Let’s Do This! Join the Getting Ahead {Snacks} Challenge


It’s been a few weeks since I threw out a challenge for all of us. With the holiday season coming soon, I thought we could all use a little practice getting ahead in the kitchen. And not that it’s all about me, but I am feeling a little short in the snacks department at my house. So for this challenge, I decided that we would focus on getting ahead with nourishing snacks.

The Let’s Do This! eCourse has an entire lesson devoted to getting ahead with snacks. Why? Because snacks are a must for many of us, and having healthy options on hand and ready to grab means that we are making better choices for ourselves and for our families. Otherwise, when we get hungry in the middle of an afternoon, we may be likely to cave in and grab a handful of chocolate chips. Not that you or I have ever done that in a moment of weakness. Mmmmhmmm.

Soooo, healthy snacks. I’m really hoping you’ll share some fresh new ideas with me! Here is a list of options I regularly give my kids, but they would definitely welcome something new. I’ve been experimenting, looking all over the internet for new recipes, and am counting on you to give me some ideas and inspiration.  No pressure.  I’ll just be waiting by my computer with my apron on and my mixing bowls in my lap…

My goal by the end of next week is to have several fun and healthy snack options prepared for my family – and to have a great new list of healthy (make-ahead) snack ideas compiled to share with you. In the meantime, there will be new healthy snack recipes coming your way – so be on the look-out. Join the Getting Ahead {Snack} Challenge!

Who’s with me?! Let’s Do This!


  1. Maggie says

    I love to buy the “over ripe” discount bananas at the store. I peel them, put them in a ziplock, and stick them in the freezer.(It is harder to get the peel off a frozen banana) One of our favorite snacks to make with frozen bananas is kifer smoothies: Two frozen bananas, I’m guessing about 1-2 cups of kifer (I never measure, I just pour it straight in), and about two handfuls of whatever berries I have on hand (fresh or frozen). Blend and add more kifer if needed to thin it out. Makes about 4 servings. We love that it is cold and thick, very refreshing. Delicious and nutritious!


    Maggie Reply:

    oops *Kefir


  2. Wendy says

    Popcorn made in the Whirly Pop with coconut oil or butter, honey or a wee bit of sugar. When you buy the popcorn in bulk this makes for a cheap and nutritious snack. I made 3 or 4 batches and store in large buckets. This will last at least a week.


  3. Gina says

    We could definitely use help in this area as well. When I asked my son what kind of snacks he wanted me to make more of-one of the things he mentioned is a dip to go with chips,veggies or fruit. So far have made a pumpkin peanut butter dip and a copycat TJ’s kale yogurt dip. My son and I loved both.


  4. shannon says

    Sounds good! I loved your getting ahead with breakfast challenge and have tried to stay a little more regular on keeping breakfasts in the freezer ( with plans to make grapenuts this week!). I LOVE Katie Kimballs Snack Ebook. Oh wow, so many choices and my little ones loved them all.

    I made applesauce fruit rolls a couple weeks ago but those were sort of a pain to watch in the oven so don’t think I’ll make those again.


  5. Melanie says

    I have been making “Puffed Wheat Peanut-Butter Better Bars.” It is made with puffed wheat (or you could use puffed kamut) and peanut butter/almond butter, org.raw honey/honey,ground almonds/flax seeds, whatever seeds (like pumpkin/sesame),coconut flakes/chips, whatever sweet chips (choc/white choc). Mix together put in pan and refrigerate to stick together. I cut them into bars and wrap in plastic wrap and store in refrigerator. Kids LOVE them and they last a while. They are full of protein and healthy stuff.


  6. Julie says

    Our favorite snack this time of year is sweet potato fries. Take a lb of sweet potatoes, peel and cut into fry strips, toss with 1/4 cup oil, and half a teaspoon each salt, paprika, and cinnamon. Bake at 425 for 30 min, flipping halfway through. Yummy!

    It is not quick, and I have not tried any make ahead options. But I have seen sweet potato fries in the freezer section at the store, so I’m sure it would be possible to make ahead if you were to experiment!


  7. Heather T. says

    I have been making apples coated in cinnamon sugar then dehydrated, they go fast, I think my husband eats more than all four kids. Snacks go fast in my house also.


  8. Karen says

    One of the favorite snacks in our house is homemade hummus with fresh vegetable slices. I make spicy chickpea hummus or white bean basil hummus in large batches and then freeze these in quart-sized jars. It is a perfect & easy way to get a serving of vegetables in!


    Olivia G. Reply:

    I 2nd on the hummus… really yummy and my daughter will eat a bunch of carrots if I have hummus to go along! I feel better about serving hummus than ranch with carrots… so yummy!


  9. Linda says

    One of the things I do is make up a few batches of cookie dough. I then put the spoonfuls (whatever size you want) on a cookie sheet and quick freeze them and then place them in ziplock bags, a dozen or so each, then keep in freezer for when I want to serve cookies but don’t need a few dozen laying around to keep eating. It’s definitely cheaper than cookie dough at store and you also can choose kinds and ingredients that are healthier and/or better for allergies, etc.


  10. Heather D. says

    Fruit, cheese and crackers, boiled eggs, scones w/ jam, mini pumpkin or apple pies and many of the same snacks you do as well as a special tea-time drink esp. on school days (peppermint tea, ginger-peach tea, hot cocoa, lemonade/limeade w/ stevia, kefir occasionally, chocolate nut milk for a treat). I then do our Literature read-aloud and sometimes poetry while they have snack, then it’s quiet time for everyone for 30 min-1hr cause momma is exhausted after school time and 2 meals and a snack and I gotta rest before getting back in the kitchen once more for the day! :)

    Thanks for all your make-ahead ideas and tips, they are revolutionizing the bane of meals and planning! Here’s one: roast/grill up a bunch of chicken/turkey and place pieces of meat in stand mixer with paddle attachment, turn on low for 10-15 sec. to shred meat and freeze flat in bags for later meals.


  11. says

    We love homemade bagels! They are a bit time consuming, but by making a double batch, I can freeze some. Then we just slice in half and toast when we’re ready. Spread with butter or homemade yogurt cheese…Yum!

    Other favorites:
    *Homemade granola bars with various add-ins
    *Peanut butter popcorn
    *Chocolate milk
    *Homemade Lemon Pudding


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