My Favorite Chocolate Recipe


Today I’m sharing my favorite chocolate recipe with you.   It is SO GOOD. 

I guess that’s why it’s called Death By Chocolate. What a name. I didn’t name it. I’d have named it something like A Little Piece of Chocolate Heaven. Or Just When You Think It Can’t Get any Chocolatier. Or Chocolate Covered Chocolatey Chocolate

Well…anyway. Death By Chocolate is a recipe my mom found somewhere when I was a teenager. I remember her serving it when she wanted to make something special for company. She always put walnuts in hers…and I always picked ’em out. :)  I’m not a fan of nuts in my food. But you can put walnuts in yours if you want to. I’ll just pick ’em out if I come over and share it with you. (Which I’d love to do…come over and share it with you.)

As I remember also…the original recipe called for a box of brownie mix…a box of chocolate pudding…and a container of cool whip. The way I make it now…it is all made from scratch. And Oh. My. Goodness. Do try it. You won’t be sorry.

Death By ChocolateYum

Recipe for Creamy Chocolate Pudding
Recipe for Fudge Brownies (with or without the chocolate chips)
¾ cup heavy whipping cream
½ t. vanilla
1 t. sugar or a few drops of stevia
1 cup pecans or walnuts, optional

Bake Brownies according to recipe. Allow to cool. Make Chocolate Pudding according to recipe. Allow to cool.

In a large glass serving bowl, begin to layer your Death by Chocolate

Cut or crumble brownies into small crumbs or pieces. 
I usually cut mine into one inch squares. 
Place one third of them into serving bowl.

Pour one third of your pudding over the brownie pieces.
Continue this brownie – pudding layering twice more.

Choose the cutest person you can find to whip your cream. 
With beaters, whip cream until soft peaks form. 
Add vanilla and sugar or stevia. Mix in with beaters.

Spread the whipped cream on top of your brownie-pudding layers. 
If you’re talented and have time…put something fancy on top like put chocolate shavings. As you can see…I’m not that talented.

Oh, but look how pretty that is!! 

This is the very bowl my mom always made Death By Chocolate in. I’m so thankful to have this bowl in my own kitchen now. 

Okay…chocolate lovers! Come up with some excuse to make this!!! Invite someone over. Have a party. Invent a new holiday. You HAVE to make Death By Chocolate!! (Ooh, someone should invent a new holiday…JUST to celebrate CHOCOLATE!)

Anyone else a chocolate lover like I am?!

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  1. Cassie J. says

    Wow, I’m the first to leave a comment!

    I will definitely be making this desert sometime soon! Looks Delicious!


  2. Emily Kay says

    Oh, wow. Chocolate covered chocolatey chocolate. My dream come true! And, I don’t think you skipped the fancy chocolate shavings because you are “not talented”…I think it may have more to do with the fact that you are raising 4 boys, being a godly wife, running a household, homeschooling, preparing yummy meals, runnning a website, etc, etc,etc, and maybe you just didn’t have quite enough time on your hands to shave little pieces of chocolate for your chocolate covered chocolatey chocolate;) Just a thought:)


  3. says

    Oh. my. word. That looks so delicious!!! I’m going to have to try this. I love the usual death by chocolate out of a box but I don’t eat it anymore and I’m sure this would taste way better anyway. Thanks for sharing the recipe!


  4. says

    Last night, craving something sweet but having pretty much purged (ie. eaten) all ready made sweet things from the house, I made your chocolate brownies and icing from basic cooking ingredients (I was low on butter, so I used coconut oil for the brownies). My husband couldn’t finish his small square because it was so rich! When he found out that I had used whole wheat flour in the brownies he said, “You mean, our kids are going to grow up thinking that brownies are health food?” = )

    I’ll have to try this recipe though. I always have fresh cream on hand which rises to the top of our raw milk. I can see it being a hit at holiday gatherings and a little different than the ubiquitous pumpkin pie (which my husband says I should leave at home for his consumption only)!


