My “Bulk” Natracare Order (And Possibly Too Much Information?)

Well, speaking of buying in bulk and having everything you need on hand so you don’t have to panic and run to the store…let’s just say that this concept isn’t limited to food, my friends. There just so happens to be a bulk order I needed to make today and for some strange reason, I decided you should know about it. You’re welcome, or I’m sorry – depending on how much information you really want to find here at Heavenly Homemakers. ;)

I’ve talked in the past about “healthy punctuation products” and the importance I feel that it is to avoid regular feminine products at the store. Read this post to know more about what I’m talking about

I’ve come to LOVE all Natracare Products, finding that they make a world of difference in my “punctuation life“. Many of you have recomended the Diva Cup or Cloth Pads – call me lazy – I just haven’t gone there yet. (Silly, I know.)

Here are my Natracare Products of choice:

The biggest reason I order cases of these products (beyond the fact that it saves money) is because I don’t ever, ever want to run out and have to get the regular kind from the store. I could break out into a rash just thinking about it.  {shudder} Regular products practically made me sick. I don’t ever want to use them again ever, ever, ever.

So there you go. In a few days, I’ll be receiving my bulk order of Natracare Products.

This makes me happy, although not nearly as happy as big bulky bags of oats. And I promise not to stand and stare at my box of Natracare Products like I stare at my bulk groceries. ;)


  1. Amanda says

    I highly recommend the Diva Cup!! I was hesitant to try it, after using primarily pads for my whole life… but it works so well and you can barely tell it’s there. I love not having to worry about running out of pads!


  2. Lana says

    The regular stuff did make me break out in rashes and my skin sore but I have the best solution—-menopause! I know TMI! Blessed freedom!


  3. Rebecca says

    I went to a Diva about a year ago after being a tried and true tampon girl my whole life. Love it, and it is so easy, just rinse and pop it in. At the end of your cycle you can soak it in vinegar or hydrogen peroxide to clean it, otherwise just soap and water and into storage till the next time. Think of the money you would save.


    Danielle B Reply:

    Yup, I went to Diva after being a tampon girl. I never ever liked pads.


  4. Danielle B says

    I LOVE my diva and Instead cups. I only use the Instead cup for one act ahem… I won’t go there lol. I can’t bring myself to use cloth pads either Laura! Can’t do it.


  5. Jennifer3 says

    LOVE my cup! I have a lunette, there are different brands with different sizes and slightly different styles. And talk about money saving! :) One of these months you will have to give it a try!


  6. Martine says

    hehehe……I betcha your boys love it that you buy those in bulk, they never have to ‘quick swing by the store’ to fetch some supplies for you. My hubby did once, and he says ‘never again- he was so embarrassed, but kind had no choice as I was at home with new baby (and a little naive as to how much I would need) :)


  7. Kristie says

    Those of you that use the diva cup, how to you rinse it/change it or however it works when you are out of the house? I work full time, and that’s always been a concern of mine! Thanks!


    Rachel Reply:

    TMI alert…I rinse it out during my morning shower and rinse it again about 12 hours later. I stay at home but I think it would be great for anybody.


    Rebecca Reply:

    If you have a privte bath use the sink to rinse it out or take a botte of water with you into a stall. I know some who grab a few paper towels before entering the stall and just wipe it out. In a pinch i pull it out, dump it out and pop it back in, no rinse.


    Christy Reply:

    You don’t have to rinse it as often as you would have to change a tampon. Mine has gotten much heavier since my last child, and only on my heaviest days do I need to rinse it in the middle of the day. Usually it’s in the morning shower & after dinner.


    Amanda Reply:

    I also work full-time. I could probably go the full workday without emptying it, but usually do at least once. I just wipe it down with toilet paper, and then do a full wash after I get home.


    Hannah Reply:

    Yep, when I was teaching the teachers had a private bathroom with a sink, so it was easy, and nice that I didn’t have to take anything along with me to the bathroom like I would with disposable products. And I only had to empty it at school during the heaviest ~2 days. Things like airport bathrooms I would grab a wet paper towel and take it in the bathroom with me. And, like others have said, you don’t have to change it as often as tampons so it’s not a big deal.


