Learn Your Letters, Learn to Serve Curriculum Kit…It’s Finished!! It’s Finished!!!

If it’s loud in here, that’s because I’m running around the house with my arms waving in the air screaming:

It’s done, it’s done, it’s done, it’s done, it’s donnnnne!!!!!!!!!

After two years of planning and writing, fixing, changing, editing, dreaming, praying, crying and praying some more…it’s done!!! It’s DONE!!!

I’d like to take a moment to thank all the little people.

Seriously. The little people. My kids.  The ones who were the inspiration for all of this back in the day when they didn’t eat so much food.  Back when they were my preschool servants.  They are now a little bigger and I can’t thank them enough for eagerly helping me add ideas, create projects and take pictures for the tutorials included in the kit. And also for being patient with me during the past few weeks when they would ask me questions and I would look up from the computer with glassy eyes. God bless you boys for putting up with me.

And of course, you know how much I want to thank my husband. He is the reason this kit is finished, the reason it exists at all. My husband is my rock, the one who points me toward The Rock. He spent hours editing, offering suggestions and in general putting up with a wife who was distracted and talked in her sleep, as I spouted off craft ideas all beginning with the letter Ii. Seriously, this endeavor had me talking in my sleep. About the alphabet. To my husband. And he was kind enough not to make fun of me. I’m keeping him forever.

I also MUST thank Lenetta, who had the grueling task of editing the entire kit when it was formatted all crazy like. She has a gift for making the written word shine on paper and screen. And Char…for all your help in the past few days as we got everything finished up, I thank you.

And now…without further ado…Learn Your Letters, Learn To Serve Complete Curriculum Kit!


Teach your child to serve…one letter at a time! This 240+ kit includes thorough lesson plans, games, crafts, recipes, memory verses, Bible story suggestions, vocabulary stimulation and discussion, play, books to read and so much more…all while encouraging service to God!

Each letter you study includes suggestions for service, such as “Take a new Bible to B__________” on Bb week, “Make soup for someone who is sick on Ss week, and “Deliver flowers to F_______________” on Ff week. Your child will make gifts or food, offer help and learn to think of others. As a family you can delight in praying together about who you would like to serve and what form of service you would like to offer! 

This curriculum kit can be used as a supplement to what you are currently doing to teach your child preschool basics…or it can be used all on its own as a complete early learners curriculum tool.  It is absolutely not just for home schoolers.  Learn Your Letters, Learn to Serve is for any family who would enjoy learning and serving together with little ones.  In addition, Learn Your Letters, Learn to Serve Curriculum Kit may be purchased for use in a Sunday School Classroom or Preschool Classroom.

To get a feel for what this kit is like, help yourself to this free sample lesson!

What Learn Your Letters, Learn to Serve includes:

  • 159 Page Learn Your Letters, Learn to Serve Book of ideas, instructions, recipes, tutorials and service planners  (the majority of this book can be left paperless, unless you choose to print it and bind it)
  • Alphabet Practice Packet (26 pages of printable letter writing practice)
  • Alphabet Project Packet (printable projects that go along with various lessons)
  • Memory Verse Packet (26 printable memory verses to decorate and place on the wall or in a binder)
  • Parent Planning Packet (planning pages, teaching suggestions, scheduling ideas)

Feel free to email me with questions!

I pray that you will be as blessed as our family has been as you learn and serve together!



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  1. Ashley says

    You did a really great job! All I can say is wow…This is such an impressive collective resource. Something that will be bookmarked as an item to purchase by the time I have kiddos. Your determination paid off, this work is done so well and will bless many. Thank you for keeping at it. What a great great great work.


  2. Debbie says

    I just took a look at the sample pages. What fun ideas! I look forward to using this with my three-year-old this fall, along with help from my two older girls. Thanks so much, and thanks to Matt for encouraging you to finish it.

    Blessings to you and your family.


  3. Jiller says

    WOW I am so tickled and proud of you Laura, great job! For someone who is not very creative like me this would be a huge blessing.


  4. elaine says

    It sounds wonderful! Sure wish I had a little one to use it with right now — I’ll have to wait for the grandkids to come along :)
    I can completely appreciate what you’ve been through … a friend and I have written 4 curricula (I always feel so hoity-toity when I use that word) for boys and girls – it is WORK!! Congratulations on your accomplishment!!


  5. Bethany says

    I’ve been excitedly waiting for this ever since you first mentioned it… I bought it right away!! Tremendous job! My kids are only 2 yrs and 4 wks old but I am already looking forward to using your curriculum when they reach preschool age. I’m also planning to use it in a more simplified way now for my 2 year old daughter since she already knows her alphabet and can recognize letters. I know she will have fun! :-) What a great teaching tool! And you are never too young to learn to serve others.


  6. Jody Garber says

    Thank you so much!!! I purchased it right away and spread the word to my facebook friends. I love it!!! I am sure that my 3 and 5 year olds will love it as well!!!!!


  7. Darla says

    Yay! Congrats! So happy for you! I just wish I had some littles left to use this on…oh well, someday there will be grandkids. :)


  8. says

    Laura! This book is amazing!! I can’t wait to use it with my future children. I just hope I remember it five years or so down the road. It makes me want to have a pre-schooler right now :) I must say, I giggled a little when I read the bubbles recipe. I never thought I would see you recommend the use of corn syrup… hehe ;) But I guess that would be one way for those new to the healthy food journey to rid that from their pantry. Thank you for sharing this and dedicating so much time to it. It’s absolutely wonderful!

    P.S. I also teach special education to Kindergarteners so if I can find a way to incorporate it, I certainly will.


