New Free Downloadable Menu Planners for Summertime!

Pretty menu planners make me happy. They are much nicer to look at than a piece of faded paper ripped out of a notebook and thrown onto my fridge. Any menu planner is better than having no plan at all, but still…isn’t it more fun to be pretty and organized?

I’ve been wanting to work on some new summertime planners to share with you, but since I was having a hard time getting a round tuit, I asked Char of Delight-Design to make some for me. And for you. :)

Ah, she did way better than I could have ever done. Take a look at these! Not only did Char create pretty menu planners…she made pretty grocery lists to go with them! Just click the link below each image to download, print and share as many as you would like!!


Summer Menu Planner 1


Summer Grocery List 1


Summer Menu Planner 2


Summer Grocery List 2


Summer Menu Planner 3


Summer Grocery List 3


Summer Menu Planner 4


Summer Grocery List 4

Do feel free to share these, blog about them, tell your friends on facebook, print them and give them as gifts…whatever you would like to do! They’re free!

Enjoy your menu planning!! (Your PRETTY menu planning, that is!)


  1. Erin says

    My mom bought something like this from michaels for me, they have the menu planner and list on one sheet and then a magnet attached to the cardboard on the back to put on the fridge. I LOVE the ones you have here, very cute.


  2. Becki says

    THANK YOU!!!! My kids have seen all the other ones and were just asking if you might have some new ones! Can’t wait to plan my next weeks menu! Might even start now!


  3. says

    Thanks, I will be printing a few and laminating to keep reusing. So cute!


    Adell Reply:

    Ooh, Laminating is a great idea. I never thought of that…thanks for the suggestion


    Tyree Reply:

    If you put it in a frame behind glass you can use dry-erase right on the glass.


  4. says

    Thank you so much Laura! I am having a houseful of company on July 3rd. First reunion in nine years! I have printed out the patriotic planner and list and will transfer my menus to this. It definitely is the “little things” that make life fun and happy. You have given us that! Thanks again!


  5. Adell says

    I love, love these! It sure does make planning so much more fun! Thanks for making them available. I already posted them on my FB page!


  6. Lynne says

    Thank you so much! I love having a menu planner for the week, it helps tremendously with the question “What’s for Dinner?” :) Love the summer ones!


  7. Kathleen says

    Thank you so much for creating and sharing these wonderful menu planners! I LOVE them. I use one every week! They do make meal planning a little more “fun”. :)


  8. Annie-Michele says

    Love it and laminate them to reuse : ) Thank YOU so much for those really cute planners and list!


  9. Missie says

    Thanks for posting these! Can’t wait to use them. Oh, and as a side note, MY HUSBAND BOUGHT ME A GRAIN MILL!!!!!! I am so excited and just love using it. And I didn’t even have to show him your letter. ;)

    Thanks for all you do on this here blog to make our lives easier and more heavenly. You rock.


  10. says

    I love these planners. I downloaded the first one and laminated it. Now have a menu planner so that both my husband and I can see what’s for dinner. And it is easy to change from week to week with my dry erase marker. I have linked this page to my blog. Thanks so much for this great tool. Cass


  11. Christine says

    These are very nice but may I suggest a menu that you can type on and then print? (not as pretty but perhaps you could make it nicer)Email me and I will send it to you. It is great for me, a Mom of 7. You can erase it and rewrite each month.


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