Mock Frozen Yogurt

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Can I now offer you the perfect little side dish to go with your Taco Corn Fritters? This Mock Frozen Yogurt is so very easy and really, really tasty too.

I have no idea why I felt the need to say that.  It really is sort of a “duh” statement because if I didn’t feel like it was tasty, would I actually post the recipe on my blog? How would that look…”I don’t really like eating this dish, but I thought I’d post it for you anyway so you could be grossed-out along with me. Feel free to stink up your kitchen and tell your kids that the Heavenly Homemaker made you do it. Be sure to come back and share your gag stories.”  I would never do that. And yet I still felt the need to point out that the recipe tastes good. Duh.

So yeah, this recipe is really tasty! You should try it sometime! Anyway…

My favorite thing about this recipe is that it works great as a side dish or snack, but is also sweet enough to be a dessert. And in case I failed to mention it, this Mock Frozen Yogurt is really quite tasty. :)

Mock Frozen Yogurt

3 cups any varieties of frozen fruit (I used blueberries, peaches and strawberries)
1 1/2 cups plain yogurt
1/4 cup grade B real maple syrup
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

Place frozen fruit in a food processor.

Add plain yogurt, vanilla and maple syrup.

Blend until all ingredients are well mixed. Easy as that!

Serve right away as a side dish, snack or dessert! I LOVE it when desserts are this healthy!!

And there you go. Come back for more tasty (and gluten free!) recipes all week long!

What are your favorite frozen fruits to use in treats??


  1. Carla says

    I love frozen berries, but my kids don’t, so we usually use frozen peaches or bananas or on occasion mango. Really though, it’s hard to go wrong with frozen fruit. :)


  2. karen says

    This is awesome with frozen cherries and a splash of vanilla! I have lots of frozen cherries from a great sale last summer and the kids love this.


  3. Rachel says

    We love this same flavor combo too. Sometimes I add in some avocado for extra creaminess and nutrition, especially if anyone has been sick and not able to eat ‘real’ foods.


  4. Renee says

    just made this for after lunch dessert! My kids LOVED it!!! In fact they made it themselves!! ;) Thanks for the great recipe. We used 1 C strawberries, 1 C pineapple & 1 C blueberries.


  5. Becky says

    I make something very similar as a breakfast smoothie, but with much less sweetner – honey in my case. Bananas work well. Also, did you know you can make it in advance and re-freeze in individual servings. I pull one out in the morning and either microwave it briefly or just let it sit for awhile, stir it up, and you have a smoothie or your mock frozen yogurt! Yum. I’m going to try maple syrup in my next batch of smoothies.


  6. Melissa says

    Can’t wait to try this! Justus’ shaved ice was a hit yesterday, I bet this will be a hit this coming weekend!


  7. Michelle B. says

    Except that you make it in a food processor instead of a blender this sounds like the smoothies I made for breakfast this morning, definitely tasty! :)


  8. Jen says

    I love using frozen peaches. They’re my fav fruit but they’re really only good when they’re in season or frozen.


  9. Kelly says

    mock icecream…. just blend up some frozen bananas! Add in like agave nectar or similar, plus some pecans for butter pecan ‘ice cream’. Or add whatever else you want in it or on it. Totally healthy, totally cheap, and totally, totally delicious!!!! Reminds me that I need to start freezing more bananas!


  10. Tracy says

    We have a recipe very similar to that! On nights when daddy won’t be home for dinner and mommy feels lazy, we have “shake and noodles”, which is this recipe and Ramen noodles using my own doctored up chicken stock/broth instead of the msg filled packet they include. And no, we don’t eat them together. Eww. We eat the “shake” first.. The kids all cheer when they hear that shake and noodles is for dinner. In fact, I think I’m about to hear some cheering. :)


  11. Priscilla F. says

    Just ordered some yogurt culture from Cultures for Health – was nice to get the HH discount – thanks for that! :)


  12. Krista says

    This is kinda like the smoothies we sometimes make. Our favorite fruits are any type of berry (or multiple types) and some banana. Adding the banana also means we don’t have to use as much sweetener.


  13. Laurie says

    I like to use strawberry, banana, blueberry and cantaloupe. I froze chunks of cantaloupe from the garden last summer and they are wonderful in a smoothie.


  14. Carmen says

    Frozen banana all by itself (no yogurt or anything) is fantastic!! Even better: add cocoa powder, stevia, coconut, and nuts. Cut banana into chunks before freezing.


  15. Danielle says

    We make something very similar and call it a smoothie. Usually we just add whatever fruit needs to be used up. Sometimes it turns our thin and we use a straw or sometimes it is so thick we need a spoon!