  5. Barbara says

    I just made your chocolate peanut butter pie and I must have done something wrong! I followed the directions exactly . . . the filling did not ‘pour’ into the crust; I had to scoop it and spread it around. It is not ‘silky smooth’ it’s a bit grainy. I used all organic products except for the PB – I haven’t converted hubby over yet. I used organic cane juice crystals for the sugar. I measured everything properly. Any advice?! I’m taking this as a dessert to friends who invited us for dinner tonight – they don’t mind that I try out new recipes on them, but I can’t figure out what I did wrong.

    BTW – we’ve been trying and eating lots of your recipes and loving all of them! Maybe I should have made chocolate chip cookies like my husband requested . . . (I didn’t have any chocolate chips, so it would have been a bit challenging.) I’m not trying to complain or whine to you! Just curious what I did wrong!


  6. Barbara says

    Just to follow-up regarding the Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie – it was so RICH and DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was a tad bit grainy, not silky smooth, but still YUMMY – just like all of your other recipes : – )


  7. says

    I am not a big chocolate fan myself, but I have a house full of chocolate lovers and this dessert would make a perfect ending to a Christmas dinner. I am bookmarking this recipe because I will definitely be making this recipe soon. Thank you for posting it.


  8. Crystal says

    I think they have a holiday for that… It’s coming up in a few days – Valentine’s Day! :O) I’m getting chocolate for Valentine’s day (I special requested it from hubby). I’m *also* making death by chocolate this weekend for my two sons’ birthdays! Oh, bring on the chocolate!!! :O)


  9. Jenny says

    Oh… chocolate covered chocolatey chocolate. Yum. Shaved chocolate on top is just gilding the lily. My hubby would love this, and so would his coworkers. Thank you for posting!


  10. Geneva Collins says

    I have made something similar to this in a 9×14″ pan. Instead of the chocolate pudding, I use vanilla and put about a half a cup or more of peanut butter in the vanilla pudding. Another way to make a yummy dessert out of pudding is to use peanut butter sandwich cookies crushed for the crust with a little butter to hold it together. Pour over the crust either chocolate pudding or vanilla mixed with some more peanut butter. top with whipped cream. I use stevia in my puddings.Either way it is delicious.


    Laura Reply:



  11. Linda says

    I make a version of this in a trifle bowl but I also layer in pieces of Nestle crunch bars and the whipped cream. Oh, and I also soak my brownies with chocolate syrup while they are still hot! The fam loves it and we serve it at all official family holidays!


  12. Shelley P. says

    Chocolate and books= wonderful

    I think reading while eating chocolate is the BEST!
    Thanks for sharing so much of your life with us. It’s always encouraging.


  13. Paula says

    I’m heading out to the kitchen NOW! But I just stopped to say there already is a holiday for chocolate…Valentine’s Day! lol


  14. Krsity says

    Should this be made right before serving? The morning of? The night before? Just wondering when it tastes the best…


    Laura Reply:

    It’s really fine either way, but I’d say making it in the morning to serve that night would be best since it would be chilled.


  15. Phyllis says

    Thank you, fellow chocoholic! I can smell a good chocolate recipe miles away! BTW, I’m getting on the “Save the Earth” bandwagon: “SAVE THE EARTH…IT’S THE ONLY PLANET WITH CHOCOLATE!!” LOL!


  16. Karen says

    I make a version of this, too, which includes soaking some of the cake pieces in espresso and also sprinkling the top with bits of crunched up butter toffee (Heath crumbles!). Either way, it is not only yummy, the presentation is pretty! And I have to laugh — I don’t own a trifle bowl, so I serve mine in a large glass punch bowl, too. No one seems to mind since it is SO distractingly delicious. BTW, I cheat and use Cool Whip. I know, I know…


  17. Nancy says

    I made this for my family and friends last night. Needless to say, there were no leftovers. Fantastic recipes – best chocolate pudding I’ve ever had and paired with your brownies and whipped cream, wow! Thanks Laura.


  18. Shonda says

    Just made this for my Mom’s Night Out. I will try it again since I can see there are different ways to make it yummy. I think I would try nuts as well as some frozen raspberries mixed in on top of the brownies.


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