New (FREE!) Fall Menu Planners – Downloadable

Yes, it’s that time of year. The time when apples are ready to be made into delicious apple pies and leaves are beginning to turn colors…school has started and there is a cool crispness in the air. Unless of course you are living in a place that is still 100° with no chance of a break in the heat. Hang in there, my melting friends.

Whether it’s fall weather at your house or you are just pretending that it is…I asked my fabulous designer friend Char to make us some pretty fall menu planners for all of us to enjoy. She did not disappoint! I LOVE these planners (and matching grocery lists)!! They are free to all of you – You are welcome to download, print, share and menu plan to your heart’s content.

Falling Leaves Menu Planner

Falling leaves Grocery List

Fall Apples Menu Planner

Fall Apples Grocery List

Cornucopia Menu Planner

Cornucopia Grocery List

I just can’t get over how much nicer these menu planners look on my refrigerator compared to a piece of paper I rip out of my son’s 2006 assignment notebooks…


  1. says

    Good morning Laura and Char;
    Having been a recipient of Char’s beautiful designs before I must say these are stunning! Thank you to both of you for blessing us.
    Now off to the printer! :)


  2. says

    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

    Laura, Have you read the book “Raising Real Men” yet? If not, I posted details about a giveaway for it on my blog this morning, if you’re interested. ;) It looks like it might be good.


  3. jwmonty994 says

    Do you ever use monthly meal planners or just weekly? I would love to see a monthly fall planner if you have one. Thank you for this website and all the wonderful information!


  4. Amber says

    Just an idea.

    Maybe putting a box for the week of? Like Meals for Week – 9/27-10/4 (or whatever the person write in)

    That would make them PERFECT! For me at least! ;)



  5. says

    These are awesome Laura! Thank you! Would you consider asking your friend to create a month version? I try to do my meal planning by the month – less trips to the store = less money spent! =)


  6. says

    HI…..visiting and now following you from “Coming Alive in Christ”. I love these planners & will def. be using them! Happy Sunday!
    Jill @ Sweet Diva


  7. Angelique LaGier says

    For those who want to know what tone these with, you can use Adobe. Also, I opened them, edited them, and stored them on my IPad. You can even print them after editing from your IPad if you have an eprint printer.
    These are really cute.


  8. K Ann Guinn says

    Thanks again, Laura! These are so beautiful, and I still have the 2006 leftover spiral notebooks to use for other, less visible purposes!


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