  16. Tiffani says

    We make these all the time! One of my boys doesn’t like fruit, but will eat a smoothie any time. That’s what we call these.

    Tip: A favorite around here is to make and freeze in those plastic freezer pop holders. The ones that most people would use to make popcicles from juice. Yummy!!


  17. Cathy B. says

    Yum! I recently got a Vitamix, so I think I will try using it to make this recipe. It sounds great–really “tasty!” ; ) We make smoothies often and use all different kinds of fruit, both fresh and frozen. One of my favorites is to use frozen watermelon. We grew some last year and cut it up and froze it. It works great in smoothies, and with a Vitamix you can even use the seeds.


  18. says

    We make this quite a bit. Our favorite combo is banana, pineapple and raspberries. Instead of syrup we use honey ~ my children love that the honey does not mix in smoothly so as they are eating it is a contest who got the biggest honey ball in their “sorbet”.


  19. Marie H says

    These sound very good. My Granddaughters will love them! I see one with strawberries and bananas any maybe add blueberries or blackberries.


  20. Ann M says

    I add in some wheat germ, spinach, flax, etc (whatever I think I can hide from the kids) and serve these as smoothies for breakfast. Yum! BTW, I don’t add in any maple syrup or sweetner since I use vanilla FF yogurt. – it’s sweet enough.


  21. heather stinson says

    we make something similar, just with our homemade kefir and have it first thing every morning…looks great


  22. Sarah DJ says

    Mmmmm, I love fruit…though I think I would enjoy this dish more if you just combined the fruit with the yogurt, my hubby would love the smoothie effect :-)


  23. Kristin says

    I also like to use Kefir when I make things like this. I usually use honey to sweeten it. I also like to put it back in the freezer so it can harden up a little. When I scoop it with an ice cream scoop after it hardens it feels so much more like a dessert :)


  24. says

    Yep- we call this a smoothie. (minus the syrup- we don’t usually need extra sweet for these)
    I keep a gallon bag in the freezer and anytime we have fruit that is about to go back, I clean it, slice it and throw it in the bag. When it’s time to make smoothies, we go to the fruit and see what’s in there.


  25. says

    This sounds yummy! Another great healthy dessert is just to blend up frozen bananas with a bit of vanilla and enough milk to get them going. It tastes like an banana ice cream shake. SO GOOD! And easy, and cheap, and healthy…makes me a happy mommy.


  26. Micah says

    We ate this with our lunch (roasted potatoes with your broccoli & cheese sauce) yesterday and it was a big hit.


  27. Jen French says

    Yummy looking mugs of goodness! I love making egg custards in mugs. So much easier than trying to juggle little custard cups in a hot water bath!


  28. says

    This looks like our normal smoothie, too… but I wonder if you could freeze it for a bit and then turn it into more of a granita frozen yogurt kind of thing? YUM!


  29. Lisa says

    We’ve done this too, but put them in popsicle containers and froze them. The kids thought they were getting a smoothie pop from the store!!!


  30. Karen Sexton says

    I have made something simular, my kids loved it. BUT…..I put them in ice cube trays, stuck a toothpick in and called them smoothie pops. We brought them camping last year and all the kids camping even not in our site loved them.


  31. Kathleen T says

    I make smoothie pops for my kids all of the time (even winter). You could make this even healthier by adding in some spinach or powdered greens (which will be hidden by the taste of the fruit and sweetener), add some protein powder (whey or vegan), and use some stevia to cut down on the maple syrup. I make mine in a blender. I freeze mine in silicone molds that keep all of the juice in the bottom as they melt while being eaten for the kids to drink when done. I found them on Amazon.


  32. says

    I just made this today for all 7 of my children (including our two little new ones from Ethiopia that joined our family a month ago through adoption!) THEY LOVED IT!!!]


  33. Brooke says

    Looks super yummy! I’ll have to try this one :) Laura, can I come live with you – LOL! I don’t know how you do all of this! You’re inspiring but I’m overwhelmed…


  34. Maura says

    If you freeze this will it be like frozen yogurt or will it be hard as a rock?

    What makes frozen yogurt have a soft texture?


    Laura Reply:

    It would become hard if you freeze it like this. If you want soft frozen yogurt, you’d need to make it in an ice cream machine with ice and rock salt.


  35. Dawn says

    This is exactly the recipe I use for breakfast smoothies, except that I add milk! I never thought of skipping the milk and using it for dessert! I like your tea cups for dessert dishes, too – very economical.


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