Lerk, Mama!

We have been getting such a kick out of Malachi for the past few months. Ever since he started learning to say his “r” sound, he has been putting it into words whether it has an “r” sound in it or not. For instance, the word look comes out like lerk. So, when he wants me to see something, he’ll say, “Oh, lerk, Mama!”  He also asks me to read him a berk (and it’s really funny when he wants to “lerk at a berk”!). 

When I ask him where his blanket is, he’ll tell me that he “purt it over there”. Sometimes he helps his brothers and Daddy bring in some “word” to burn in the fire. 

If you ask him how he’s doing, he’ll tell you that he’s “gurd”. 

It’s so cute and fun, and when he starts saying it correctly, I’ll be a little sad. However, it won’t be so cute when he’s 12, so eventually I guess I’ll be okay with him saying it right. In the meantime, whenever I get the chance, I’ll ask him questions about how he’s doing and how he’s liking something so that I can hear him tell me how gurd it is. 

Take a gurd lerk at this sweet three year old reading his berk!




What cute things do/did your kids say?! 


  1. says

    Love it! Of course I can’t think of anything that lil Allan says right now. I just had to post tho, because the shirt that Malachi is wearing – we have the exact same shirt for lil Allan. Daddy just HAD to have it when he saw it (over mommy’s protests!) :-)


  2. Laura says

    Oh, isn’t that shirt hilarious! For all of you who haven’t seen it in person or can’t read it in the picture, it says, “If you think I’m cute, you should see my mom!”

    A friend of mine bought it for him and I have to say, it IS one of my favorites!


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