Our Healthy Eating Journey, Pt. 2


I suppose if I’m going to tell you about our healthy eating journey…I should start from the beginning.

Matt was raised a “city boy” in California. He was a very adorable little boy, so blonde headed his hair was white. That piece of information is completely irrelavant to this post, but I just felt like saying it anyway.   As far as he can remember, his family ate a very basic diet of meat, pasta or potatoes, bread and vegetables.  His family almost never had desserts in the house and they hardly ever ate out.

Thousands of miles away…..

I was raised on a farm in Kansas. The first few years of my life, we drank raw milk…not neccessarily because of it’s health qualities…but because we had a milk cow available. I hardly remember drinking it…we probably only had the milk cow until I was eight (ish). After that, we bought our milk from the store. We ate beef and pork that my dad raised. I don’t remember eating a lot of chicken. 

My mom had a garden (which, ironically, I hated helping her with). She grew a million (bazillion) green beans, some tomatoes, onions and peppers for her salsa…and a few other vegetables that none of us liked but her.

Which leads me to the fact that I was pretty much raised on green beans, corn and the occasional pea, because those are the veggies my dad ate.  Every once in a while we had salad…but I didn’t learn to like it until I was almost in college. Oh, and we ate carrots when they were cooked with a roast on Sundays.

We were a steak and potatoes kind of family. We always had desserts in the house and ate wheat bread from the store. 

My mom cooked and baked almost all of our meals from scratch. We baked cookies with white flour, white sugar and crisco. We almost always had Kool-aid and pop in the fridge during the summer.

As much as possible, we ate at home…but we went through phases of eating out more often depending on sporting events and crazy busy high school schedules. 

I don’t think my mom would mind me sharing that with the exception of  the last few years of her life, she struggled quite a bit with her weight. As a result, she was often trying different diet plans. 

I was thin, but took an interest in my mom’s diet plans during my high school years…mostly because I was very interested in staying thin. I never (thankfully) developed an eating disorder, but I did get somewhat obsessive about not wanting to eat foods that had any fat in them. I really felt like eating any fat at all would make me fat, therefore I was scared of fat. I made my sandwiches with fat free mayo (blech) and ate fat free chips (cardboard). I would treat myself to fat free candy (my favorites were candy corn and circus peanuts)…feeling like I was “doing well” by eating sweets that didn’t have any fat in them.

This low-fat/no fat way of thinking took me into college. While there, I would go in phases of over-eating higher fat foods (like pizza and mac and cheese and cookies), thinking that “well…I’ve already blown it, I might as well eat three more”. Therefore my weight started to fluctuate a little bit. I was very “on” or “off” with the dieting thing…and I thought about (and felt guilty about) food a lot. 

During all of this, I met a very adorble white headed California boy who had grown into a 6’2″ blonde headed soccer player. Wonder of wonders, he thought I was cute too and in 1994, we got married.

To be continued….


  1. Julie in Australia says

    Oh you have left me hanging! I was settling in for a good romantic read! I will look forward the next installment as well as the healthy eating too. In fact, I am have been inspired by your blog to make more of our food from scratch and using better ingredients. I am guilty of buying biscuits (cookies) and realise that the ones made at home are so much better for you. In fact we made some today and the joy the kids derived was wonderful let alone the taste!

    Julie in Australia


  2. says

    I loved the first installment! It’s fun learning more about you, especially since I can see myself in your story (the low-fat/no-fat craze! I went through that, too…).

    I can’t wait to hear more!!! Since introducing more fat into my own diet (like switching to whole milk), I have not noticed myself getting fatter at all! I’m the exact same weight…I’ve only noticed that my meals are much tastier (and more filling & satisfying) since adding fat!!


  3. says

    I’ve definitely added healthy fats to my diet..and it’s helped tremendously…plus, I get to enjoy the flavor of tasteful food!

    It’s great to meet with other women online who are the same healthy journey as our family.


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