Menu Plan For Company

We tried to fight it, but the flu bug hit our house anyway. :(

I am now quite behind on my work, as well as still very low on energy. And…we have 11 guests coming to stay with us this weekend for York College Homecoming.

All six of us will be working hard to get the house clean and ready for guests, and to get ahead on school work so we can take a couple days off at the end of the week. Papa and Grandma Tacy are the first to arrive on Wednesday night. Others trickle in on Thursday and Friday. We are all so excited! (Um, even if I am typing this from my pitiful little pillow right now.)  ;)

Obviously, food preparation is an important item on my to-do list this week. Thankfully, during the past couple of weeks, I’ve worked here and there to prepare some of the meals – so I already have quite a bit finished and in the freezer. Once again, freezer cooking saves my neck!

I haven’t planned our meals for this week entirely. (Look back at some of my older menu plans if you need some ideas for your menu plan this week!)

But here’s what I’m looking to feed our company this weekend. We’ll have anywhere from 7-20 people at each meal, depending on who is here at the time and who else from town might be able to join us. Here’s my plan, with possibly more information than you ever needed to know…

Thursday, October 11

My dad usually buys donuts for the boys for breakfast when he comes. Once or twice a year eating store bought donuts won’t kill us, right? And it’s a huge treat that the boys love. I’ll be requesting and enjoying a maple long john, thank you very much. And I’ll scramble eggs and get out fruit and milk to go with them. ;)

For lunch, I’ll make Homemade Chicken and Noodles (broth and noodles already in the freezer) with raw veggies and sliced fruit. Dinner will be Lasagna Casserole with Tossed Salad after we get home from our boys soccer games. They are very excited to have grandparents coming in time to watch their games!

Friday, October 12

For breakfast, I will have two Easy Breakfast Casseroles ready to put into the oven, and make big batches of Whole Wheat Pancakes to go with them, with either applesauce or pears.

Many of the men will go golfing at noon, so we’ll pack them a big cooler full of sandwiches and the works. The ladies and the kids will either go out to eat for our traditional lunch out, or we will stay home and make homemade pizzas.

For dinner that evening, I am excited to make a Barbecue Brisket, Baked Potatoes, Green Beans, and Cream Cheese Corn. One of our guests will be celebrating her birthday while she’s here, so I believe The Cake Boys have something in mind to make for that evening’s dessert. :)

Saturday, October 13

Our boys have a soccer game at 9:00 a.m. – and we will all be on the run from then on. I have Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins and Apple Sauce Bread in the freezer for that morning. And yes, I’ll also get out the fruit.

For lunch, I’ll warm up the Sloppy Joe Meat that is already in the freezer, and serve the Joes with Raw Veggies and Kettle Chips.

Dinner that evening is a little iffy, since I don’t know who will be around and who will have other plans for the night. So, I plan to either get out leftovers and offer a “buffet”, or I have a Cheesy Beef and Rice Casserole in the freezer that I can get out if I need to.


It wouldn’t be Homecoming weekend without desserts. Tacy (my dad’s wife) will bring some of her awesome cookies. Plus, Malachi and I made Cream Cheese Cut-Outs (this recipe, minus the orange juice), Chocolate Crinkle Cookies, and Chocolate Chip Cookies, which are in the freezer, waiting for us to get them out and have a sugar rush. Yowza.

Can’t wait until our house is full of so many people that we love. Hopefully I’ll have half a brain in the midst of all the fun to snap some pictures to share!


  1. Technonana says

    This is so timely for me as we have a big Family Reunion this weekend and some of the out-of-staters will be staying at my house. I’m going to looks up some of your recipes to incorporate.

    I also have a big turkey from the freezer defrosting for lots of sandwiches and other meals.

    Hope your family is all over their “bug” and get to enjoy having your extended family times.


  2. says

    So sorry you have the flu! The only silver lining is that you got it out of the way early in the season. I hope you have a good visit with friends and family.


  3. Jenifer Parker says

    could you possibly have a “cooking party” with your guests when they get there and make THAT a party?


  4. tealady3 says

    Funny how when we have company we feel like everything has to be perfect!

    Your menu look’s very GOOD,your guest’s will not go away hungry.

    Have a great time.


  5. Sally says

    Certainly hope you get to feeling better. It is great that you prepared so much for your freezer earlier.. Menu sounds good… Try taking a TBS of honey morning and night and let the bacteria feed on it instead of your body… Works magic..Then continue even after you are well to pevent it again.


  6. Lana says

    5000 mg of D3 daily from Oct to May has been proven to work better than a flu shot which I have no faith in anyway. We did the D3 last year and did not get sick a single time!


  7. Laura says

    Okay, it’s finally starting to kick in. I am now ACTING like Laura, the Heavenly Homemaker. I’ve been agreeing with you and nodding along with your posts for a few years now. I’m sure you noticed. : ) But just a few minutes ago I took Chocolate Chip Pumpkin muffins out of the freezer for breakfast tomorrow. I also took out dinner, spaghetti pie (not a HH recipe, but the concept of freezer cooking saving the day is the same!) and wondered whether or not it should go in the crock pot (so I have that yummy smell when we come home) or just pop it into the oven. We have a busy day tomorrow and I am so thankful to be able to pull some healthy, easy meals out of the freezer. I am learning!

    Hope you feel better! I’m praying for a great visit with your company.


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