  8. Rachel says

    Laura, you HAVE to try the Diva Cup. (I actually have a Lady Cup – same thing, just a different brand.) Talk about lazy!!!


  9. Lisa says

    Hi all – I am new to this site and was wondering where you purchased your bulk order of Natracare pads? Thanks!


    Laura Reply:

    I purchased them through Amazon – you can click on any of the blue words describing Natracare products in my post. Those are links that take you the page on Amazon where you can purchase.


  10. says

    I can’t wrap myself self around the diva cup idea yet. We did try making punctuation products quite a few years ago, but I wasn’t satisfied with how they worked out. We like the 7th generation for some of the same err problems you’ve mentioned. And finally with 5 ladies or more in our home at any given time I never want to run out! They also seem to be cheaper on auto ship. I like the fact that I can cancel an order etc. :)


  11. heather d. says

    Has anyone tried their brand of tampons? I can find these locally and wonder if that would help have the same effect? Now that I think about it, my . has been getting longer and is now 6-8 days, irritated skin… Tried the cup but was too squeamish to keep at it and make it work. maybe I should try it again? thank you ladies for any feedback!


    Beulah Reply:

    I’ve only ever tried their applicator-free kind (like an ob style). They are wonderful and work great!


    Kristin Reply:

    I really like their no applicator tampons. I was unsure at first, but it’s really easy to insert them once you the hang of it. I just can’t do pads – they drive me nuts!


  12. Serenity Summers says

    Last time I went to my OB he told me that tampons from the store have bleach in them! I about fell over! No more stuff from the store for me :)

    My 2 year old girl, Sarah , LOVES to take all my hygiene products out and spread them around my room. Pretty sure if I bought in bulk she would squeal and immediately start “papering” my bedroom :)


    Lana Reply:

    I had a number of precancerous polyps removed from the cervix that were caused by tampons. Scary huh?


  13. says

    I have “punctuation” issues, too, but have never thought to connect them with the type of feminine products I use. Giving this some thought, and am really thinking of switching to Natracare or something similar! Thanks for the info. If it helps someone, I don’t think it’s TMI!


  14. Kathleen K says

    Not too much information. Those who don’t have friends and family living a natural, healthy lifestyle need someone to give them suggestions and help!


  15. Amy says

    I, too, use the Natracare panty liners, but I’m not completely pleased with them as they bunch up very quickly and don’t stay flat and in place.


  16. Christa says

    I saw you buy from Amazon. Don’t know if you’ve heard about Ebates? It’s basically a site you go through first to order the regular stuff you would online but the greatest part is you get money back for every penny spent. The percentage varies depending on what store you order from. I checked out what you bought for the Natracare and it was cheaper (compared to what you posted from Amazon)even when you pay shipping and you get 4% back. I have a personal link that I get a kick back for any “friends” that join. Please feel free to check it out. I appreciate any “friends” who’d like to use it. My husband and I found it really great. They have almost every store/product you can imagine.


  17. Kristen says

    I have been making the switch to safer punctuation products as well. It has been a little slower for me, trying to buy the safer, non-bleached organic kinds and using up the old stock. I really like the natracare pads. The tampons are pretty good, but I am not crazy about them. I also really like a tampon brand called “organyc” that you can get from or I actually think they work a little better than the natracare tampons.

    I have never been a fan of pads. (I too have some sensitivity issues with the plasticy-ness of pads etc.) I have found that the natracare relieve a lot of that but am slowly switching to the world of cloth pads to at least cut down on some waste (as I don’t know if I could ever completely stop with the tampons). It seems like a good compromise.

    Since I switched to the organic brands (natracare and organyc) and cloth (even halfway/part time), I have seen the difference.

    Sorry for the TMI and long comment.


  18. Nicola says

    I use half & half. I use natracare & cloth san pro. I love my csp the best though. Fleece or wool back with an obv top. Ultimate comfort.


  19. Kate says

    So, Laura, you’re saying that if you came to my house I could show you my small hoard of organic cotton tampons from the surplus outlet and you’d squeal with me at my amazing deal? It’s not a joy I can really share with anyone else. :)


  20. Brittni says

    Where can I purchase natracare products in bulk online? I am allergic to all pads due to sensitive skin so I really need to know. Thank you!


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