Menu Plan for the Week

What a weekend! 

We took a bunch of boys on a camping trip Friday night and Saturday to celebrate Asa’s birthday. It was so much fun!  Except for the all night thunderstorm that pretty much kept all of us from sleeping and made us wonder if we should head back home in the middle of the night.  Other than really was so much fun.  Asa has a great bunch of friends. 

Back home again…today was going along just fine until Malachi flung himself into a metal bed frame. Lots of tears (Malachi cried too) and three stitches later…we’re back home from the ER with a new stuffed puppy and a very brave and happy four year old.

Ever notice that EVERY picture of Malachi shows him in a different costume? This kid likes to play dress-up. He even took his trip to the ER in his Transformer costume.

I’m hoping that this week will be a little less crazy and that the weekend will bring some out of town guests. (Michele…Jayme…I planned a yummy menu this weekend to make you work even harder to make your way north on Friday.)

If you notice a lot of strawberries on the menu this week…it’s because I have a LOT of them in my house right now. I’ll tell you all about it on Gratituesday! Strawberries make me so happy…

Sunday, June 7
Cereal, strawberries
Chicken stir fry with fresh broccoli and squash
Black bean salsa

Monday, June 8Happy Birthday Asa!
Cinnamon rolls, scrambled eggs
Homemade pizza, strawberry chocolate cheesecake

Tuesday, June 9
Chocolate chip pancakes
Bean dip, strawberry milkshakes
Grilled talapia, ranch potato wedges, tossed salad

Wednesday, June 10
Sourdough biscuits, fried eggs, oranges
Hamburger patties, steamed broccoli, fruit salad
Italian roast wraps, tossed salad

Thursday, June 11
Scrambled egg sandwiches, apples
Tuna topped tomatoes, kefir fruit smoothies
Beefy enchilada bake, tossed salad

Friday, June 12
Banana bread, applesauce
Chicken nuggets and fries, carrot sticks
Tacos, homemade strawberry ice cream

Saturday, June 13
Homemade donuts
Grilled ham and cheese sandwiches, veggie tray, fruit
Steak, fried zucchini, tossed salad, strawberry shortcake

I guess we’re having a lot of tossed salad this week too. Our garden is going nuts with lettuce right now! I’ll try to give you a garden tour this week!

Anyone else enjoying lots of strawberries and lettuce (and other great early garden produce) right now?

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  1. says

    Poor Malachi! I’m glad he’s feeling better. And I’m so bummed I’ll miss out on next weekend…strawberries are my FAVORITE! Oh, well, I’ll miss seeing you, too. =) Love you!


  2. says

    poor kid! Have you tried the salad that incorporate strawberries, walnuts, feta cheese, lettuce and rasberry vingarette dressing? YUm!!

    I love all his costumes. I have a kid like that!


  3. says

    We’ve got little new potatoes that we’ve just harvested, along with grape tomatoes. Will soon have bell peppers & cucumbers & eggplant! LOVE making dinner from the garden.


  4. says

    Oh, poor Malachi! Sounds like he’s a trooper.

    A couple of weeks ago we were in my hometown (a rural area) and got to pick our own strawberries for $1/pound. We picked 15 pounds and froze half and snacked on half.

    Yesterday at the farmer’s market (Chicago ‘burbs), the first strawberries of the season were $6 for a pint!! Yikes!! Had to pass on those!

    But we are enjoying LOTS of lettuce from our backyard garden. Yay! :)


  5. Jen says

    Poor Malachi!

    I’m glad your camping trip went ok despite the thunderstorm! We were camping near Ashland this weekend. We were delayed by construction (coming from KC after DH’s work), confused by google maps and got lost, set up the tent in the dark without staking it, and then fled to my parents’ house in Omaha at 5:15 am when our tent blew over in the storm for the second time. We will have lots of funny memories from this trip!


  6. says

    Oh my, your menu sounds fabulous! I wish I could come eat at your house. I love strawberries, but ours are just barely starting to come up.


  7. says

    The menu looks great this week, Laura! We love strawberries, too. Our berries come in in April, though-we live in FL. Back in April, we had strawberries coming out our ears:) I made homemade vanilla icecream and added the sliced strawberries and chopped dark chocolate in right at the end. It was the best icecream I have ever had!

    Oh, and BTW-we were camping Friday night, too! It did not rain on us until we were packing up camp about 1pm on Saturday. It was a great trip!

    Hope Malachi is feeling better today! :)


  8. says

    So sorry about your little guy. We have done the stitches thing 3 times on my second son. No fun. And I love the costumes. From 3-6 my boys were always in costumes. My oldest had a super-hero cape that he wore everywhere. Not kidding. Except Sunday morning church. He loved it so much. I do too and will keep it forever.


  9. says

    Can’t wait for the garden tour! woo hoo!

    Poor Malachi, but I think he’s the cutest Transformer ever!

    We went camping years ago and got a storm like that and ended up almost swimming in the tent! “That’s adventure sleeping!”


  10. Natalie says

    Lovin the fresh lettuce and spinach from our garden right now!
    I noticed “grilled talapia” on your menu. I’ve never heard of it, but I bet it’s good. Got a recipe you can share? :-)
    Hope your little guy heals quickly!


  11. says

    Question…will my lettuce grow back after I pick it or will it be gone once I pick? Never grown lettuce before. Thanks Laura


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