Nutrimill Giveaway from Paula’s Bread!


It’s time! 

You know how much I love using my Nutrimill to make freshly ground flour for our baked goods. Not only are our breads, muffins, cookies, noodles, and tortillas much healthier when I use freshly ground organic white wheat – there is no comparison in taste compared to store-bought wheat flour. It’s incredible.

How about the cost of buying a mill and grinding our own flour? Well, I worked and saved up hard to buy one, and found that with the money we now save on wholesome, healthy baked goods, my machine paid for itself in no time. And of course, the savings will continue for years, since grinding flour and making our food homemade costs so much less than if I were to buy it pre-made.

A huge thank you goes out to Paula from Paula’s Bread for offering this giveaway! She always offers the best prices on Nutrimills and other great kitchen appliances. Plus her customer service is wonderful. (I know this because I dropped my canister and cracked it. She had a new one sent out to me before I could even start to cry. Love her.)

Ready to sign up for the giveaway? Leave a comment on this post for a chance to win.

If you would be interested in receiving optional extra entries to this giveaway (yes, I figured you would be) – you can do any or all of the following, but you MUST leave a separate comment here on this post for each of these tasks that you do:

Look at that. If you do all of the above, you’ll have all kinds of chances to win!

 I will draw a random winner on Monday, September 24. Please watch for a post stating the winner as you will be responsible for contacting me if your name is chosen.


  1. Mandy says

    I have been saving my pennies for one of these….I’d SO love to win it! Thanks for the chance…it’s so exciting:)


  2. Trish Ratliff says

    I would love a chance to win this because I want to start making my OWN gluten free flours. Too many of the combinations still mess with my digestion AND are WAY over priced. Making my own would be more affordable, would let me control additives, and would be FUN! The only thing that has been preventing me from doing it is the cost of a mill! I really hope that I win so that I can take the next step in making my home gluten free!


  3. Heather E. says

    I’ve recently discovered that my family can eat sourdough bread after trying gluten free bread. So, I could really use this flour grinder! Thank you for the giveaway!


  4. Caralee Newman says

    I keep trying to win this, I hope this time I will!! :-) I liked paula’s bread on facebook, liked heavenly homemakers, subscribed to Paula’s bread!!


  5. Candice M says

    I was hoping to save enough money to buy this so my mom could bring it out to me for Christmas since I live in Southeast Asia. Oh how nice it would be to win this giveaway!!!!!!!!!!


  6. Amy Prinster says

    Would love love to receive a NutriMill!!! With having 4 kiddos myself it is an expensive purchase, so winning one would be great!!!


  7. Earlene says

    Signed up for Paula’s Bread Newsletter (can’t wait to get it), liked Paula’s bread on facebook, already liked Heavenly Homemakers and subscribed to Heavenly Homemakers a long time ago and I love all the ideas. Used to grind own meals and flours with a borrowed mill but friend took it back to give to her son because she was getting old. Never have been able to afford one. Love grinding own meals and flours and using them, they are so much better! Yumm! Wishing I could win this one!


  8. Alison says

    I would LOVE to win a grain mill. I have my red wheat berries all ready to go….I was considering grinding them by hand….but, that sounds terrible. The plan was to go to a friends house to grind flour every time I needed some. Winning a grain mill would be a huge thrill.


  9. liz says

    I liked Paula on fb and signed up to receive her news letter and subscribed to Heavenly Homemaker :)
    Oh and I want to win!


  10. marci says

    now for my own comment….. I have a daughter on the autism spectrum and i make all her food from scratch. i would love to own a grain mill to grind my own flours. thanks


  11. Jennifer Smith says

    Thank you for your amazing blog! It’s a tremendous help to me and my family as we choose to eat a whole foods diet.


  12. Marcia says

    It would be great to have one of these! I’ve slowly transitioned to using only whole wheat flour, and it would be great to be able to grind my own flour.


  13. Kelly says

    A good friend used to grind flour for me. It was wonderful. Unfortunately, we have moved away and can no longer do this. I miss it and would enjoy having my own.


  14. says

    I already signed up for Paula’s email newsletter & always look forward to her bonus recipes! Thanks to Paula & Laura for opportunity to win the Nutrimill!


  15. Lydia Holt says

    I”m a beginner…just learning…have ALWAYS wanted something like this. my parents used a grinder and made their own bread. Great memories. I want to follow in their footsteps. Thank you


  16. Wendy says

    I would LOVE one of these! I have 4 kids, so flour gets pretty expensive! I’m planting wheat for the first time this fall, so it would be great to have one of these to grind it when we harvest next spring!


  17. Bridgette Laver says

    OMG! We’re actually just embarking on GF. It would be soooo much cheaper to be able to grind my own grains over buying the ones in the store!


  18. Sally says

    I have dreamed about owning a Nutrimill what a wonderful giveaway! Looking forward to Paula’s newsletters and Facebook posts. =)


  19. Heather Schilling says

    I really, really, really want to win this! I already have a great grain grinder, but I want to bless a friend with this. She has wanted to be able to get one for awhile, but just doesn’t have the $ right now. :)


  20. Katherine says

    Would love to win this Nutrimill. My toddler is gluten-free so I can’t use my old mill anymore. Good luck everybody!


  21. Keara Smith says

    I tried several times to subscribe to Paula’s Newsletter, but it wouldn’t accept when i hit apply!! Why why why???


  22. says

    Would love to win it! Been reading your blog for about a month now. Being new to the area, it is nice to find out about deals right close to home – thank you!


  23. Beth says

    i would LOVE to have this grainmill!!! i’m sadly going to have to go gluten free, but this mill would help costs for my family immensely!!!!!


  24. judy says

    I would love to grind my own grains to make bread for my family. There is nothing as satisfying as homemade bread just out of the oven. Slather with raw butter, oh my, so good.


  25. Maria says

    I would love to win this! Thanks for the great giveaway. I have been out of town (so some remodeling could happen in my house) so have been without great internet access and without my kitchen to participate in your Funky Fresh Kitchen, but have enjoyed the snippets I have read on my tiny little phone.


  26. Janne Gaub says

    I liked Paula’s Bread on Facebook (I already liked Heavenly Homemakers, which is how I found out about this in the first place!).


  27. Pat Martin says

    What a fantastic opportunity. Oh, how I would love to win a Nutrimill for a dear friend who has been desirous of having one. I have one and love it dearly!


  28. Dana says

    I have been dying for one of these- it is on my Christmas wish list. Maybe Santa will come early this year!! Thanks for offering this. Love your site!


  29. Kylee says

    I have started making my own bread. I have a nutrimill in my amazon cart. Still waiting for the husband to okay it :) So winning one would be awesome!!


  30. ann says

    i would deeply love to have one of these nutramills, i am new at reserving and really would like to start making my own flour and other things. thank you and good luck everyone :)


  31. Terri F says

    I have always wanted to own one of these. I have started using different types of healthier flours, but grinding my own would take me to the next level!


  32. Barb R says