that our eternal glory outweighs everything we struggle through on this earth.

Praise God for His truth and promises! Knowing my tendency to rely on myself and on the things that are seen, I printed this verse out so that I could post it on my fridge and be reminded of these truths.

Being Renewed Image

I created a printable of this passage to share with you.

Download the Being Renewed Passage for your encouragement.

Hold on to truth!


  1. Heather D. says

    Thank you for doing this! Hiding His word in our heart is so vital, haven’t memorized this passage yet so we’ll work on this one next:) Perfect one for right now for me; this semesters’ “main messages” to my heart have been: to go to God first with everything, and to throw our whole lives into trusting Him fully, and Enjoy Him each day – relaxing into the work and relationships for that one day, not worrying and oh so helpfully trying to manage and control everything;)


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