  9. Jodi says

    I just ordered mine, can’t wait to start using it with my boys. Thank you so much for your creativity and the time you put in to this!


  10. Ariana says

    This is so wonderful, BUT I need your help! We are a shy family that doesn’t know many people. We are slowly changing this but in the meantime I’m wondering if you have any thoughts for the serving section when we just don’t know many people? I’ve already thought of local charity organizations that begin with certain letters…do you have any other suggestions for the section? Hmmm, it would be cool to compile a list of national charities for each letter that we could send money to and all week we can think of ways to earn that money (e.g. “p”op can refunds). Okay, my wheels are starting to turn, but I’d love to hear your thoughts! Thank you!!


    Laura Reply:

    I would say to start simply – like just doing things for people you know very well, even if their name doesn’t start with the letter of the week. Use grandparents or aunts or neighbors, then work your way toward people that you see that could really use the blessing, even if you don’t know them very well. You could even do it anoymously if you want, just writing a little note of encouragement when you deliver your gift secretly.

    I’d say too, that it may be good to work your way into a nursing home to bless the people there. Sometimes complete strangers are easier to talk to than an acquaintance.

    Really though, I’ve found through the years that the more I do for people and talk to people, the less shy I become and the more comfortable I feel reaching out to others. It truly does get easier with practice.

    Those are my random thoughts…hope they help a little bit!


    Ariana Reply:

    Thank you so very much for your encouragement. We look forward to trying it out!


  11. Tamara says

    I just checked out the sample pages and this is awesome! It encompasses everything that I was looking for. Thank you for making it available to teach to others.


  12. says

    wow! i’m so excited about what you’ve done! thank you for all the hard work you’ve put in.

    i know all children are different, but at what age would you suggest beginning this curriculum? our oldest (boy) will be three at the end of oct. i would love to use it with him, but wonder if i should wait until after christmas. when you have a chance, i’d love to hear your thoughts as a mama to boys, maybe specifically what skills he should have as we get started.



    Laura Reply:

    Age three is a very good year to start, but you certainly could start parts of it already. I would think that if you’re doing it with a very little one (like a two year old), you could revisit it again when he’s four and do even more! It is a very adaptable book with so many elements that you could do it over and over and get something new out of it each time!


  13. Andrea says

    Thank you for all your hard work! I just purchased it and am so excited to start! My kids are going to love this! What a great thing! Thanks again!


  14. DorthyM says

    What an awesome project, Laura! You’ve put a lot of love and hard work into this curriculum and it shows! I can’t wait to order it! I want to get a second set for Melinda too! It will be a week or two before i can get to it, though. I’m loving the sample lesson.


  15. says

    This looks amazing. I’ll check with DH before purchasing it but if it is as amazing as it sounds; I’ll rave about it on my site for you just because I love your blog :)


    Jenn @ Beautiful Calling Reply:

    We’re good to go. Just bought it :)

    Chloe (3 1/2) and John (2) were looking at it with me and they’re pretty excited. Thanks so much; this looks like it was an incredible amount of work to get down in such an organized form!!


  16. says

    Thank you!!! I just purchased the book and I LOVE it! I really enjoyed that you also have a parenting planning packet. This is exactly what I have been looking for! God Bless!

    Diana – A Little Bit of Spain in Iowa


  17. says

    I’m so excited about this! The sample lesson is better than I could have imagined and I get antsy just thinking about the rest of the letters! I’m going to buy this in the next couple of days and start it with my soon-to-be 4-year old next month. He already knows lots of his letters but what I’m happiest for is how much character building he will get out of this. Thank you SO much Laura (and the Coppinger family) for all of your effort in putting this wonderful curriculum together.


  18. says

    wow! This looks so great! Is this strictly a phonics curriculum or does it include math (i.e. learning numbers) as well?


    Laura Reply:

    No, it isn’t strictly phonics. The book is based on letters and letter sounds, but that’s just the beginning! Each letter lesson brings in all varieties of learning experiences from geography and social studies to science, to numbers and counting, to logic and thinking skills…oh yeah…and BIBLE!! I really wouldn’t call this just a phonics curriculum, even though it probably appears to be. It really covers all kinds of subjects and ideas!


  19. Mette says

    This looks SO great! Because I teach my kids in another language, the words and alphabet sounds don’t always match…however, I can still glean ideas for things to do -and sometimes incorporate something into our own alphabet path :) I love the character-building side to it especially!


  20. Kristen says

    I just finished printing off the curriculum and I am so excited to begine this with my daughter who is almost three. I will also combine My Father’s World Kindergarten curriculum with this for my five year old. I purchased this to help my kids understand what it means to serve. Thank you Laura!


  21. Helen says

    Really hate a missed the $10 off sale. Hoping you’ll run another sale before Christmas. This looks awesome!


  22. Ashley says

    Will there be any sales on this soon? I would really like to get it…maybe there is someone selling a used copy?

    Thank you!


    Laura Reply:

    We are actually working on a sale for New Years Day…just haven’t fine tuned the details yet!


  23. amanda says

    would love to purchase this curriculum… had never heard of it until tonight and see i’ve missed a couple of sales on it. I’d like the book form and I was just wondering if there will be a discount again sometime. It looks WONDERFUL! thank you for your hard work!


    Laura Reply:

    Glad you heard about the curriculum! There won’t be a discount exactly…but I am running a fun special beginning Friday (March 18) that you’ll for sure want to take advantage of. I’m trying to be vague, because it’s a surprise I won’t be revealing on my site until tomorrow…but really…you’ll want to come to my blog and check it out! :)


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