Make a Simple Homemade Christmas Angel Ornament

Simple Angel Ornament Craft

The boys and I saw this fun idea hanging on a Christmas tree at the library last week. I couldn’t believe how simple…yet how sweet these ornaments are.   Check it out…they’re angels made from a funky paper clip.


Standing at the library Christmas tree examining the ornaments, I kept going on and on about how sweet the angels were. My boys were interested for about two seconds, then they just stood there nodding politely with a look in their eyes that told me that they’d rather make a pea shooter from a paper clip than an angel.

Fine, fine…but I like the angel. And so I made some. All by myself because my manly boys weren’t interested.

I thought they were interested at one point because they came into the kitchen while I was making them and said, “Ooh, what are ya makin’?”

“Those sweet little angels we saw at the library,” I told them eagerly, handing them a piece of ribbon and a bead.

Nah, it would seem that they really were just hoping I was making some kind of food.

Oh well…maybe for those of you with girl children…or kids littler than mine…you can enjoy the wonderful activity of making these ornaments together with your family. If not, bring over your beads, ribbon and funky paper clips so you and I can ooh and aah over our pretty little creations! (To their credit, my boys did think my finished results were nice.)   (And then they asked for food again.)

Because I already had ribbon and beads hanging around…my only purchase was the paper clips (which I found at Wal-mart).  I was then able to make these Angel Ornaments for just a few cents each!

You will need:   Thin ribbon, beads, funky paper clips, needle and thread


As you take a look at the following tutorial, pay no attention to the fact that some of the pictures show green ribbon with clear beads and some show red ribbon with green beads. I had to take the pictures in stages…in between feeding snacks to boys.

angel6smCut a piece of ribbon about 10 inches long.

angel2smFold the ribbon in half.

angel3smPush the folded part of the ribbon through a bead.

angel7smPull ribbon through…

angel8sm…then fold it around the “neck” of the paper clip.

angel9smWith your needle and thread, stitch the ribbon together.
(This was the best way I found to hide the excess ribbon behind the angel’s head.)
To see exactly where you stitch the ribbon, scroll back up to the picture right above this one. See where my thumb is? Stitch there…removing your thumb first.

angel4smOoh. Aah. So pretty. So simple.

Much cuter than a pea shooter…don’t you think so?


  1. says

    That is a CUTE idea, and since I do have girls (5 of them) I’ll try to remember to pick up some funky paper clips to go with the ribbon and beads we have! These will make cute package decorations too!


  2. Bessers says

    We made these a few years ago as necklaces – same basic idea, but with the ribbon ends ending at the top & tied. Every Christmas since, we still see some family memeber wearing them. You could make them as gift-toppers under the ribon for the ladies on your shopping list. Thanks for the fun reminder!


  3. Christine M (France) says

    Waouh, I love it ! I just found some GOLDEN paper clips in my drawer…lovely unexpensive deco ! Tonight we’ll have our last theater meeting before Christmas and I’m going to give one as a little gift to each member : thank you for sharing !


  4. Kimberlee says

    What a great project to make for others for CHristmas. Simple and inexpensive. E and I have already made gifts for the family together, but these might need to get added to the list. Thanks for another great (inexpensive) idea.


  5. ChristieT says

    Do the paper clips come like that, or do you have to bend them?


    Laura Reply:

    They come JUST like that, you don’t have to bend them or anything!


  6. says

    How cute! My girls would LOVE this craft! I wonder if I can find those “funky paper clips” at Wal-Mart? I’ve never seen them before (but, then again, I’ve never looked). ~Kristy


    Danielle Reply:

    I find them on Office Max, Staples etc. I don’t know about Walmart, as I have stopped shopping there years ago.


  7. Mrs. R. says

    Thank you SO much for showing us how to do this! I like the name and subtitle of your blog so much that I just subscribed!

    Can’t wait to have time to lok all over your site! God bless nad protect you and your family. :-)


  8. kris says

    I love these. My boys love saving money and even tho they are angels they will make great gift toppers so I may be able to convince them to help! Either way this will be fun! Thanks for sharing!


  9. Angie says

    Those are really cute. Our family likes to make homemade ornaments and these would be easy enough for the little kids. Thanks for the idea.


  10. Sonja says

    My daughter made these with her 3rd grade class a couple of years ago, and everyone loved them! She also made some with longer ribbons and used them for book marks.


  11. Nikki says

    I liked how you went step by step. I was looking for directions on how to make these cuties…and came to many websites with inadequate directions. Thank You for the great instructions!!!!


  12. Sonya says

    I am making these with students today. We are going to slip 4 rondelle star beads on each wing to add a little glitz!
    Wish us luck, lol!
    Thanks for a simple and lovely idea….Hamilton, Canada


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