More Christmas Memories – Making Peppernuts

It seems like all week long, I’ve been traveling back in time to the days I was a little girl during the Christmas season. Listening to the Muppets Christmas CD has been such a fun blessing as I remember special Christmas traditions with my mom. And now, I’m thinking about my grandma. Why? Because every year she made oodles of little Peppernuts that we would munch on.

What are Peppernuts? Some of you likely eat them each year just like I did growing up. If not, allow me to introduce you to the best little cookies in the world:


These cookies are a little bit time consuming to make, but they make a large quantity for you to enjoy. They are also wonderful to package up in baggies to deliver to others.

Tell me if you’ve had Peppernuts before! And be sure to check out the recipe here.


  1. Stacy says

    My Gramma made peppermuts every year when I was growing up. I supposedly ate them two fists at a time as a toddler. I’ve only made them a few times as an adult. I’d love to try this healthier version!


  2. Jill A says

    We have them every year and usually make 2 different recipes. A great shortcut my mom started doing to make them: we roll the cookie dough into “snakes” and freeze them, then cut the snakes into cookies instead of forming each individual cookie.


  3. Kristi says

    I totally grew up on these!! We would make at least 2-3 batches every year. The married-in sibilings have developed a love for them, and get a bag for their birthdays! yes, making and freezing ‘snakes’ is the only way to go.


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