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Matt and I had a lovely time at the Nebraska Home School Conference this weekend…and we were so excited that we were able to meet several of you!! Thanks for taking the time to come say hello in the middle of your busy weekend. We loved it!!

Now…how can we figure out ways to meet all of the rest of you??? Hmmmm……..

Speaking of the conference, here are some interesting things that occurred that really have nothing to do with much of anything, but which you may or may not find interesting or boring. :)

One is that because we were at our little vendor booth, talking to people and sharing about our curriculum and telling people what is all about….we were standing on our feet on a hard floor for two solid days. Our legs got tired, but eh…no biggy. It was a great time. 

It wasn’t until about two hours after the conference ended and we were home unloading our gear that suddenly we both realized how sore we were. By bedtime, I was gimping around like I’d sustained an injury and Matt had to run me a bath to soak in. 

This morning, I was scooting around like a little old lady. Every move hurts as I’m trying to work my kinks out.   If you saw me, you’d likely say, “What happened to you? Did you fall? Were you hit by a moving vehicle? Did the boys’ wrestling matches finally get the best of you?”   And I’d have to reply, “I did absolutely nothing.  I simply stood in the same spot for two days and now I can’t seem to walk or move.”

Matt said that this is normal (he knows these things from his work at the restaurant). I’m so glad he thinks I’m normal.

Anyway…the other thing that isn’t relevant to anything and that you may not care about is:

On Friday of the conference, because there were people coming by the booth almost constantly all day long…we didn’t find much time to eat the lunch we had packed. We were able to sneak a bite in here and there, but by 6:30 that evening when the vendor booths closed, we were both quite hungry.   We got in the van to head home for the night and while this was very unlike us, we decided on fast food because we needed food…fast. So, we went to Culvers because if you’re going to eat fast food, it should at least taste really good.

Now, I don’t know if you know this about me or not, but I’m a beef lovin’ girl. I think it’s something about how I tend to feel sick and anemic if I don’t get enough iron…but regardless…there are times that I just need me some cow. This was one of those times.

As we looked at the menu I decided that a “single” just wasn’t going to cut it. I told Matt that I was going to shock us both and order the “double cheddar”.

And I did. And I ate it all.  And I didn’t look back.

I inhaled that double burger and I was very happy and Matt just watched in amusement. Somewhere in between bites and while I had ketchup running down my chin, I said, “Thank you for not judging me for ordering and eating an entire double.”

And then I handed him my fries because really…I was just there for the beef.

Okay…so that’s the end of my random weekend stories. Here’s the menu plan that you really came to see:

(And in case you’re wondering, because of our gluten free experiment, Malachi will be eating the non-gluten parts of these meals, or I’ll adapt part of a meal for him, or whatever. I’m trying not to be a short order chef, but I’ve found that it’s easier to try to cook “normally” and just adjust a few things for him specifically. I’ll probably talk more about this during our Gluten Free Recipe Parade which begins tonight!!)

Sunday, April 3
Easy breakfast casserole, oranges
Roasted chicken, carrots, potatoes, gravy
Cook-out with friends

Monday, April 4
Warm chocolate soother, toast
Tuna topped tomatoes, peaches and cottage cheese

Tuesday, April 5
Simple soaked pancakes, scrambled eggs
Homemade chicken strips, ranch potato wedges, peas
Swiss steak over rice, carrots

Wednesday, April 6
Creamy orange cooler, toast
Taco corn fritters (recipe coming this week!), applesauce
Lasagna casserole, tossed salad

Thursday, April 7
Gluten Free-Dairy Free chocolate chip muffins (recipe to be shared this week!!), bananas
Cheddar ranch burgers, roasted asparagus
BBQ meatballs, cream scalloped potatoes, green beans

Friday, April 8
Fried eggs on toast, pears
Meat and cheese burritos, apples
Chicken and rice stew, raw veggies with ranch dip

Saturday, April 9
Turkey sausage, hashbrowns
Lamb chops, baked potatoes, tossed salad


Be sure to check out Say Mmm to help you get organized in your menu planning!


Hope you’re planning to join us for the Gluten Free Recipe Parade 
to get lots of fun new recipe ideas!!! 


