Low Sugar Treats the Real Food Way

Gimme one good reason any of us should eat sugar.

Fine. It tastes good. 

But we all know that too much sugar causes big, big problems for all of us. Our bodies can’t utilize much of it for nourishment, but it does have to do something with it. Turn it to fat, perhaps? Tuck it away in our hips? Make us sluggish, achy, and depressed? Well that all sounds like fun.

What are our options here? Avoid all the sugar? Switch to fake sugars like aspertame and splenda?

No, no, NO! Never think that fake sugar is better than real sugar. But maybe we don’t have to give up on treats either. I’m not a big fan of sugar, but I sure do love me a good treat.

That’s why, about a year ago, I started creating low sugar recipes from real food ingredients. I’ve learned that most treats are unnecessarily over-sweetened. In fact, I once cut the sugar in a cake recipe from 6 cups down to 1/2 cup. The result? Amazing. Moist. Flavorful. Delicious.

41 wonderfully yummy recipes later, we can definitely conclude that we don’t have to add oodles of sugar to a recipe to make it taste good. Those 41 recipes turned into this:

Low Sugar Treats

Why I’d love for you to have the Low Sugar Treats eBook

These recipes are perfect for everyone who wants to:

  • create yummy treats without overloading on sugar
  • stick with real food options
  • prepare nourishing treats for lunchboxes and snacks

From cookies to cakes to cheesecakes to ice cream – it’s amazing how cutting the sugar in recipes doesn’t effect their deliciousness!! Can you believe all of these can be made with very little sugar?

low sugar treats contents

You’ve likely tried several of these that I’ve shared here during the past year. I love that all of these recipes are now in one convenient download. I’m printing mine and keeping it in a binder in the kitchen for easy access. My family is set now when it comes to birthdays, snacks, and well, even the occasional breakfast. (Hey, there’s less sugar in these goodies than a typical breakfast muffin or serving of cereal.)

These recipes use whole grains (or no grains, depending on the recipe), healthy fats like coconut oil and butter, and sweeteners like:

  • Stevia
  • Sucanat
  • Real Maple Syrup
  • Honey
  • Raw Sugar (in small amounts)

You can use the sweeteners of your choice, making the recipes to meet your family’s taste preferences.

So many treats, so little sugar. It’s a win-win!

Low Sugar Treats, the Real Food Way
41 recipes, all made with real food ingredients but without loads of sugar. Learn to make delicious treats that are lightly sweetened and big on flavor and fun!
Price: $6.95

Let me know which recipe becomes your favorite!

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  1. Joy says

    Any thoughts on “coconut sugar”? I just saw it at the store yesterday and bought a bag to try, but don’t know much about it.


    Laura Reply:

    Funny you should ask. A friend of mine just recommended it and I too just bought a bag to try! My friend said she can handle coconut sugar better than sucanat or other sugars. So I’ll give it a try, do some more research, and write about it once I learn more!


    Joy Reply:

    Okay, so I went to the Tropical Traditions website, thinking I would check out their prices on coconut sugar and maybe purchase from them in the future (esp. on free shipping days!) Wow – so much I didn’t know about coconut sugar. After trying it, I decided I really liked the taste. I used it in a dessert recipe and it worked great … AND it’s supposed to be better for us and not spike our blood sugar (lower glycemic index). That is all good, but after reading more about it on their site, I decided that I really don’t need it that badly. Basically, the production of it greatly impairs the production of ALL coconut products. Since there are many other sources of natural sweetners, but only ONE coconut, it doesn’t seem like a good trade-off. The decrease in coconut production is going to drive up the prices of things like coconut oil (which we all LOVE, right?) Also, it seems the research on whether coconut sugar is better for diabetics is still not conclusive. )-: Thought you would like to know this info. and perhaps share it with your readers. Here is the link: http://www.tropicaltraditions.com/coconut_palm_sugar.htm


    Laura Reply:

    Thanks for the info!

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