Organize Your Pantry and Shelves with CanOrganizer – A Giveaway!

Remember my scary storage room clean up and how I like to stare at my bulk food? I’m very excited that my new organizers from help even more to keep my food storage area organized, which makes it even more fun to stare at my groceries. (geek)

I don’t use many canned foods, but I do try to have a few canned items on hand at all times for quick meals.   I’ve got my new CanOrganizers stocked with our organic coconut milk, canned salmon and tuna (all from Amazon) and some organic raw honey (from Tropical Traditions). The kids loved helping me put the cans into the containers – you put them into the top, then they roll back and fall to the bottom. This makes it simple to grab a can, then a new can will automatically roll to the front for easy access!

I put my 11 year old on the task of putting together our CanOrganizers.  They have a great video to watch which helped us figure out how to assemble them. It was a bit of a learning curve as we figured this out – let’s just say Justus and I bonded a little bit over pieces of heavy cardboard. But, once we figured out the first one, the other three went together fairly quickly!

Here’s some helpful information from CanOrganizer:

The 11″ deep Cupboard Organizer is perfect for smaller spaces like your cupboard where you need to maximize space. This is ideal where a pantry or extra storage may not be available. You can simply use one Organizer or many depending on your needs. Fill up your cupboard so you can easily find what you’re looking for!

The 16″ deep Shelf Organizer is deeper so you can store even more cans! Designed to fit nicely on your standard shelf so it is perfect for storage areas like your garage or storage room.

And finally the 22.5″ deep Pantry Organizer is the deepest of the bunch. This system is optimal for those deep pantries or storage racks where you have plenty of space. You will be amazed how many you can fit in the Organizer and well organized your food storage will be. Now you can hit those canned good sales and stock up for your family, saving money and having food on hand for whenever you need it.

These CanOrganizers come four to a pack, making them very economical – a perfect way to get yourself organized inexpensively! Plus, through the end of October, CanOrganizer is offering a 10% discount to all of us, by using the code:  HOME at check-out.

Interested in winning a pack of CanOrganizers? Leave a comment on this post letting us know which size would work best for you! I’ll draw two random winners on Monday, October 24.

This giveaway is now closed, thank you!

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  1. Theresa says

    I would find space for any size! I think the 11″ would be the best size for my space but could make any of them work. What a great idea – would love to organize my pantry area


  2. Samantha R says

    I would pick the 22.5″ one but the 16″ would also work for us! I have seen plastic versions of these, but the cardboard sounds interesting to try out.


  3. Michelle Turner says

    I would love the super deep 22.5″ pantry organizers. We don’t use many canned goods either, but 4 would be perfect!


  4. Valerie says

    Very cool…cardboard….keeps the cost down I’m sure!! Yay, I look forward to trying them….I think the pantry size would be ideal, my cupboards are deep….which makes them quite challenging!!


  5. Gretchen M says

    The 22.5″ would be perfect for our monsterly messy shelves! Yikes!! Where is that can under all those bulk bags? Great product idea!



  6. Brenda Howard says

    I would love to try the 16″ set they would be perfect for the apartment kitchen. Thanks for being so great on giveaways.


  7. Claudia K says

    These are just what I have been looking for to store all of the organic canned tomatoes I just purchased. The Pantry size would be perfect for my basement pantry.


  8. Michele Puccini says

    I think the cupboard/can organizers are GREAT! I could use any size for my food storage needs. Thanks for offering this giveaway.


  9. Cassie says

    I know the 16″ would work for us but would need to measure to see if the 22″ would fit. If so, definitely the 22″!


  10. Lisa K says

    I think the 16″ would be my best bet, although I’ve got a big enough pantry for any of them to work. I’ve seen the plastic ones and they can get pricey, I love this idea!


  11. Holly says

    the pantry size (22″) would be great for the deep shelves we have… you can never fins anything in the back lol! thanks!


  12. says

    The pantry ones sure would help with rotation! Sometimes I am so discouraged at having to move all those cans so I can put the new ones in the back that……I just don’t. :(


  13. domestic diva says

    We could use all of them (for different purposes and places), but the cupboard size would probably be the best.


  14. Sheryl C says

    I could really use the shelf size (16″). DD(2) loves to organize my cans, then I don’t realize when I run out of something – this would really help!!!


  15. Leah says

    Wow! These are neat! I think the 16″ deep one would work best for us. I actually have been looking for ideas for the canned foods we do buy.


  16. Hannah says

    This would be awesome to organize all the canned goods I just got on the Fall Stock Up Sale!! I’d love to win the 11′ ones!! Thanks!


  17. Jen says

    Such a simple idea, such a great organizing tool for bulk purchasing! I think the 16″ would be great on our garage storage shelves!


  18. sally mcquaid says

    I love this idea. We bought the cansolidators a while ago. theyre great but expensive. I would love the shelf organizers.

    Does anyone know if you can use canning jars in these? Thats what I really need.


  19. Toshia says

    I have been using your e-book to organize my kitchen and it has created such a comfort and freedom with cooking for my family. This product would help tremendously to organize my cabinets.


  20. Mirissa says

    I love that these are affordable! I think the pantry size would be best for me, but I’d have to measure to make sure!


  21. Kimberly says

    I would love to win the 16″ CanOrganizer. I was actually just thinking about finding something like this last night since we will be moving into a house with no pantry soon!


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