Visit Organizing Junkie for more Menu Planning inspiration!


  1. Holly in Virginia says

    Sounds very normal to me also, the soreness part I mean. Next time bring a foam mat (something like this: ) it will save your feet, knees and back a lot of stress. Also try the homeopathic Arnica, it works wonders on muscle pains! You can get an Arnica gel and have your hubby massage it into your muscles. Then you can return the favor. ;) It’s *very* nice.


    Holly in Virginia Reply:

    The mutual massaging part I mean, not the soreness. ;)


    Laura Reply:



  2. Christina says

    I just have to say, I made lasagna casserole for the 1st time this week & made double to take to a family at church. Not only was it delicious, but I received rave reviews from the family today! And while we are on the subject of taking meals & rave reviews, I took a Beefy Enchilada Bake to a lady after she had surgery a couple of weeks ago, & she told my husband it was her favorite meal to receive that week! Your recipes have infused our menus with delicious, healthy, easy meals, & we are so very grateful…. and it isn’t even Gratituesday! :)


  3. says

    Mmm, Culvers! We have conferences at our church that run for several days at a time. They get super busy, and eating at regular intervals just isn’t possible. Thank God for Culvers! Their burgers are delicious, and made from real beef. When you need a burst of protein and there just aren’t many options, Culvers fits the bill perfectly.


  4. 1ofeach says

    Holly said what I was going to say, but she even had a link. :) I have seen vendors use expensive mats that protect your back by being cusiony and others that use those big alphabet mats that people put down in kids’ rooms, nurseries, playrooms, etc. There are similar mats folks put in garages or workshops too.

    Take care of you!


  5. elizabeth says

    Laura, I am very excited about the gluten free parade. Being italian-american, i am all about my gluten. Love it! lol. But I do have crohn’s disease, and although it is not diet related, some people say gf reduces the symptoms. Your menu this week looks very doable rather than a specialty diet menu. Awesome :)


  6. Sharon says

    I can’t but wonder…. does eating something from a fast food restaurant cause you any gastrointestinal distress? You eat so clean 95% of the time, it would seem like eating the processed foods would be a shock to your system. Or, maybe I just have an extremely sensitive, fussy system, but eating those type of things now just doesn’t cause the same pleasure it once did. Am I getting old?? :o) Sharon


    Laura Reply:

    I actually didn’t notice anything THIS time, but almost always, YES I do not feel well after eating out, especially fast food. Or even eating “junkier foods” at home or at someone else’s home…I usually have stomach issues.

    I don’t think that means you’re getting old because that would mean I’m getting old and I’m pretty sure we’re both very, very young. :)


  7. S. Davis says

    Is there a recipe for the chicken & rice stew listed on the menu, or the chicken & rice soup photo?

    I was unsuccessful in doing a search for it. Thank you!


    Laura Reply:

    I don’t have a recipe for it on the site yet, but it’s very similar to our Chicken and Noodles, just made with brown rice instead:


    Kristi Reply:

    do you cook the rice in the stew to thicken it more like a stew??


    Laura Reply:

    Yes, kind of. It depends on how much rice I throw in. Sometimes, I put in too much and it’s more like a casserole! I prefer it more like a soup.

  8. Kathy W. says

    I can totally relate to the sore body after standing on a hard floor – that’s why I had to quit my part-time-which-became-a-full-time job at Macy’s after a couple of months…I’m too old for all that concrete-standing.

    But the Culver’s story was funny – we don’t have Culver’s in Oregon, but we fell in love with it on our cross-country trip last summer.. one of the least fast-food of the fast-food joints. Mmmmm..I could go for a double burger now!


  9. Julie Nicholls says

    We have been cooking gluten free since Feb 1 because of my 6 year old daughter’s on going tummy aches. Wow! What a difference in her and hooray! Anyway, I REALLY appreciate getting recipes from you that will be gluten free. Tonight we had a quiche type casserole that uses hash browns as the crust (cooked ahead for a bit) and then add eggs, milk, cheese, chopped ham and onions. Peas as a side dish. Went out to eat yesterday for the first time and discovered Outback Steak House has a gluten free menu if you ask for it and so does Jason’s deli. Not sure if you have those in your neck of the woods. Just had to say thanks!!


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