Order Soy Free Chocolate Chips Before They Melt in Your Mailbox!

I’m not joking. I’ve had this happen before. I ordered chocolate chips in the summertime, and by the time they reached my house, they had melted together into one giant clump.

Not to worry. I figured out ways to still use them. No chocolate left behind, as they say. But if you’re wanting your chocolate chips to stay chippy – I recommend you order now and stock up before the weather gets too warm.

Right now Amazon has a case of 6 – 10 ounce bags of Enjoy Life Soy Free Chocolate Chips for just $22.14. ┬áThis is a great stock-up price, so buy now and freeze them for later.

enjoy life six pack

Unless you like 10-ounce blobs of melty chocolate mess. Then, by all means, wait until July to order. ;)

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  1. Kristin says

    Our local Super Walmart carries these chocolate chips for the same price as listed above! They are in the gluten free section. Just thought I would share in case anyone misses out on the special online ;=)


  2. Micah says

    I’ve started ordering these chocolate chips or chunks in bulk from Azure Standard, which thankfully has made its way to south Louisiana! They are shipped cold so no worries about melting. I ordered some pretzel bark from Vitacost last week and opened a bag this morning to find a solid hunk of chocolate & pretzels. My 9-year-old suggested making a cake with cream cheese icing & sprinkling the pretzel bark shavings over the top! Unfortunately shavings are all I get when I try to cut the hunk into smaller pieces with a knife. I think we’ll try her idea next week!!


  3. Jennifer says

    Thank you for the heads up on this sale! I don’t shop amazon a lot, but want too! I still need to try Amazon subscribe and save. It’s hard for us to make bulk purchases. So I started with this one because we love these chocolate chips and buying them in bulk saves me $2/package!


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