Learn about Diastasis From Fit2B Studio

Fit2BStudioI wanted you to be sure and check out a great service offered by one of my newest advertisers, Fit2B Studio!

One of the big focus of the site is healing an abdominal injury called a diastasis.  This is a very common injury that can be a result of pregnancy, poor posture, weight gain and even some exercises.  Many people have this injury and are completely unaware.  There is a video on the website where you can check yourself for diastasis.

Here’s what Amy (mother of 5 and promoter of this great program) has to say about Fit2B:

I do not think that I have a severe diastasis, but have still greatly benefitted from Fit2B, here are the things that have made Fit2B Studio so great for me:

1.  Flexibility. I can workout at home, most of the time in my pajamas. The workouts vary in length (from 5 minutes to 50 minutes) and intensity, so I can customize it depending on how much time or how many times I was up the night before to nurse the baby. :) There are many ‘exercise pathways’ that you can choose as you grow stronger and tons of different workouts to graduate to as you get stronger.
2.  Family Friendly.  They are always modestly dressed and there is no offensive or loud music.  I never have to worry about what my kids will hear or see.  There are even kids work outs that my kids love to do and ask for.
3.  Gentle, yet effective.  There is not a lot of jumping around and crazy moves that my body can’t handle right now.  It is not jarring or fast paced.  They have a whole section that is safe and profitable for pregnant ladies and new moms.  They encourage you to listen to your body and move at your own pace.  The focus isn’t on being swim-suit ready or fitting in to skinny jeans, but healing your core and being strong to take care of your family.  I have definitely noticed a difference in my strength and muscle tone in the last two months.  Bethany is very encouraging and supportive.  She even has live weekly chats to answer questions!
Look into this great program at Fit2B Studio. If it looks like something that will benefit you and your family, use the code “rosamond” to get 3 months for just $20 or $10 off a one year subscription.


  1. HollymMead says

    After checking out the website I attempted to sign up for the 3 months for $20 deal, but that doesn’t seem to be an option available for checking out. (In fact the wording on the monthly sign up form I found makes it sound like you pay $9.99 to sign up. . .like a sign-up fee. . .and THEN $9.99 per month.) There isn’t an option to do three months at once that I could find. I clicked their “contact us” tab, but you can only submit a question if you are already a member! I’m a little frustrated and clearly need some “Fit2B Sign Up for Dummies” style assistance.


    Laura Reply:

    I’ll put you in touch with the gal who is advertising through my site to promote this. She’s super nice and helpful and will be able to get this figured out for you!


  2. Amy says

    Sorry for the confusion! The way that it works is you go to the ‘Join Today’ page and select the ‘Join Now’ button. From there, select the $9.99 month option. Then you should see this:

    The price for membership is $9.99 now and then $9.99 per Month.
    Do you have a discount code? Click here to enter your discount code.

    Click the blue highlighted link and enter ‘rosamond’. Select apply.

    It should then change to:

    The rosamond code has been applied to your order.The price for membership is 20.00 now and then 9.99 per Month. After your initial payment, your first 2 payments are Free.

    This will give you 3 months access to the website for $20.00, and from then on it will be $9.99 a month.

    If that isn’t working or you have other questions, please let me know and we will get it figured out!

    Thanks again!


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